Posted on April 30, 2014

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Nihilistic Poetry: So Bad it Makes One Hopeful 23:59:08
Oath Keepers Bundy Ranch Debrief 21:41:58
Silver Continues its Torrid Record Sales Pace in April at the U.S. Mint 20:49:23
“We’ve successfully bred most chicken out of the chicken.” 19:53:06
DEA Raids Four Denver Marijuana Sites 18:27:05
PA Supreme Court: Pennsylvania cops no longer need a warrant to search citizens’ vehicles 18:22:25
Iowa's recent platform liberty victory (yes victory) from an elected Iowa Platform Member 17:24:14
Armed Good Samaritan Comes to the Aid of Purse-Snatching Victim (Video) 17:01:40
Electile Dysfunction 16:53:04
Rand Paul to plunge into North Carolina Senate race, campaign for Greg Brannon 15:39:22
Those Who Work the Land 17:53:24
Let's never forget why we are here! 13:52:49
MIT Conducts World's Largest Bitcoin Experiment 19:28:45
Is Donald Sterling's Banishment from the NBA an Infringement on Free Speech? 13:17:02
The Internet Is About to Become Worse Than Television 12:56:13
TMOT, Like Bundy, Has No Chance 12:41:44
Nigel Farage vs MSM news puppet on BBC. 12:07:54
PANDA: Supreme Court Dismisses NDAA Lawsuit Without Comment 12:05:04
Why Did The Fed Hold An Emergency Meeting Yesterday? 11:54:53
Now! Rand Paul live on google chat! Submit your questions! 11:42:59
Utah lawmaker moves to disarm BLM, IRS, says ‘They’re not paramilitary units’ 11:16:32
Kentucky community outraged after 19-year-old woman killed by deputy outside field party 09:56:03
'You Must Hate RT!' Demands Latest State Department Propaganda (RPI) 09:18:01
Republicans in Iowa replace 'liberty' faction with new party leaders 08:53:55
Juan Williams Wife Robbed, Wishes She Had Gun! 08:12:35
Fluorescent tubes light up under power lines 06:43:58
Update: Nye County, Nevada Votes to Kick Feds Out 03:37:37
Shocking Article Reveals Another Hidden Tax 03:31:47
I am appalled by Oklahoma 06:23:03
The Pope's Audience Hall Looks Like A Final Fantasy Boss Fight 01:45:02
Rethinking the State Concept 00:52:04
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Royally Fracking Ripped Off: "Drilling is Just the Beginning" 23:03:53
Corruption isn't the problem. 22:57:54
Pictures of the traitors who made up the FedGov BLM enforcement arm in Nevada 21:52:55
Ongoing Militia Presence Raises Fears Among Locals Near Bundy Ranch 21:30:50
NOPD Officer Says They Were Ordered To Shoot Looters After Katrina 20:30:30
Pods for the poor 19:33:52
This doesn't need a title, it's simply a poem about governmental corruption- 19:27:40
Long Beach police worked in tandem with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to execute a fleeing suspect Sunday, 18:46:05
Runaway Slave 18:42:17
Should Covert Ops Be Used To Help Sink The Ship 16:51:35
This Ron Paul music video still affects me! 16:22:19
Any word on the US Senate race in South Carolina? 16:13:19
Florida Democrats Just Voted To Impose Sharia Law On Women 16:12:37
The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished 14:27:38
"ARK" Door to Reopen? 14:21:01
More Banker Suicides 14:15:55
Lois Lerner, IRS Sued for Alleged Illegal Disclosures 13:38:34
Washington Governor Imposes Cap-And-Trade Through Executive Order 13:30:32
Video: New “Hate Crime” Bill Will Attempt To Control Speech On Internet, Radio and TV 13:18:13
VIDEO: Dash Cam Footage Shows Nevada Deputy Extorting $50,000 from Innocent Motorist 13:12:02
Video: Libertarians Should Take Over the GOP 12:53:38
Florida Democrats Could Get Boost From Medical Marijuana Initative 12:44:53
Damn It, DC Politicians Suck - TMOT Drive Time 12:43:02
Marc Faber: It’s too late to buy U.S. stocks now 12:09:58
Infographic: Is History Repeating Itself with Obamacare? 12:01:21
BLM / Multi Species Habitat Land Grab in Southern California happening Now 11:54:00
UCLA Rejects $3,000,000 Research Donation Over Political Correctness 11:47:34
Drug resistant superbugs a serious threat worldwide, says WHO 11:22:39
White House opens door to tolls on interstate highways, removing long-standing prohibition 11:18:56
Neo-Con Rag claims that Lindsey Grahmnesty is "Cruising to Primary Victory..." 11:03:21
The Housing Inventory Shortage Myth Exploded by Two Charts 10:53:42
Gasland II: “What’s money worth when there is no civilization?” 10:52:31
Petition: Sarah Palin doesn't speak for Christians 10:38:35
Lindsey Graham, cruising to primary victory? 10:36:32
Vids Show Why America Is Doomed And Russia Would Annihilate Us 05:33:10
Video: New “Hate Crime” Bill Will Attempt To Control Speech On Internet, Radio and TV ( 09:10:46
Examiner does a propaganda piece for Lindsey Graham: "Cruising to primary victory" - Video 09:08:15
VIDEO: U.S. Military Veteran’s Violent Arrest Triggers PTSD, DOJ Refuses to Allow Her Case to Be Resolved in Veterans Treatment 09:06:40
Sterling and NSA spying 09:06:25
5 years later, TARP price tag hits $40 billion 08:11:12
V. Stiviano, the woman at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal, 'very saddened' at NBA's ban, attorney says 06:55:08
At $1.86 Trillion, U.S. Regulatory Costs Are Bigger Than Economies of All the Countries of the World Except the Top 9 06:51:05
Justices split on whether police can search cell phones during arrests 06:34:32
Are Most Arrests Unlawful? 06:57:08
My response to the STATE political watchdog group in WA political fines imposed on first-timer grassroots activists. 04:42:16
US Auditor: Corruption Threatens Afghan Progress 04:27:51
Great Message Sunday by Chuck Baldwin - You'll Love This Message! 03:11:01
Bundy was almost right about Blacks being better off as slaves - read and learn.. 01:59:25
Jan's Objectivism Problem, or, Ayn Rand's Turn for a Spanking 01:08:34
US Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe: "American citizens aren't our customers—about 400 junk mailers are our customers" 00:58:18
C-SPAN Whistleblower Tour 00:11:24