Posted on March 5, 2014

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The Stone that Brings Down Goliath? 22:53:27
Update: Carol Paul on the Tom Woods Show 22:01:03
Libertarian candidate: "I want gay people to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns." 21:16:04
H&R Block Cancels 'Get Your Billion Back America' - Funds Sent to Ukraine 21:04:30
Congressman Cohen Schools DEA Scum At Hearing On Legalization Of Marijuana 20:51:07
Liberty Candidate Molly White Stomps Incumbent Ralph Sheffield, Wins Texas HD 55! 17:59:33
Libertarians want to take over! 17:59:09
Obama Extends Noncompliant Healthcare Insurance Deadline... Again? 17:58:14
Video Tour of Galt's Gulch, Chile and my new pad 17:39:18
Ron Paul: US shouldn’t meddle in Ukraine 17:38:26
BITCOINERS help me test this software with $0.10 "donations"! 14:48:11
Fluoride Classified as Dangerous to Developing Brains & What You Can Do to Help! 14:12:03
Massaging horses? You're going to need a license for that. Video, 2min. 12:51:25
Bitcoin firm CEO found dead 12:40:21
Issa Walks Out Of IRS Scandal Hearing As Cummings Calls Proceedings ‘Un-American’ 12:28:53
When two dogs attempt to share an ice cream cone...this happens 12:25:09
Oklahoma House Votes To Nullify Agenda 21, 66-26 11:57:04
HOT! Leaked Phone Call: Kiev Snipers Hired by US-Backed Opposition (Video) 11:31:55
Putin Doesn't Threaten Our National Security, Obama Does 10:45:21
The New USA? Secession Movement Gains Steam 10:15:04
Showdown: Maryland to Target 110,000 Citizens With Gun Confiscation 09:38:00
State Senator Don Huffines, Ron Paul supporter. 08:53:44
Rand Paul Dedication To Parents 08:52:39
Edward Snowden to Address Tech Community @ SXSW 10:32:34
This encryption kickstarter could be the game-changer for privacy. Decentralized, works with any email. 00:10:04
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Propaganda Rules The News 23:52:58
Tapped Phone Call and Video Evidence Reveals NATO-Trained Nazi Maidan Snipers in Ukraine Shooting Civilians & Police 23:43:56
A Letter From Cass Sunstein 23:29:47
"Behind The Kiev Snipers It Was Somebody From The New Coalition" - A Stunning New Leak Released 23:14:53
'RT' Anchor Quits Live on Air 23:05:45
Citizens Against Water Fluoridation, Letter Number One 22:55:07
A Nation Looks Back at 30 Days of Post-Superbowl Security Lockdown - What Do YOU Think? 22:17:18
Canadian Mounties Override Civilian Rule to Arbitrarily Ban, Confiscate Firearms (Video) 21:53:45
The Perils of Being a Presidential Front Runner 21:50:13
Rand Paul as Howard Dean? 21:45:56
Senior Citizens 21:38:51
UKRAINE - Scripted to perFECKtion - Video 21:36:26
31 Questions and Answers about the Internal Revenue Service 20:46:13
RT News Anchors Lash Out On-Air For Russian Invasion, One Quits (video) 20:42:34
Sure, You're an Anarchist or a Voluntaryist, and Thats Cool, But... 20:41:00
Gladio, defense or terror? 20:40:22
Ben Swann is hosting "The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller" Live now 18:28:07
Ted Cruz is a Dum Dum 17:22:39
War with Russia? Why Ben Swann’s Truth In Media Project Matters 17:00:57
244th Anniversary of the Boston Massacre - March 5, 2014 16:43:46
> Illinois Voter Resources, Info & Liberty Candidates for the March 18th 2014 Primary 16:42:03
Retired Lieutenant states "Defendant was looking for trouble" 16:28:52
Nouriel Roubini the Mercantilist 16:19:36
Pay Your Income Tax: 1943 Disney Propoganda 15:40:10
Spring break! Michelle Obama, daughters, mom, heading to China 14:59:49
Ukraine Aid? 14:54:25
Government, Police Fund Radar Crowd Scanner To Detect 3D Printed Weapons 14:36:42
German home-school family won't be deported 13:27:53
And now, this: Japan to Regulate and Tax Bitcoin 13:10:21
. 13:06:23
Free Speech, RIP: A Relic of the American Past 17:29:03
Moody’s Downgrades Chicago’s Credit Rating, Lowest Of Any Major City Except Detroit 12:45:43
Secret Code Left Behind by Grandmother *warning* religious content ;) 12:21:12
Ohio Legislator Threatens Steve LaTourette’s Leftist Legacy 10:47:27
The World is my Country 10:34:22
Edward Snowden to speak about privacy and technology at SXSW — via video conference 10:33:12
Code Chaos: Another nightmare for doctors, courtesy of the federal government 09:49:45
Alert!-George P. Bush begins political career with win 09:05:19
Virginia's new governor trying to alter pro-gun bill HB962 at the last minute (thanks VCDL) 08:32:02
Ukraine: We All Get the Tyranny We Deserve 08:13:36
Tax Dollars At Work: The Hired Thugs That Took Over The Maiden Protest And Now Bully Kiev Regime 07:44:51
Kerry Visit ESCALATES Crisis: Kiev To 'Discuss Missile Defense' In Return For Financial Aid 06:43:34
Putin full Interview 05:48:27
Russia Invades Crimea! Will World War III Breakout Between Ukraine and Russia?! Not likely. 05:48:06
The Hidden Agenda for World Government: an Interview with Norman Dodd (G. Edward Griffin, 1982) 05:27:25
Project Graysons? 04:19:27
Moody’s Downgrades Chicago’s Credit Rating, Lowest Of Any Major City Except Detroit 04:14:02
George Galloway: US approach to Ukraine 'ludicrous, nonsensical' 04:02:36
Iranian general: Barack Obama is a “low-IQ US president,” 03:23:55
Say’s Law and the Permanent Recession 03:18:59
George P. Bush wins election 03:07:51
Heartfelt Letter From Soon To Be Executed Texas Death Row Inmate 02:28:12
2013 : Highest Demand for Silver Bullion in History 01:51:28
The Preamble; Part I 01:46:04
Viva Bitcoin!: Bankruptcies and Government Crackdowns Won't Stop Alt-Currencies - 01:09:49
Study Finds That 1 in 10 Americans Think HTML is an STD 00:12:35
Marc Faber: "Emerging Economies Will Submerge Soon; Devaluations & Higher Gold Demand To Follow" 00:02:49