Posted on March 23, 2014

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Adam Kokesh @ CPAC: Facebook Rep Denies Political Censorship 22:44:11
Scalia Hints He'll Vote for NSA Surveillance 22:41:18
Sean Hannity Advocates Attacking Iran NOW! 21:00:09
The Latest Heist: US Quietly Snatches the Ukraine’s Gold Reserves 19:56:17
There is no national debt. 18:29:34
NY Times: Rand Paul Has Ideas, but His Backers Want 2016 Plan 17:37:12
Bill Gates Loves Common Core For Your Kids, But Not His 16:21:04
The Story of the Log King, the Young Stork King, and Claudius 15:36:39
Did Rand Paul just accuse Barack Obama of being 'Not Black Enough?' 15:36:14
Marine Veteran and Occupy Protester Beaten By Police Will Receive $4.5 Million 13:24:18
Full Metal Jacket 13:24:03
Netflix’s House of Cards trolls Senator Rand Paul on Twitter 12:52:46
LOOK: The Fruits of Socialism – Venezuelan Food Lines 12:42:27
Magic for Dogs 11:07:02
Make your own fuel! 11:06:53
Crime and punishment 10:38:34
On Big Pharma Getting in the Medicinal Cannabis Market 08:27:51
Russian Troops Storm Ukrainian Airbase in Crimea 07:19:28
Putin's Crimea Address : "West Rewrites Own Rule Book and Wants to Decide About Peoples' Fate" (3/21/2014) 06:45:25
Free State Project Gets Bad Rap In New Hampshire 06:30:50
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Russia: New Institute "Collapse of USA and Canada" opens in Skolkovo. 23:14:47
He Was “Possibly Suicidal”, So the Cops Shot and Killed Him 23:12:43
Malaysian Plane: 20 Passengers Worked For Electronic Warfare And Military Radar Firm 22:55:38
Scalia Comes To Brooklyn, Drops Huge Hint About NSA Surveillance And The Supreme Court 22:43:11
NK vs SK: Any questions? 22:31:29
Tweets from Turkey: Twitter Roars After Effort to Block it. 22:14:29
Interpreting Putin’s Decision 20:55:41
Police keep quiet about cell-tracking technology 20:34:30
Video: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/24/14: US 'Democracy Promotion' Destroys Democracy Overseas 20:24:13
Who In Ukraine Will Benefit From An IMF Bailout? 20:14:55
New Ron Paul/Rand Paul 2016 Slogan! 19:29:36
How should a libertarian behave in front of police found in public? 18:21:54
Oil Spill Cleanup Impedes Major Texas Ship Channel 18:10:10
Why I'm Not an Atheist 15:44:51
Is QE Just For The Rich? 15:29:46
The problems those who defend your rights have with the loudest Libertarians 14:33:19
CANCELLED: Walter Block events in NYC this Thursday and Friday (March 27 and 28) 14:24:55
Vladimir Putin's Actions Are Eerily Similar To Adolf Hitler's 14:18:18
US, EU and Canada Aid Terrorist Ukraine Government with Over $16 Billion + Who is Behind the Riots? (images) 14:12:17
"Time to Vote" on which "Police Encounter Business Card"... 12:41:22
Race Heats Up In Contested Ohio CD-14 Republican Primary Race 11:59:03
My Favorite Youtube Channel 11:56:13
DP Cigar club 11:33:58
There is a new type of libertarian in the movement 11:17:45
The Government Is a Hitman: Uber, Tesla and Airbnb Are in Its Crosshairs 11:16:30
Mayor De Blasio Pushes New ID Cards for Illegal Aliens and NYC Residents 11:01:56
Derrick Grayson - Savannah Debate After-After Party 10:47:59 Petition asking Obama to give Alaska back to Russia 10:33:01
Mark Dice YouTube Channel Deleted 10:29:49
Ibragim Todashev Murder: FBI Cleared (again) 10 Year Talley: ZERO for 151 Shootings 09:17:08
Use Google? Here are 10 Links to See How Well Google Knows You 07:06:52
Where are We in the Cycle? Shiller's U.S. Home Price / Gold 05:01:58
What is the best antivirus software to use? 01:58:19
"Don't Tread On My Obamacare" - UGH! 01:05:24
Multinational Corporate Interests in Ukraine. 20:19:15
Abby Martin interviews Paul Craig Roberts 20:20:18