Posted on April 3, 2014

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INFOGRAPHIC: Unearthing the World’s Gold Supply 23:52:09
Networks Refuse Obama's Request For Primetime Obamacare Celebration... 23:09:39
TMOT Validated by GOP and Democrat Royals (DP mentioned) 22:53:12
VIDEO: 80 Amish people pick up house and move it without machines 22:12:58
VIDEO: Ron Paul Discusses Rand Paul/Ted Cruz 2016 Ticket: "I Don't Like His (Ted Cruz's) Foreign Policy" 21:03:53
Putin Plays A Golden Card 20:42:25
Jeb Bush Courted by big campaign donors; Adelson makes 2.1 billion overnight; New Law says "infinite" amounts can be donated... 19:29:07
Judge Napolitano: DNI James Clapper Belongs In Prison (VIDEO) 18:25:59
Libertarian Taxi 16:53:16
"Our Only Hope Will Come Through Rebellion" 16:20:25
"America Doesn't Give Because It's Rich. America Is Rich Because It Gives" - WHAT? 15:25:04
Why I closed the Ark Door (Part 1) 15:17:20
Feigned Indignation and the Police State 14:57:56
Video: The War on Drugs with Judge Jim Gray 14:25:56
Josie The Outlaw: "Don't Ask Permission" - Save Long Island Forum in New York 14:01:58
The DP - A Community of Individualists 13:30:33
Dr. Ron Paul w/AJ: Infowars (4/3/14) 13:27:09
Crimea Crisis: Russia Tells U.S. To Chill Out, 'Practice Yoga' 13:08:06
Remember Hippie Headbands? Look At Them NOW -Peace & Love 12:13:32
Putin Beefing Up Syria – Still with Eyes on Ukraine 12:11:38
FBI Spends a Fortune Raiding 91 Year Old Archaeologist 11:26:23
Sheriff Richard Mack: Lou Dobbs Tonight (4/1/14) 11:15:06
Another mass-shooting and AGAIN the shooter is on psychotropic drugs 10:34:18
My my my, it's a beautiful world 10:22:46
The Engine of the Global Economy - New Lampoon The System cartoon 09:40:42
Pick your kid's poison. Hmmm,what's in the vaccine ? 08:59:30
Harnessing Power from the Ocean's Tides, Currents, Waves, and Temperatures 00:49:59
Do I Stay the Course? 00:38:10
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Derrick Grayson In Desperate Need of Your Help! 22:52:19
No Paycheck Fairness in Hollywood (3/27/2014) 22:50:28
DOJ apologizes for misleading surveillance court 22:34:05
The Lessons of 9/11 22:33:06
Papantonio: Time To Talk About Jeb Bush's Disgusting Past 22:31:18
VIDEO: Why we cannot use phones on planes - Flight attendant explains 22:26:26
VIDEO: I Can't Believe Someone Trained Their RATS (Yes! RATS!) To Do This! Really Amazing! 22:20:28
Jeb Bush Coingate Murder Coverup & Corruption 22:18:58
‘Frauds-R-Us’ The Bush Family Saga 22:12:24
Black Eagle Trust Fund 22:07:33
Elderly Woman 21:54:40
A Married Man 21:51:13
Little boy 21:48:16
Ron's Take: Ukraine: American People Paying the Bill(Ron Paul Channel) 21:42:32
VIDEO: This Speech On Abortion By A 12-Year-Old Left Her Pro-Choice Teacher Speechless 21:26:59
The value of literature for the political student 21:10:26
Will the real Noah please stand up 20:32:05
We're all praxeologists, so where's the neuroscience? 20:19:18
Mark Manier, Ron Paul Republican Running For State Rep In Michigan, Launches Website 20:07:52
VIDEO: Cop Stops Son From Driving Dying Mom To Hospital Only Blocks Away from Hospital 18:47:21
Exclusive: Ft. Hood Shooter Was In Program For Returning Soldiers In Need Of “Complex Medical Care” (BenSwann.Com) 18:11:18
This Guy Created a Song for Rand. 18:05:05
Craigslist Ad Posted for "Role Players" in Mock Fort Hood Disaster During March 17:45:48
Monty Python Reveals Government 16:41:34
Residential Real Estate 16:09:44
L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department 16:05:30
Senators, Holder Appalled by 'Shocking' Amount of Drugs Sent Through Mail 16:04:01
"What Makes A Thing Go Viral" 16:03:36
Alex Jones Raging! 14:33:48
Why Good People Should Be Armed - Josie the Outlaw 14:13:43
Control is an illusion 14:12:32
"They" Don't Care About Us 13:58:50
Suicide Banker's Widow Blasts Alleged "Cover-Up", Asks "Unbecoming Questions" 13:45:17
To Your Health & Wealth, Cheers! 200 Years & 200 Countries Shown in 4 Minutes! 13:41:34
When Jazz & Baseball Were In Perfect Harmony. Rare Footage of Duke Ellington Playing Baseball 13:05:28
Classic "Putin"...I was very impressed by this video. Wish our leaders were straight like this. 12:37:29
Proof of massive voter fraud in North Carolina. 12:35:16
Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling Joke 12:27:03
It's Not Just the Stock Market That's Rigged: the Entire Status Quo Is Rigged 12:16:05
Ron Paul to speak in San Marcos, Texas 4-12-14 11:59:48
Can Private Communities Provide "Public" Goods? My interview with Fred Foldvary. 11:54:12
Professor Roth Says “...Guns Aren't the Problem” 11:45:22
U.S. Marshals Shoot Unarmed Man in Albuquerque, Seize Cell Phone Cameras from Witnesses 11:25:59
How Inflation Destroys the Wealth of Nations 11:10:48
Intelligence Director Confirms Warrantless Search of Americans 10:34:13
Earth Hour 2014 10:12:41
Just like the DP, the CIA is crowd sourcing its Intelligence. 09:34:40
EPA Tested Deadly Pollutants on Humans 04:39:46
6 Insane Things You Learn Overthrowing Your Own Government 02:38:59
Disappearance of Malaysian Airline Flight 370 Made Jacob Rothschild Sole Owner of Major Semiconductor Patent 02:28:15
Yet Another "Symbolic" French Protest... "Sheepstorm" in Louvre Museum as Farmers Protest in Paris (3/28/2014) 02:22:53
Lew Rockwell doesn't believe in the Illuminati? 02:06:51
Obama Wants to Pay 33% More to U.N. and Other Int’l Groups 01:31:55
Eminem Rap Maid of Honor Wedding Toast 01:30:15
Bill Sardi: Defending Health Against the Government 00:26:36
Dear xtina910, 00:25:14
Theoretical question I want to ask my fellow DPers 00:14:39