Posted on March 17, 2014

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The Republican Party has less than a month to determine if it lives or dies. 21:31:36
Video: New York Residents Set Fire to Gun Registration Forms 21:24:31
Kevin Trudeau sentenced to ten years in prison 20:34:45
Obama Just Delivered The Ukraine To Mother Russia 20:18:46
25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve: “Biggest Ponzi Scheme in World History” 20:06:47
Marijuana is STILL illegal because ... AVTM (Adam's uploading again!) 19:51:42
Russia Annexing Crimea is the Cost of US/EU intervention in Ukraine -Mike Scheuer 19:32:26
You can't call it "Tennessee Whiskey" unless Jack Daniels approves 17:47:36
Russia laughs at 'Comrade Obama's' sanctions 17:38:35
Former House stenographer describes outburst: "I did not lose my mind. Audio was edited and dubbed" 17:24:39
One in three Americans who lack health coverage plan to remain uninsured 17:02:35
Doctor Paul Craig Roberts Calls Rand Paul A Neocon 15:31:44
Dogmatic Libertarians: Libertarian on Everything - Except Liberty? 15:19:11
Low Hanging Fruit? Feinstein Unwittingly Provides Key to Obama's Impeachable Offense. 12:52:18
Crimean referendum in line with int'l standards, laws – Austrian observer 12:51:40
LA News During 4.4 St. Patrick's Day Earthquake 10:37:37
Senate is “definitely” in danger of changing hands in the November election. 10:29:13
Feinstein Says Drone Spied Into The Window Of her Home: Wants Drones Regulated 09:44:29
Russia: OUT of the Swift System Starting TODAY? 06:31:07
Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Cartoon Freak Show" 06:27:06
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 06:26:17
Russia vows to switch to other currencies over US sanctions threat 06:19:24
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Nadia Bolz-Weber, Lutheran minister 22:54:40
The Federal Reserve System 20:55:57
:) 20:30:29
"The government is getting out of the internet business" 19:18:40
VICE- Russian Roulette: The invasion of Ukraine 18:49:46
Malaysian Airliner is not missing and much more 18:44:02
Attack PG&E was part of Boston bombing plot 18:39:51
Secession Italian Style: Veneto Region (Venice) wants OUT: of Italy, EU and NATO 17:40:43
"Support for freedom and independence requires opposition to intellectual property." 17:33:38
Hack Pesky Time Loops With Insults - Troublehacking with Drew Cleary 17:32:40
The Iowa Republican's Take on AJ Spiker's Resignation 17:28:20
President Obama Announces Sanctions Against Russia 17:10:39
Bossy Beyonce Troll wants to ban free speech 17:08:45
Pet Peeve 17:02:39
Shocking Video: Shak Hill Exposes Mark Warner's "War on Girls" 16:54:27
"That We Share" (very short poem I wrote about DRONES) 16:28:03
SURPRISE! Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA ) is a THIEF... 16:14:56
New Sandy Hook Bombshell 10:14:56
Jim Rogers On Economic Collapse And The US Debt‬ (VIDEO/AUDIO) 14:46:38
Ron Paul vs. the Neocons 14:45:18
Seinfeld - Ukraine Is Weak (Video) 14:37:00
Happy St. Patrick's day: Hint he wasn't Irish. 13:31:52
House Republicans Want To Sue The President For Not Arresting People For Marijuana 12:51:25
World War III is close, Martial Law even closer 12:28:30
Man Finds Out He's On The 'Most Wanted' List After Googling Himself 12:07:23
Mondays With Murray: The State Thrives On Fear And Guilt 11:26:28
Obama Issues Emergency EO Selectively Freezing Assets of 7 Putin Aides 3-17-14 11:14:55
North Dakota Libertarian Candidate for the House has a money bomb today. 10:31:47
War Is a Certainty 10:27:59
Of Course the Government Is Lying About 9-11 ~ Gary North - 09:50:00
TMOT: Savannah Showdown Money Bomb + Debate 3/29/14 09:48:34
Why is the Washington Monument an Egyptian Obelisk, Instead of a Statue of George Washington? 09:48:28
Teleclass: Colorado's New Marijuana THC/DUI Laws(3/19/14) 09:19:57
The Central Bankers 08:38:40
Derrick Grayson Savannah Showdown Money Bomb! 08:29:38
'Radioactive Ash' 08:23:06
Ron Paul Gives John Kerry a Reading Assignment 07:53:46
Buy Sex Toys With EBT 05:33:32
Prof. A. Fekete: The Banking System (2/24/2014) 03:11:18
What Are Rights? 02:13:55
Fmr. Navy Intel Vet calls-in w/ One of the Most Plausible Wargame Scenarios - Crimea = Still about PNAC's 7-Nation Plan! 01:24:43
The problem with libertarians - alternative version (also for fun!) 01:08:46
NSA Salaries Table, per Pay Grades and Years of Service (via Cryptome, 3/16/2014) 01:03:51
"We have the ability to travel amongst the stars..." 00:22:38
Income Inequality 00:17:31