Posted on April 14, 2014

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US’s Boston Bombing Report Hints at Even Darker Reality 22:35:10
Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told (Reid's got some issues to deal with) 22:18:17
Ron Paul On Cavuto: 'You Need the Government Out of It’: Ron Paul Talks Nevada Land Dispute 4/14/14 22:12:26
Ron Paul on Bundy standoff with the Feds 21:52:57
Ron Paul weighs in on Nevada rancher’s standoff with feds 21:52:38
Lou Dobbs Tonight - Reid & The Bundy Ranch (4/14/14) 21:36:14
Glow in the dark roads 21:34:06
What is Rand's position on Cliven Bundy? 21:18:12
Almost 7 years here and Now Cancer strikes our family...Trying all that is posted...+ 21:06:34
Bundy Ranch: "It's not over" says Sen. Reid (Video) 17:58:16
Judge Napolitano on the Ranch Rebellion 17:54:22
Ben Swann Exclusive: Sheriff Mack Gives Ben Chilling Update 17:53:51
FBI Abruptly Walks Out On Senate Briefing After Being Asked How 'Insider Threat' Program Avoids Whistleblowers 15:57:19
Tonight Total Lunar Eclipse! 15:50:28
Daily Paulers: Post Your Questions for TMOT Here! 15:28:36
Why The Feds Chickened Out On A Nevada Ranch 14:57:49
This Land Is Their Land 14:54:41
Sen. Reid Breaks Ground for Nevada Solar Farm Near Bundy Ranch (March 2014) 14:12:59
Reid Bunkerville Property Ownership 13:46:17
Senator Harry Reid awards Sheriff associated with Bundy Ranch Sheriff of the Year Award, hmmm 13:22:14
Murray Rothbard on the Bundy Ranch Standoff 13:08:53
Liberty representatives...Where are they concerning Cliven Bundy? 15:05:48
Mark My Words! Bunkerville Will Be Remembered As The Place Where The Revolution Began! (MoxNews) 12:53:58
US Signs $1B Loan Guarantee For Ukraine While Thousands in Detroit Have Their Water Shut-off 11:23:44
An American Original: Wayne Hage - NV Rancher Wins Case Against Feds! 10:58:25
Anti-NSA Artwork Going Viral 10:21:38
Bundy Ranch..Again 09:42:57
DOJ: Albuquerque Police 'Executing' Citizens 09:22:47
What is a "First Amendment Area"? 09:17:19
New Video: Live Fully Now 08:21:42
Bundy Ranch Standoff. High Quality Video. Including Bundy's Demands 01:45:00
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Insiders Tell All: Both the Stock Market and the SEC Are Rigged 23:50:48
Chinese company 3d prints 10 houses in one day. 23:46:43
Alex Jones 23:36:21
Harry Reid (Humor) 23:21:44
Ammon Bundy LIVE interview at @ 8:13 P.M. Pacific Time. 23:13:46
How Many Grams of Sugar Are In A Can of Beer? 22:50:03
Bunkerville Silver Rounds 22:45:46
It happened! Guardian, Washington Post get Pulitzers for NSA reporting. 22:42:16
Locals In Donetsk Oblast CHASE Away Ukraine Army Tank! Incredible To Watch! 22:20:38
Nevada: Early Lessons of Bunkerville (RP institute) 22:20:19
How Lending A Friend Your Car, Then Going to Bed Can Land You a Life Prison Sentence 22:12:20
Dirty Harry Reid 21:59:15
Glenn Beck vs Clive Bundy - The Blaze Video 21:57:02
Turtle Nazis: "Long-term trespass persists in Nevada; Threats of violence stall Nevada round-up...Again. " 21:56:40
The Militia is a Duty 21:56:31
Guardian and Washington Post win Pulitzer prize for NSA revelations 21:51:26
Ron Paul: America’s Phony Budget Debate 21:50:26
Resurrection Painting! 21:38:07
Amazon Says No To Bitcoin 20:59:13
Russ Baker Interviewed On The Boston Bombing (4-14-14 Nicole Sandler Show) 20:46:49
What's Going To Happen With/To Harry Reid? Taking all bets! 20:41:50
Nevada GOP Now Has BEST State Platform! Plus, Rand Wins NV Presidential Preference Poll 20:32:50
Glenn Beck 19:41:22
Sen. Reid on Cattle Battle: "It's not over" 19:10:44
