Posted on March 12, 2014

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How the NSA Plans to Infect ‘Millions’ of Computers with Malware 22:12:48
Adam Vs #cpac 21:44:06
61% Of Young Republicans 18-29 Favor Gay Marriage 21:10:15
Rand Paul to CIA's Brennan: Will you testify in "least untruthful" way? (Laura Ingraham show 3/12/14) 20:05:04
Ron Paul: Crimea Has Right to Join Russia, Obama's Sanctions 'Criminal' 19:58:32
Thomas Massie pushes for classified 9/11 investigation report to be released. 19:41:55
NSA using facebook to hack your computer 19:03:28
Tom Woods: Judge Napolitano Right, Daily Show Wrong, on Fugitive Slaves 18:51:45
Video: This Little Girl's Revolutionary Study Shows Why You Should Eat Organic 17:44:04
Happy 25th Birthday World Wide Web! Sir Tim Berners-Lee: "On the 25th Anniversary of the Web, Let’s Keep It Free and Open." 17:26:20
Senate committee approves bill to let Rand Paul run for re-election and president in 2016 17:01:20
Ben Swann 2016 Presidential Poll 15:46:51
Threats to CT Police Escalate Following CT Cop’s Gun Confiscation Comments 15:44:21
Gluten-free testimony! 15:23:16
U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal, Refuses to Prohibit Police from Using Lawful Gun Ownership as a Trigger For Raids 14:35:34
The Guardian: Snowden accuses Senate intelligence chair Feinstein of hypocrisy over CIA disclosures 14:11:12
Nigel Farage: "we are now run by big business, big banks and big bureaucrats" 1-15-14 13:45:20
Abraham Lincoln 'wanted to deport slaves' to new colonies 12:48:51
Buildings Collapse After Explosion, Fire In East Harlem 10:45:09
Yes You Can Get Out Of Obamacare! 09:57:31
Yellen Wins Gold in Sochi - New Lampoon The System cartoon 09:16:22
GOP in Crisis at CPAC 2014 - Interview with Ben Swann 08:45:27
The Daily Show - Full Episode - Tue Mar 11 - Judge Andrew Napolitano 07:04:50
Our Known Universe 06:59:55
Jim Rogers: Major Crisis Coming 03:48:26 just emailed this article out to 41.7 million people 00:44:44
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Trader kills self in finance world’s latest suicide 23:36:03
Obama: drop your cable TV and cell phones, 23:12:00
Help Combat Climate Change 23:07:39
Only One Month Left? 22:57:31
No political fix to America's death spiral 22:57:17
Drunken Karaoke With Justin Amash and Thomas Massie 22:45:38
Public Court Summons Issued to Pope, Jesuit General and Archbishop of Canterbury for Child Abuse 22:01:05
Make: Believe / Images in Motion: Puppetry to 3D Printing 21:46:59
Free Bitcoin - No Bs "update" 21:45:47
Does what go around, come around? 20:29:39
Ben Swann: Why Is Republican Party in Ohio So Afraid of the Libertarian Party? 20:07:51
EU wants to ban US use of Parmesan, Gouda, Feta. Lawmakers cheesed. 20:05:33
Managing the Downside 19:06:55
Drudge slams Diane Feinstein's government spying 'pity party' 19:00:37
Mitch McConnell's Campaign is Aware That You Are Laughing 18:54:54
Facts about Slavery most people fail to consider! 18:21:10
Obama Delays Individual Mandate Until 2016 - After the midterms, and after he's gone from office 22:00:00
New Report on Wall Street Bonuses and the Minimum Wage 17:57:04
Bitcoin surpasses Western Union in daily transaction volume 17:56:41
Can Rand Paul Make It Rain? 17:51:23
Rand Paul Criticizes Loan To Ukraine As A 'Gift' To Russia (video) 17:38:10
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Thinks the Constitution is 400 Years Old 17:17:34
honest question: If everything is private, does that mean an end to total free speech and restricted freedom to travel? 17:05:24
Adam Vs The Man is hiring 16:52:04
Poll: Americans Say Sugar is More Harmful Than Marijuana 16:44:52
U.S. Military Hypocrisy on Crimea 16:39:52
Teen self-defense expert expelled, jailed, kicked out of Army program, all because of a pocket knife 16:17:06
FLorida House election proves voting LP doesn't throw the election to a Democrat 15:08:39
Immigration Restrictions: A Solution in search of a problem 15:08:14
The Pilgrims Society: Does It Secretly Control the United States? 13:49:42
The Verge: Making Waves & Turning Brain Scans into 3D Printable Art 13:27:29
Rand - Socon? 12:56:22
Wake up, Georgia! Common it or not. 12:38:08
Police Officer Under Investigation For Facebook Comment About Gun Confiscation 12:33:51
Big Oil’s “Sore Losers” Lead the Drive to War 12:31:51
So... ehmm... How Long is your Ring Finger? 12:31:38
Fla. House race could be warning for Democrats 12:27:57
Video Exclusive – Dr. Ben Carson: Our Government Is Like 'Nazi Germany' 12:20:21
Surge in luxury shooting ranges caters to new gun culture 12:17:10
Orlando Cops’ Fatal ‘Knock and Talk’ Tactic Leads to Lawsuit 11:44:59
Haboob! 11:12:49
A New Interest in Rahm Emanuel for 2016? 11:04:48
Is the US responsible for trouble in Ukraine? 10:40:05
Help Rand Paul beat Aaron Paul and Chris Paul 06:21:46
New Drug Made Cancer Tumors Disappear in Just 12 Weeks! (Add to the list) 10:08:12
One In Ten Adolescent Boys takes ADD drug 09:59:30
You need a translator to read this but your heart already knows what it is. 09:54:32
Peter Schiff Shares His Offshore Strategies 09:27:20
Ron Paul: “Gitmo Sucks" - Rand Paul: “Gitmo Rocks!” 09:01:06
Tx GOP St Convention 2016 Presidential Straw Poll June 5th-7th: Project Vote For Rand 08:46:38
Poll Worker who Voted Multiple Times For Obama Released Early From Prison 08:34:58
Rescheduled - Ben Swann - The Allison Bricker Show | March 12, 2014 11:20:02
Obama Sits Between Two Non-Cannabis Plants, and more 04:04:44
WSJ: ObamaCare's Secret Mandate Exemption: HHS quietly repeals the individual purchase rule for two more years. 03:26:55
CONAN: Bitcoin's COO Explains What Bitcoin Is 03:11:22
A Texas Town's Political War on Volunteer Community Gardens 02:54:32
Op-Ed: We Should Bomb Russia 02:13:51
Senator Feinstein Accuses CIA Of HACKING Senate Intelligence Committee Computers.. 01:36:00
Jesse Ventura on CIA vs. Senate Scandal 01:33:07
Mark Manier, liberty candidate running for Michigan House of Reps, talks nullification with Tenth Amendment Center 01:07:42
WSJ: New York opens door to regulated bitcoin exchanges 00:27:15
Who has a bug out car here? 00:16:38
Human Surplus 00:07:12
Welfare so good, you can't afford to work (by State). 00:07:01
'Legalize It' lol 00:04:28