Posted on March 6, 2014

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My wife wants a divorce 23:11:07
why do people attack julie borowski? i think she should be treated as an indivdual... 22:58:25
Homeless man calls the cops on family lounging in park 22:28:18
Kmele Foster Turns Ex-CIA Spook Into Blubbering Idiot Over Snowden At SXSW 21:39:29
McCain Least Popular Senator in America 21:05:09
Judge Andrew Napolitano Goes #OffTheGrid | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid 20:42:10
The Revolution Continues (Josie the Outlaw video) 19:59:53
Obama Imposes Sanctions On Russia Via Executive Order. 19:29:45
Big News: Lakota Nation chooses "official" cryptocurrency named MazaCoin as alternative to FRN's. 17:55:22
Rubio at CPAC 2014: America must be world’s policeman 17:17:32
Ron Paul: Crimea Has Right to Join Russia, Obama's Sanctions 'Criminal' 16:46:30
New Video from Ben Swann: On the shenanigans at the 2012 Republican Primaries and what we can do about it! 15:57:22
CNN's Sanjay Gupta Documentary: Weed 2 Cannabis Madness 14:19:24
Deleted 19:47:45
WA-04 Candidate Gavin Seim "On what grounds am I being detained?"... DHS Agents response "The Constitution" 13:21:10
Ted Cruz opens his CPAC speech by praising Ron Paul 13:13:34
Bill to Make the Fine $0 for Violating the Individual Mandate Passes by 90 Votes 13:12:21
"Abolish The IRS" Look What You've Done To The CPAC Conversation! 13:02:59
Congressman Davy Crockett Live Action Movie: 'Not Yours To Give' 11:15:03
Crimean Parliament Votes to Join Russia 10:11:40
Liberty Candidate TMOT Qualifies For US Senate Race 07:58:51
RT Anchor Cites Ron Paul Interview Censorship as Reason for Resignation! 02:31:40
The best comment ever about marijuana 01:45:08
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Ron Paul on RT: "We should stay out of the Ukraine" - Video 21:50:48
Newsweek: Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin is Found 21:47:57
(Bitcoin) US Congressman Launches Satirical Bid to Ban the US Dollar, 2014-03-06 21:22:50
Is Ben Carson the Republican Who Can Defeat Hillary Clinton? 20:34:54
Cool video of a car that claims to run on saltwater. 20:31:00
Video: Sen. Rand Paul- 1 year Anniversary of Filibuster 20:27:15
NY jury selection starts for bin Ladenson-in-law 19:47:48
The Feds stole money from my gift card 19:45:43
Release of Secret Phone Conversation Reveals Bombshell Claim: Ukrainian Opposition Leaders Killed Their Own Supporters With Snip 19:42:39
Abby Martin on Piers Morgan, 3-5-14 19:25:04
Snowden, Assange and Greenwald scheduled to address Texas tech conference from abroad 19:18:50
Patrick Byrne - BitCoin - SEC - The Allison Bricker Show 19:17:27
Should we be in UKRAINE? 17:53:28
Dmitry Orlov on the Keiser Report 17:32:35
20 Old Testament Laws from the Constitution 16:39:11
Russia's Plan For The BRICS To Dismantle The Dollar System 14:02:31
Lions of Liberty Podcast Episode 25: Timothy Terrell 13:58:21
Ohio Gun Rights Activists are Testing Police 13:49:24
:) 13:41:52
First Lady To Obamacare Counselors: ‘You Are Doing God’s Work’ 13:13:52
Missouri Teachers Object to Being Shot During Drills 13:10:04
Mitch McConnell Brings a Gun to CPAC 19:36:08
Robots Need Jobs Too 13:07:51
Legalize Discrimination 13:05:27
Makeover 13:04:40
Bad Moon Rising 12:53:43
Asset Protection: "Do you have any sir?" 12:49:50
Ukraine Summary 12:33:08
Husband killed himself wrapped in wife's dressing gown hours after she died 12:28:03
Update!~video Removed!~RT Ron Paul Interview Was Not Censored. Here It Is. Resignation Was U.S. Propaganda 11:53:26
RT Anchor Quits: Is This Manufactured Dissent by Russia? 11:52:21
How 5 Mega Banks Manipulate the Gold Market 11:51:03
: U.S. Military Sends Fighter Jets To Assist NATO Among Ukraine Crisis ( 11:41:59
Father of bitcoin has a career steeped in work for corporations and the military. 08:46:01
Just A Reminder People * I Don't Want To Say I Told * You But I Did 04:46:19
CNN and 'Sandy Hook' Cooper... showing empathy for RT? Ever hear of Chess? Do not be distracted! 04:09:02
Soros Heavily Invested In Ukraine Crisis 03:52:14
Feel the burn, daddy! 7-month-old baby 'works out' with father in viral video 03:36:24
Jack Hunter Addresses The Republican Liberty Caucus of SC 02:52:35
Israel Moves To Take Control Over the Federal Reserve 02:27:20
A veteran and an 81 year old lady! 02:07:47
x 01:51:20
John Glaser and Scott Horton - Libertarianism vs the Empire (Video) 01:50:25
Russia: Sanctions will cause U.S. Economy to CRASH; LA Gangsters in Syria, Enormous Asteroid & more 01:27:46
'Upskirting' is legal, Massachusetts top court says 00:19:45
My interview with Cody Wilson (and an Anti-Gun Advocate) 14:58:21