Posted on March 22, 2014

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I am alone! 22:12:01
DailyPaul, My Refuge 19:51:27
The Senate is ready to strip your 1st amendment rights away - Video 17:31:24
Ted Cruz does a 360 on Ukraine Aid bill 16:48:26
Venice Votes To Break Away From Italy 16:41:17
Politico hit piece against Rand Paul 15:08:11
"Updated" Police Encounter Business Card Design... 15:06:15
How do we know Rand is the Strider Gandalf speaks about? 14:06:34
WaPo: Rand Paul: The most intriguing man in today’s Republican Party 13:50:41
News Crew Sets Up Sting! Catch Police Breaking The Law! (VIDEO) 12:53:41
Killed for Camping: Albuquerque Police Chief - "Shooting was Justified" 11:17:30
Spielberg will present Obama with the Ambassador for Humanity Award. 09:50:44
Molyneux/Roberts - WW3/American Proxy 08:59:39
Idaho governor signs emergency legislation nullifying all future federal gun laws 03:24:04
Why I Stack Silver : A Tale of Overcoming Debt and Preservation of Wealth 00:01:02
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If YOU were fighting for YOUR freedom, this is what it would look like... 23:09:32
Paul Has Ideas, but His Backers Want 2016 Plan 22:57:14
When is the USA going to stop teaching the rest of the world how to use big guns...?! 22:40:31
Was RT Anchor Resigning an On-Air Stunt Coordinated With Neo-Con Think Tank? 22:11:24
The Government Is a Hitman: Uber, Tesla and Airbnb Are in Its Crosshairs (TIME Magazine) 21:45:32
Jim Rickards Interview : Gold Revaluation and the Death of Money 21:08:37
It was these type of moments that made the Ron Paul Revolution unique. 20:48:55
. 20:45:30
The US Dollar Is The World's First Digital Currency 20:13:54
Support Christian Fioravanti for Idaho Senate 2014 20:05:30
Rhode Island speaker to step down after FBI raids 19:39:50
Money Wars: Russian Visa And Mastercard Customers Declined Service 19:29:12
Suing JPMorgan and the COMEX 19:27:43
Jonathan Turley on defence 19:00:45
Mark Dice youtube channel under attack 17:34:20
Congressman calls Obama/Kerry position on Crimea 'demonstrably hypocritical' 17:33:34
Sex-Selective Abortion Thrives in America 17:28:55
A great read. What are the DP thoughts on this? 17:01:30
The Worst Church in America … and It Isn't Necessarily Westboro 16:18:42
GOA: Many are reporting ATF copying 4473 during annual inspections 16:10:45
John Lott Destroys Gun Rights Haters in a Debate (video) 15:32:17
. 15:04:37
Poland calls for larger U.S. military presence in eastern Europe 14:49:51
The new Cold War "shield" 14:39:28
‘Invisible’ airplanes: Chinese, US race for cloaking tech (Dec 2013) 13:53:51
An Open Letter to Florida Power and Light CEO - Smart Meters 13:23:15
Proof Liz Wahl's Resignation From RT Was Staged US Propaganda 11:21:10
How Do You Rescue A Child From A Cult? 11:07:25
8 Reasons Young Americans Don't Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance 10:31:01
FreedomWorks and Portage County TEA Party Endorse Matt Lynch (R) for Congress in Ohio CD-14 09:19:20
Russia Backs off Economic Retaliation - Says "Never Mind" 08:58:29
"QE Was A Massive Gift Intended To Boost Wealth", Fed President Admits 07:26:24
Report: Texas city pays Ted Nugent $16k to NOT perform 03:59:02
This Stalker Was My 90 Year Old Mother-In-Law's Lawn Service ~ Now In Jail ~ Video 03:42:32
Daily Paul Radio - Listener Satisfaction Survey 01:53:30
FBI Manipulated the Media Today and Spread a Big Fat Lie. 01:50:40
Matt Barber tries to shift blame to libertarians 01:25:09
Bank of England issues bizarre psyops (self-incriminating?) PR video & whitepaper 01:02:09