IRS chief: New rule on the way for tax-exempt groups ~ Video 19:09:51
TurboTax Maker Linked to ‘Grassroots’ Campaign Against Free, Simple Tax Filing 18:58:01
I Think The Bundys Are Going Down Like Waco Texas 18:56:55
How Washington Uses Social Media to Manipulate Public Opinion 18:30:23
Obama Bet Putin $20 That He Could Successfully Invade Nevada 18:29:28
Sheriff Mack: Sources in BLM - Feds Planning Raid on Bundy Ranch 18:22:37
Ben Swann Exclusive: Sources Inside The BLM and Las Vegas Metro Say Feds Are Planning A Raid On Bundy Home 13:19:04
Decentralized Autonomous Companies... I can't wait to see where this technology could lead. 18:04:27
Super Koch Bros 17:21:16
Chris McDaniel - Now Is The Time - 17:12:23
Secret Court Cases in Harry Reid's Backyard 17:08:53
GOP Mutiny Could Unseat Boehner and McConnell as Party Leaders 17:07:11
The Secret of Happiness - Alan Watts 16:56:20
Michael Benoit San Diego Libertarian candidate running for congress in the 50th district please support! 14:57:39
A Statist view of the Bundy Ranch (BLECH) 14:51:48
NJ Students 'Shelter In Place' As Cops Search For Drugs 14:43:54
Introducing The Abbeville Institute. Scholars and Protectors of the Southern Tradition. 14:30:52
Inside The Fed—What Janet Yellen Won’t Tell You 14:08:52
Pete Hendrickson - Where Are You? 13:53:17
Big Park: "We don't answer to the Taxpayers... We just wanna take your land!" 13:23:49
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 4-13-14: Another Phony Budget Debate 13:16:19
Texas Cop Terrorizes Woman Out For A Walk Then Tackles and Arrests Her For Walking On Wrong Side Of Street 08:09:20
Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language published 186 yrs ago Today ! 12:42:28
Who Actually "Owns" America's Land 12:36:04
"APNewsBreak: Russian jet passes near US warship" 12:33:45
It's Time - Lee Bright for U.S. Senate 12:27:28
Possible Banksy Mural About GCHQ Surveillance Pops Up in Britain. Great picture. 12:24:52
Seattle City Council Woman Takes Only $40,000 of 117K Salary 12:02:47
The government IS obeying the constitution...that's the problem 11:58:07
The Absurdity of the Raw Milk Wars 11:49:22
Boston Police Officer Wounded in Shootout with Bombing Suspects Dies on Duty 08:37:57
Yahoo- Reuters- U.S. agency ends Nevada cattle roundup, releases herd after stand-off 11:33:05
GOP senators: Eric Holder must resign if he won't indict IRS lightning rod Lois Lerner – and owes House Republicans an apology! 11:14:28
Rand Paul: 'We Can't Invite The Whole World' To Immigrate To U.S. 11:05:10
I need some help! 11:03:34
Exclusive: Cliven Bundy on the Ben Swann Radio Show Monday at Noon EST 11:02:30
"One & Done" - All politicians who've served for one term should be voted out . . . 10:54:46
TPH Live! Mack, Bushmann & Finelli 10:23:11
Obama Bets Putin 10:21:14
Anti-NSA Artwork Going Viral 10:20:39
Secession Movements Around the World May Provide the Future of Free-Market Self-Determination 10:19:27
Next: Wild horses targeted for roundup in Utah rangeland clash 10:18:42
What is Character? 10:08:39
Interview with Stewart Rhodes on plans for increasing land grabs in west 09:43:36
Rand Paul has a plan to Win over the Country... But first he must Convince the GOP 08:37:41
The Sellout of America 02:50:37
Shouldn't DP also? ____Why We Post Our IPv4 Address_____ 05:23:49
The regime doesn't handle defeat gracefully 04:36:03
White House Lying to EU about Ability to Supply Gas? 03:33:25
What's So Great About Wyoming? 03:11:29
"I'd Love to Change the World"... "But I Don't Know What to Do" 02:16:20
No. 10 Blues / Goodbye Saigon 05:32:11