Posted on March 27, 2014

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9/11: Donald Rumsfeld - "What is building 7?" 23:56:18
Al Sharpton Has No Idea What Anyone's Talking About (Funny) 23:28:48
Jiddu Krishnamurti lives on 22:10:27
Rand one of only two Senators to vote against Ukraine aid/Russia sanctions bill 22:09:35
The Militarized U.S. Police, by the Numbers (w/Infographic) 18:12:53
Nystrom: A Note on the Use of Copyrighted Materials on the Daily Paul 18:01:49
Turkey shuts off You Tube over Syria invasion plan leak 16:45:17
Congressional Candidate Tisha Casida Announces Her First Colorado District 3 Tour 14:18:29
To Michael Nystrom - 14:11:00
Senate passes $1B aid to Ukraine/Russia Sanctions Bill 98-2; House Follows 399-19; IMF adds $18B More 14:09:54
IRS Infomercial - You Make It, We Take It! 14:08:05
Money For Nothing: Inside The Federal Reserve - Trailer 12:39:55
WHOA: Anti-NSA Reps. Are Being Intentionally Cut Out Of Debate On Surveillance Bill 12:18:10
Man successfully argues the Fifth in deer killing case 11:20:59
Lions of Liberty Interview with Antiwar Activist Alli McCracken of CODEPINK 10:12:20
Putin -vs- Visa MasterCard 09:46:07
Guilty of “attempted possession of unlawful ammunition" - The Mark Witaschek Story 08:43:18
My Home was Searched for Growing Vegetables in my Bathroom Video 07:06:44
The Boss Was Right Again: "FBI Investigates Unusual FEMA Flood Map Changes That Benefit Certain Owners" -NBC 06:55:57
The Best of Frank Zappa 02:44:29
Daily Paul I love you. 01:03:53
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Phenomenal 2 Letter Word 23:53:13
VIDEO: NSA criticism helping Rand Paul gain presidential steam? 23:38:40
The Ben Swann Show: Justin Amash 3/26/2014 23:31:24
Meet Derrick Grayson (TMOT): An exclusive interview with Georgia’s ‘only constitutional conservative’ 23:10:29
VIDEO: Media Buries Bombshell Admission of Turkish Government Planning 'False Flag' Attack 23:05:08
Congressman: President’s Push To End Data Collection, Will Actually Increase Collection 22:31:11
Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods before the Rockford Zoning Department 22:26:02
Russia's Most Notorious Punk Rock Group, 'Pussy Riot,' Members Relocated To Siberian Prison Camp 22:16:50
Good talk by Beck 21:54:30
Ron paul says "My son Rand is doing better work in Congress than I did: 21:43:28
The Hatemongers of the "Gun Control" Movement 21:33:58
Lord Justice is accused of supporting a pedophile group in the UK 20:55:10
Lord Justice is accused of supporting a pedophile group in the UK 20:54:45
DrudgeReport shows true colors 20:48:45
Family claims hacker taking control of cable box, sending threats 20:17:26
Vaccination and Free Will 19:22:29
Man successfully argues the Fifth in deer killing case 19:09:23
Is Rand Paul taking us for granted in shifting closer to the Neo-Con Right? 18:21:33
Pretty Funny: McConnell Ad shows Duke instead of UK 17:57:37
Peter Greenwald drops out of race to unseat Eric Cantor in the VA Republican primary. Endorses Dave Brat. 16:49:34
Obama’s New NSA Proposal and Democratic Partisan Hackery (Glenn Greeenwald) 16:48:01
VIDEO: Colorado Public Middle School Takes Students on a Field Trip to the Shooting Range (BenSwann.Com) 15:47:28
Neocons’ Ukraine-Syria-Iran Gambit 15:13:28
Rand Paul Gets In Bed With The Military Industrial Complex 14:50:02
IRS cryptocurrency logic 14:09:38
Nancy Pelosi Getting Award Named for Woman Who Said 'Most Merciful' to Kill 'Infant' 13:55:44
"Troops. I Salute You, Damn Those That Don't" (TMOT) 13:50:07
Postal service employees use travel cards to gamble, pay bills and go bowling 13:34:10
Rand Paul is Politically Divergent. And So He Must Be Stopped. 09:32:47
Why is a Malaysian Airliner Identical to the Missing One Being Stored in Tel Aviv? 12:38:09
Jennifer Rubin’s Rand Paul obsession 09:17:48
IRS slams Bitcoin millionaires with new tax rules… Is gold next? 12:06:36
Rand Paul builds 50-state network, courts mainstream support for presidential bid 11:56:36
UNC's fake classes were very fake! 11:47:33
How to Build a Human Voice 11:41:18
Harry Reid: People Aren't Educated on How to Use the Internet 10:52:59
Obama Supporters Don't Know Obama 10:38:45
How to Make a Realistic Looking Human Head in a Jar 09:59:57
Malaysian Jet and Semiconductor Link? 09:53:27
Marc Andreessen Predicts Libertarians Will Turn on Bitcoin 09:38:13
(duplicate) 09:29:31
Mom Jailed for Breastfeeding While Drinking 09:28:37
*TWO* Democratic officials arrested yesterday, another's office raided by FBI 09:06:53
: Anti-Gun CA Senator Leland Yee Charged With Gun Running 08:45:49
Hemp from Ukraine 08:05:11
When Glenn Beck Shows Me The Cancelled Checks 07:48:23
MSNBC & Cass Sunstein Mocking/Comparing 9/11 Truthers & Malaysian Jet Conspiracists 07:47:33
I Need To Share! 07:26:36
Trillions In Corporate Welfare - Where is Rand and the GOP? 06:31:40
"Drive out the slave and her child" 05:06:38
The Quest to Wingsuit Landing Without Using a Parachute : "Landing" on Water (10/2013) 04:48:40
everyone has basic Humans Rights... 03:40:05
Help finding a movie! 03:34:02
VIDEO - Rand Paul On Hannity: Blasts ObamaCare, ‘Full of Coercion & Mandates’ 3/26/14 03:08:03
Let's Have a Drink (Fr. : "Les Tontons Flingueurs" / Eng. : "Crooks in Clover", 1963) 03:03:26
Online Gambling Targeted Once Again - Guess who? 02:44:41
Libertarian Municipalism: Wagner for Sonoma City Council 02:40:01
I'll meet you... 01:25:53
(Opinion) China's Fiat Money Troubles (3/2/2014) 01:15:41
Ex-NSA Chief spills the beans on President Obama's false 'reforms' 00:39:30