Posted on April 12, 2014

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A 'WAR' Over Water?: Bundy Ranch, the Federal Government, and the Nevada Water Tipping Point 22:52:34
Congrats to all Patriots today 22:03:44
Let's Hit the BLM before they strike again. 21:09:44
Bundy Ranch Standoff: Meet the BLM thug who tackled a 57-year old woman (from behind) 19:22:01
Oh Yeah Baby! It's On! 17:34:06
The Cattle have been released, Infowars video feed! 17:28:23
SPLC Labels Cliven Bundy Domestic Extremist 17:21:49
Awesome Bundy Video Up ~ Panoramic Views Of The Massive Patriot Militia Gathering ~ Sheriff Making Statement Ending Standoff 17:04:28
HOT! BLM backs down in #BundyRanch per Clark County Sheriff 14:30:13
"Rand needs to pounce on the Nevada rancher situation" 13:53:33
Bureau of Land Management ends roundup of Bundy cattle, releases them 12:59:18
If Sheriff Mack was Clive Bundy's Sheriff 12:41:30
11 Sebelius Supporters with Egg on Their Faces Today 11:53:12
Ruby Ridge & Liberty: Why Did Attorney Gerry Spence Defend Randy Weaver? 11:47:27
Live Stream From Bunkerville! 09:49:53
Innocent Driver Gets Rammed By U.S. Customs Van. Customs Agents Lie and Blame Him. His Dash Cam Proves Otherwise. 09:25:56
USAF Veteran Calls Out US Miltary on Bundy Ranch Fight for Liberty! 02:28:39
and like that; Colorado gets a candidate who is ub3r libertad! 00:29:30
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Hot! Harry Reid Is At It Again: FAA Designates Bundy Ranch a No-Fly Zone 23:52:01
Mexico's National Voter IDs Part Of Culture 23:31:22
New 80's Inspired EP "Born 2 Rebel" | Truth Music 23:06:21
Nevada Sheriff @ Bundy Ranch BLM to Cease The Ranch Operation 23:05:08
Cops Have to Do What They Have to Do. And if a Person or a Dog Dies, So Be It. 23:00:56
Colorado Introduces New Vending Machines Unlike Any Other In The U.S. 21:41:07
Ben Swann on Cryptocurrencies and Debt 21:31:14
Action Items for Americans (Post BLM "Retreat") 21:29:01
Good ideas made quietly, won't happen: 21:27:44
VIDEO - State of Surveillance: Police, Privacy and Technology 21:09:03
Freedom Summit: New Hampshire Republicans Get Preview of 2016 20:45:17
Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton 'as bad or worse' than President Obama on government surveillance 20:30:43
Video: Rand Paul on Cashin' In w/ Eric Bolling 4/12/14 20:28:02
A Merger of The U.S. and Canada Would Create an Economic Superpower With the World’s Greatest Resource Base 20:24:43
Results for #BundyRanch ~ The Power of the Tweet #Awesome 20:06:41
More details of the Harry Reid China Deal 19:49:59
Escalation ! BLM not finished 19:46:49
Why Secret Supreme Court Video Is Important 19:34:53
Indict Harry Reid! 18:10:30
David Weigel whines about the interview. Pt 2 18:06:16
Flight 370 Co-Pilot Tried to Make Cell Phone Call AFTER Plane Went Missing 17:51:59
SPLC: "Nevada rancher appears to have backed down after threatening to open up a “range war” with the federal government " 17:39:37
BLM: "Director asked everyone involved in the Bundy dispute remain peaceful and law-abiding." Wait.. What? Who's Breaking Laws? 16:34:08
Is Harry Reid behind the actions of BLM in Nevada? 16:31:22
BUNDY Ranch: Has The United States Government Cut A Financial Deal Giving Away American Land To China? 16:05:50
Hours After Infowars Breaks Sen. Reid/Chinese Connection to Bundy Land Grab, BLM Backs Down 15:26:23
Sanity Check Radio Show: April 12, 2014 episode now online 15:25:29
Washington State Advance Team Diplomatic Mission to Nevada & Timeline... Great onsite diary! 15:20:51
Not So Fast! Possible Stand Off While Bundy Reclaims cattle. Feds Ignoring County Sheriff? 14:30:31
The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now 14:28:15
The Less Americans Know About Ukraine, the More They Want to Get Involved 20:37:52
FAA sets no fly zone over Moapa County. (Bundy) 13:44:26
Cliven Bundy and family at the Bundy Ranch reportedly get support from AT&T 13:44:11
Russ Roberts and Michael Lind On Libertarianism 13:39:45
To the "5 Stupid Things" fellow 13:36:09
Bible Scriptures to Pray for Cliven Bundy Before the Bullets fly 13:17:41
It Is Not About The Tortoise! 13:09:29
Kicked Out of School for Being Too Skinny? Ivy League awesomeness 13:07:32
Court affidavits claim Pope Francis trafficked children, at child sacrifices 12:07:57
More Political Street Art At Masters: “If you like your handicap you can keep your handicap.” Video 11:47:20
Paul Krugman's Psychotic Break From Reality: "It’s time to “celebrate” Obamacare and “ridicule right-wingers” 11:33:05
Nevada (Bunkerville) Contact INFO 11:12:19
MA Rep. Jim Lyons files Amendment to defund CCSS 10:54:46
The REAL Truth Behind Bundy Ranch Land-Grab in Nevada 10:50:14
Are China and Russia Moving Against the Dollar? 10:18:43
Google Glass Goes on Sale April 15 (for one day) 09:25:28
Family Forced From Minivan, Brought To Knees, Held At Gunpoint After Museum Outing 09:24:28
BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking leases 08:55:00
RPC: Eliminate All Campaign Finance Regulations? 08:13:24
IRS Seizing Tax Refunds of Children, Grandchildren Over Parents' Decades-Old Debts 05:36:50
"Agnes the Teenage Russian Spy" 04:32:24
Gold Butte Militia t-shirt - Muckraker will donate all profits UPDATE 03:55:51
Trending on Facebook - Nevada rancher in tense standoff with federal government 01:56:38
The Principle of Sufficient Love 00:53:39