Posted on March 18, 2014

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new poem. quite short. enjoy. 21:25:02
About dwalters 20:05:46
Diego Garcia 19:12:33
WTOP Core Values... Did Hell just freeze over? 18:57:53
First Hand Knowledge Of A Miracle 18:15:11
Is Rand Paul's current position on Russia radically wrong? 16:46:08
Debra Medina's "We Texans" shutting down 16:33:00
VIDEO: Edward Snowden appears at TED Talk 15:48:08
Ben Carson Warns Of Economic Collapse And Martial Law 15:43:57
TMOT: "I'm Satisfied With 50% Of Constitution" (Not!) 15:42:58
Advice on buying a townhouse? 12:39:12
James Corbett: Mind Control in American Politics 14:37:38
Private School Defends Strip-Searching Child, Says Constitutional Rights Do Not Apply 14:29:23
Meet The Brand New, And Shocking, Third Largest Foreign Holder Of US Treasurys 14:08:28
Banker, 28, kills himself in Twelfth finance industry suicide this year... 13:33:31
Obama calls for sanctions, possible military strike on Venice, "all options on the table". 13:20:08
Fat Libertarian Rant on Trudeau Sentencing 13:15:36
A Nation of Laws? 12:53:44
Ron Paul in USA Today: Crimea secedes, so what? 11:32:28
Putin says US guided by 'rule of the gun' 10:01:12
Police Can Take Your Cash Without Charging You With A Crime 09:46:42
Use These Words in Social Media and You May be Flagged by Authorities 09:42:26
Professor Wants Climate Change Deniers Jailed 09:29:00
The Dissent of the Governed: Only 21% of Americans believe the government has the consent of the governed. 09:27:24
Video of Code Pink with "drones" @ Di-Fi's house + 60 Minutes interview 07:35:37
Another Disgusting Hit Piece on Ron Paul-Jamie Kirchick at it again! 08:59:27
Message from Lance : "Stock Market Alert" - Russia Transfers U.S. Treasuries as Dollar Attack Begins 01:55:51
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(from 2011): US Military Purchased/Sold Post-BP Oil Spill Seafood To Miliatry Members 23:36:08
Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office randomly "inspecting" cars in private parking lots to check if you are vulnerable for robbery. 23:21:09
New Cosmos Series 23:05:25
Utah Spy Center 22:55:47
Raytheon Employees With Possible Ties to Remote Controlled Plane Technology On 9/11 Flights? 22:53:29
‘Early Access’ Scheme Could Turn Patients into Guinea Pigs for Drug Corps 22:52:44
Govt neo-feudalism 22:40:16
Is this missing Flight MH370? (PHOTOS) 22:23:12
Malaysia Flight 370 Solved - It's D.B. Cooper 22:14:11
duplicate.. delete 21:15:51
Results: Ben Swann’s March Presidential Poll (BenSwann.Com) 20:51:45
Young entrepreneur needs Kickstarter love so he can make invention in USA 20:39:14
All this airplane talk in the state controlled media... 20:23:21
Stewart Rhodes interviews Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras 20:16:29
Derrick Grayson (TMOT) Savannah Georgia Senate Debate March 29 2014 LIVE Stream 20:05:43
The Beauty meets The Beast 19:11:31
So wait some of you on here are saying Rand Paul fell so far from the tree we should call him an orange? 18:50:51
Group Stands Up for Their First Amendment Rights, Cops Back Down 18:47:00
Logo design volunteer needed for exciting Activist Project 18:14:27
Financial advice for today`s scary economy? 17:36:37
2-Fer Tuesday - Howard Riell and Raymond Powell - Allison Bricker Show 17:20:37
Millionaire gays sue church to perform gay "wedding" 17:17:29
Hiv-infected Mice Cured (Video) 16:21:03
Venezuela In Turmoil For Lack Of Flour, Milk And Diapers 15:26:08
Should Conservatism Be Ditched? 15:07:50
Gary Johnson: Americans Becoming More Libertarian - Video 14:18:06
"The Cult of Happy" an epic 6 minute video, enjoy! 14:13:18
Any anarchists here? 14:08:36
If It Walks Like A Duck... 14:05:05
Another Escalation: US Freezes Diplomatic Relations With Syria, Orders Non-US Personnel To Leave Country 14:03:03
How to Keep 30 People From Dying Everyday 13:57:29
Satoshi Nakamoto unconditionally denies inventing bitcoin 13:52:35
Common Core: No privacy for our children 12:46:53
The Ivory Highway: With No Elephants Around The Chinese Keep Buying Ivory 12:41:00
Bangor Daily piece after Al Jazeera's documentary clearing Lockerbie bomber. 12:38:06
The Dark Side of rEVOLutionary Ads 12:22:32
Is every phone on Earth tapped by the NSA? 12:15:31
US orders closure of Syrian embassy, consulates in the States & demands non-US personnel leave America 12:08:39
Target Credit Card Breach: Retailer Failed to Act on Warnings 12:07:15
Defiant Putin Blasts West as Hypocrites for Ignoring 'Free Will' of Crimeans 12:06:25
ATF Agent: Raiding Gun Store Was “Fun” (Video) 12:00:40
Obamacare leaves Las Vegas man owing $407,000 in doctor bills 11:44:59
Drudge Report: Ron Paul: Crimea secedes. So what? 11:40:55
Menopause 11:31:48
Not Just Obama Flouting the Law, So is The Fed - Part One 09:54:23
The Plane! 09:52:17
The Second Amendment: A Symbol of Freedom or An Invitation to Violence? 09:43:10
Jim Rogers Interview: The Debt Crisis is Not Over! 09:36:06
Your silver where your mouth is ... 09:21:41
5 Reasons a Pit Bull is Better than a Gun 08:52:47
(1929) BTFATH they said, prosperity around the corner they said...Oh Yeah? 08:28:55
The Fed Meets This Week- Here is What the Fed Presidents Have Been Saying 07:55:39
Harrison J. Bounel 06:29:16
Ben Swann and Team Giving Us Power! 05:25:48
The Tea Party Revisited—It Has Become a Useful Label 05:13:18
Obama and Obamacare : the Biggest SCAM Ever RUN on America 04:40:08
Harrison’s Theorem of Anti-gravity 04:08:16