Posted on March 13, 2014

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Newly discovered documentary website. Very Impressive. 22:46:43
Ben Swann Projects & Updates (Stay Informed!) 22:05:37
Supporting the Troops Video - Josie The Outlaw 21:31:38
"Against Libertarian Brutalism" 20:48:57
World Peace is on it's way 20:19:55
Feinstein Senate Floor Speech: CIA Spied on Senate Committee 19:55:58
everyone is now able to be exempt from Obamacare 19:51:32
Grayson (TMOT) Rocks Habersham County - Names Names 19:03:03
Lindsey Graham caught on hot mic with John Kerry 17:32:50
Police policy and training reforms that affect everyone with a cell phone camera 16:53:40
"People Are Idiots" 14:32:18
Day 43 Malaysian plane mystery: US military base on Diego Garcia atoll IS involved 14:26:58
The Growing Trend of Citizens 'Testing' Police (video) 14:25:22
Ron Paul: U.S. State Dept. Conspired To Overthrow Ukraine - Video 14:19:14
Gun Owners of America Endorses Greg Brannon for US Senate in North Carolina 14:16:34
Ben Swann Is Giving Away An Ar-15 Sig Sauer 13:58:41
'Slavery' - 'Lincoln' Debate: Pointless, Distraction From The Real Slavery In America 11:17:47
I'm going away for awhile 09:54:28
Big Announcement: Sen. Rand Paul on Fox News W / Bill Hemmer 3/13/14 09:43:21
Senior reaching for cane in traffic stop is shot by cop 08:32:38
Jim Rickards predicting SDR to replace $ as world reserve currency 07:19:00
Scientists Find Evidence of Massive Water Reserve Near Earth’s Center 06:38:08
Rand Paul asks fellow Senators, "show of hands of those who would personally buy Ukrainian debt?" 02:48:19
Beware the Filter Bubble, Guys 02:38:56
Socialist: City of Seattle Should Take Over Taxi Business 14:29:58
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Time for my morning constitutional 22:55:34
Did Rand sell out to the Neocons? 22:11:03
Locus of control - Which one are you? 22:08:02
Congrats Tom Woods On Another Baby Girl! 22:03:07
Consumer Capitalism 5.0 21:58:32
Justin Amash: Character matters 21:56:20
Scientific "Education" and Experimentation with the Goal of Conformity and Obedience to a Central Authority. 21:40:16
Doug Wead thinks Rand can beat Hillary 20:57:05
SXSW Hipsters Suddenly Concerned About Drunk Driving 20:31:06
Dangerous Ideas 19:34:02
Zuckerberg No Longer Sucker for Obama 18:31:23
Did Libertarian Lucas Overby Throw Florida Special Election to Republican Jolly? 18:22:25
Hillary’s Personal NSA Spied On Private Conversations Of Attendees At CPAC 18:04:16
Bill Gates Speaks 17:56:37
metadata can reveal everything about your life 17:47:49
My interview with Chilean game developer ACE team on their new game 'Abyss Odyssey' 17:39:11
.. 15:55:56
What's So Bad About Sweatshops? My discussion with Benjamin Powell. 14:38:54
The Dietary Cure for Acne 14:20:09
Ben Swann & Cody Wilson on the Recent Bitcoin News 14:02:13
Does Anyone Care? Secret Court Authorizes Indefinite Retention of NSA Records 13:29:19
*Money Bomb* What Do Great Candidates And Horrible Candidates Have In Common? 12:51:47
Hacked emails suggests false flag event plans in Ukraine 11:40:32
From Wnd: Court: Choose Between Constitutional Rights 10:53:16
Morning Joe - The Thrill Is Gone!: Chris Matthews Concedes Senate To GOP (Video) 10:16:51
Can We Afford Ukraine? (RPI) 10:00:45
9/11 Debate Challenge deadline approaching! 09:53:52
The new 2014 Greenhouse 09:49:24
Florida town so corrupt that lawmakers want to abolish it, perfect example of the new America 09:47:07
Vehicular Manslaughter SXSW 09:40:19
Winning the 401k race at work: Gold vs Junk Bonds 09:38:34
Is This The Beginning of WW3?: Red Army masses on Ukraine border: 80,000 troops and missile launchers spark invasion fear 09:13:29
The Obama Peace Plan Includes Permanently Dividing The City Of Jerusalem 09:02:33
Making Ghost Pepper Andouille fresh from the Bayou 09:02:30
Edward Snowden looms over Pulitzer Prizes 08:50:39
Boston Bomber Carjacking Unravels – Part II of II 08:39:31
The FED robbery: 0% interest for whom? Rand where are you? 07:29:11
Teacher by Sylvia Ashton-Warner 07:19:45
Stockman: Ukraine, The War Party and the Pentagon’s Swamp of Waste 07:15:42
2 Fatalities & 23 Injuries as DUI Driver Flees & Plows Through Crowd at SXSW in Austin 04:58:31
"Oh,oh Sheeeila" 04:13:05
Mesrine : Killer Instinct 02:03:30
Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler vs Bush and Obama: How to keep the Republic. 01:37:46
Goldman Sachs Sees Bitcoin Future in Payments Over Money 00:21:17
Rand Paul on Dan Patrick poll question 00:06:42
Finding and Losing the World's Oldest Subway Tunnel 12:23:31