Posted on April 4, 2014

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Oso Mudslide INTERACTIVE: Before and after the Highway 530 mudslide 22:15:34
(VIDEO) NeverWet Arrives - Hands-On Product Demonstration 21:06:36
VIDEO: College Suspends Student For Asking Governor Challenging Questions On Gun Control 20:43:39
Social Media Expert Says Rand Paul, Libertarians Have a ‘Tremendous Opportunity’ in 2016 17:43:33
Q: How Did Obamacare Reach It's 7 Million Enrollee Deadline? A: HHS Filled Out The Applications Themselves 17:23:47
Ron Paul not sold on Ted Cruz as Rand's VP 15:39:38
More Americans See Middle Class Status Slipping 15:11:56
Ron Paul addresses hundreds about liberty and government at SU 14:00:54
Lawrence Lessig: The unstoppable walk to political reform (TED) 11:57:41
Mozilla CEO Forced to Resign Because of his $1000 Donation to 11:22:32
What Are Your Fondest Memories? 10:52:43
Washington Man on Trial for Shooting Car Thief 10:43:10
A Message From The Queen Of America 10:27:02
Woman killed by Capitol Cops shot in back of head... 10:23:38
Ron Paul supported Senate Candidate Paul Broun climbs to Double digit lead in GOP Senate Primary race. 09:40:46
House Speaker John Boehner (RINO) Want to Keep 40 Million Americans From Buying Guns 09:14:31
Jeremy Scahill talks to Rachel Maddow about new revelations of Anwar al-Awlaki death 07:27:22
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Eugenics and Progressives 23:16:34
Why We Shouldn't Disarm Crazy People 22:23:33
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Goes 'On The Record' W / Greta Van Susteren - Fox News - 4/04/14 21:47:06
VIDEO: New Revelations About Mom Killed By Capitol Cops 21:37:52
Crazy Arrest 21:18:22
RP "A message ought to be sent that the status quo should not be tolerated & we need some real changes in this country!" fb meme 21:09:49
"I've suffered for my music. Now it's your turn." 21:01:35
They're attempting to fool us once more... 20:21:59
New Revolutionary War Show on AMC called TURN: America's First Spy Ring (Series Premieres Sunday 9/8c) 20:09:00
How US is Spending Taxpayer Money to Initiate Mass Civil Unrest 19:52:30
What About The Dollar: Russia, Iran Announce $20 Billion Oil-For-Goods Deal 19:03:17
David Stockman: "bureaucratic slobbering about 'low-flation'" 18:21:18
299 Days: The Movie Trilogy... With your help a movie by patriots for patriots 18:13:30
Anonymous - Rothschilds & Malaysian Airlines MH370 Connection 18:05:01
Groucho Marx on Taxation and Fabricated Currency 17:58:15
Who is Andre Watts? 17:46:20
What is your opinion on SJWs? 16:26:22
Ben Swann just came out of the closet! 16:12:39
The Paul doctors: One helped birth the modern liberty movement, the other is now attempting to give it vision. 15:55:32
Ron Paul: The US Imposes Sanctions Too Casually 15:52:11
Does French Over-regulation of Employment Lead to Suicide? 15:51:50
How unfathomable were your odds of coming into being? 15:09:52
Video: Two drug tunnels, with rail systems, found at U.S.-Mexico border 15:07:54
Gibbs: ObamaCare Employer Mandate Likely to be Dumped 15:04:24
88 Percent Support Recording Police in Public: Reason-Rupe Poll April 2014 14:59:31
Under attack: Depth of federal arms race should surprise, shock citizenry 14:39:02
AJC: It's High Time For a Palestinian "Yes." 14:27:33
Flashback: Congressman Ron Paul vs Bernanke On The Bailout Plan 13:57:15
New Energy update 13:30:19
Ft. Hood Shooting Tied To Radical Fundamentalist Extremism 13:15:40
Bob Costas Misses The Mark With Challenge To His Gun Critics 11:58:15
My Call For Humanity | Spoken Word 11:46:02
Bring the First Amendment Into the 21st Century. Reasontv 11:28:19
If you still have facebook, and feel like arguing 11:13:27
New report details 'brutal' Israeli policies 10:57:21
Glenn Greenwald Implies NSA spying for political reasons? 10:19:30
Afghan Police Officer Kills One AP Journalist, Injures Another in Shooting 09:31:45
Anarcho Ad Absurdum 07:42:52
Shock Claim: GPS Data Reveals Possible Location Of Flight 370 03:13:35
Blowback is not just for Muslims 02:38:31
What's the difference between a radical and a gradualist? 02:29:49
Good Cop Pull Over Prank 01:45:29
Chupacabras caught at last? 01:16:20
My A child... 00:52:55
Imaginary voluntarist society: is it statist or voluntarist? 00:13:55
OMG! Cocaine! 00:12:10