Posted on April 23, 2014

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Why Rand Paul Matters 22:23:42
Sick of being poisoned 21:44:17
Green Bay Police Brutality Video Goes Viral (new vid) 21:15:28
Officer responding to theft, shoots the victim's dog. Most brutal story yet. 20:57:52
1 Cop, 2 Cops, 5 Cops…This Guy Let’s Them All Have It, Then he Walks Away 20:56:43
Medical Marijuana TV Ad Rips Minnesota Gov Mark Dayton 18:07:01
Marijuana isn't the only thing being planted in CA dispensaries 17:45:46
Pot Legalizers Hit D.C. Streets to Secure November Ballot Spot 16:06:40
Rand Paul Once Blasted Reagan’s Deficit Spending; Here Comes Conservative Outrage? 14:50:56
A nice little gem courtesy of Drudge 14:48:19
The Century of the Self 13:56:25
Remember this? Ron Paul's message to Obama 13:42:29
Why do some people fear their own freedom? 13:33:52
Derrick Grayson - Candidate for US. Senate 13:07:32
Were Pulitzer Prizes Awarded To Traitors? 13:06:34
George W. Bush new paintings: ghost of Iraqi boy 12:30:58
Cops Raid the Wrong Apartment, Hog Tie 75 Year Old Grandmother 12:21:38
Never Forget: We Outnumber "them". Fail: NYPD Photo Contest Turns Into Bash Tag! 11:31:10
NC Gop Senate Candidate Thom Tillis Pushes "practical Gun Control". Does Tillis understand what "shall not be infringed" means? 11:24:24
The US Switched Sides in the War on Terror in Libya = the Real Lesson of Benghazi 10:41:55
Does this make me an iconoclast? Maybe just a contrarian 09:43:01
The Brainwashing of my Dad 09:27:27
Shared from Jesse Ventura's Facebook 08:47:09
Supreme Court: holds Search Based Solely on Anonymous Tip is Constitutional 08:05:30
ATLANTA: OMG! “Guns Everywhere Bill.” Its official name is the “Safe Carry Protection Act. Georgia Moves to End Tyranny 05:44:43
Tesla vs. the Auto Dealers - "Maybe car buyers can take care of themselves" 03:25:39
Who Here Eats Paleo And Who Wants To Share 12:22:23
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28 shocking pictures that prove the Illuminati is all around us 22:19:32
Bitcoin ‘cheaper and safer’ alternative to fiat money 21:29:02
The future is glitchy. 21:15:24
:) 20:44:32
Ron Paul: Liberty Defined (4/10/14) 19:10:57
Clapper Goes on Tour to Persuade University Students Snowden Is No Whistleblower, Not a Hero 19:00:22
Getcher TMOT bumper sticker right here! 18:48:59
statism: making fun of myself all through the video... there is a disclaimer at the end 18:09:48
If you like your plan you can keep it Montage Obama vs Stevie Nicks remix 17:22:41
Rand Paul to speak at Harvard University Institute of Politics w/ Trey Grayson as moderator - livestreaming today at 3:15 pm ET 17:06:00
Internet Governance: How 11 Nations Will Control the World Wide Web 16:40:37
Texas Attorney General to Feds: 'Come And Take' Disputed Land 16:26:34
A moment of Silence for all lovers of liberty in NC 12 16:09:26
Eggshells! 15:08:25
Bundy standoff is mild compared to US military attacks on American War Veterans 14:41:25
Chemtrails over Sandy Hook 14:40:07
VIDEO: 8-year-old Disabled Boy Charged With Two Felonies 14:01:57
4/23/2014 - 2nd US Senatorial Debate in NC, Greg Brannon 13:56:41
Minimum Wage Battle in Seattle today Join us! 13:33:17
Obamacare Success: Half of Georgia’s Insurance Enrollees Fail to Make Monthly Payment 13:30:39
Rand Paul once blasted Reagan's deficit spending; conservatives are mad. 23:21:06
Tax advice from Peeps. 13:11:02
QUOTE 13:05:14
Politico: "Rand Paul Makes a Muddle" 12:45:17
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's 'The Kelly File' W / Megyn Kelly - 4/22/14 12:35:20
Does the NAP prohibit all pollution? 12:34:23
Burning Man Organizer planning 30 Day Festival Across from Bundy Ranch to Blatantly Mock the Defiant Rancher 12:30:20
7 Things You Had No Idea Gut Bacteria Could Do 12:29:37
Nearly 90 Percent Say Illinois, Chicago Government Is Corrupt 12:27:42
So where does Native America stand on the Bundy thing? 11:46:47
The Hate Debate 11:44:53
Obama Calls for Highest Sustained Taxation in U.S. History 11:06:37
FREEDOM Energizes Dyngus Day Parade - Buffalo 2014 10:26:30
May Biden be interim president by the end of 2012? 10:17:12
Act of Love: Illegal Immigrant Re-Enters, Shoots Oregon Woman with BB Gun 10:03:13
More IRS Outrages: Do A Lousy Job, Get A Bonus 09:40:24
Our way of life is under attack... 08:56:49
Wow! Global Banksters Actually Say This Stuff In Public! 07:16:43
Are Local Governments Preparing for an Economic Collapse? 07:05:18
Sanity Check Radio Show: April 19, 2014 episode now online 01:08:45
Pat Tillman Was Killed 10 Years Ago Today. Why? 00:18:02