Posted on May 5, 2014

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Traditional Irish Music (Part 2) 22:56:29
Soda company to drop flame retardant from drinks 22:01:37
Words on a Screen 21:55:03
Peaceful Streets Project Founder, Antonio Buehler Speaks at TEDx 21:46:56
I'm considering peacefully open carrying on my college campus in AL 21:31:45
Just got back from a weekend at The Ranch 20:28:16
The Doors' Jim Morrison's Father was Navy Admiral in charge of fleet at Gulf of Tonkin 19:59:42
Reset the Net! (Video) 18:09:56
Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Major Second Amendment Case 17:30:11
‘Smoking Gun’ Benghazi Email Included Muslim Brotherhood Agent who attends same Mosque as Tsarnaev brothers 17:10:35
I once dismissed the value of art. 16:20:24
Lee Bright's new campaign commercial 14:47:09
Is Bitcoin a terrorist threat? The Department of Defense thinks it might be. 13:46:44
Virginia Proposal Would Limit Size of Gatherings at Private Homes! 13:20:53
Ron Paul: “Common Core Is Really The Last Straw” 12:59:07
New Toy! Set Up Your Own WiFi Surveillance System 11:56:59
PPP: Momentum is with Greg Brannon as support spikes to 28%, runoff against Tillis within reach 11:42:18
Mark Levin’s “Liberty” Amendments: Legalizing Tyranny 10:49:52
Derrick Grayson, Georgia Senate Candidate, and Cliven Bundy deliver joint remarks 10:47:30
NYC High-Rise Safety Initiative Calls for Building 7 Investigation 10:34:24
Washington Responsible for Fascist Massacre in Odessa 10:25:42
Rand Paul blocks nomination of judge who authored secret drone memos 09:32:58
Florida beer wholesalers move to crush microbrews with the help of politicians 09:08:38
NC Senate Primary Tomorrow May 6th - Calling all NC Voters 08:49:13
Julie Borowski - What Happened to Common Sense Foreign Policy? Russia/Ukraine Situation 08:37:11
Senate Considering Legislation to Shift War Power to 20-person Legislative Committee S. 1939 08:15:09
Why We’re No Longer Number One (RPI) 08:10:10
Kentucky Derby: Rand Paul and Rupert Murdoch go to the Race 04:00:15
Your iPhone Knows Exactly Where You’ve Been And How Long 11:50:19
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Forest or the Trees , Redux? 23:54:55
Bundy Militia Visits The Sheriff's Office 23:34:24
Albert Pike - Planning 3 World Wars 23:19:00
VIDEO: Oldest Man on Earth Lives on the Upper West Side 21:59:00
US to grant Syrian Opposition Coalition 'foreign mission' status 21:40:49
(BenSwan.Com) John McCain On NSA Spying: “Something You’ve Got To Accept” (VIDEO) 21:31:21
Gas Rush Stories, Part 2: A Farmer 21:20:39
Carbon tax coming 23:59:06
Del Norte County Nor Cal Having City Hall Meeting On State Of Jefferson Live Ustream 21:09:06
What Happened in Benghazi? 21:00:59
Aborted babies from Canada incinerated in Oregon power plant 20:22:46
Obama to talk climate with meteorologists! 20:03:12
China plans for North Korean regime collapse leaked 19:18:17
Rand Paul’s Terrible Position on Ukraine 18:50:04
Am I Wrong? 18:44:36
Video Update: Open Government Miami 5-5-14 17:44:20
Should US take action to help rescue kidnapped Nigerian girls? 17:44:04
Dedicated To Liberty: Rainy Sign Wave For The Good Doctor, January 2008 17:02:02
Hurricane Ashley Expected To Strike Several Bars This Cinco De Mayo 16:24:35
Don't Become A Defense Attorney If You Want To Run For Office 15:44:44
Murray Rothbard on Feminism 14:52:18
USAID: 50th Anniversary Special Editon of Aid to Nigeria - Is our money going to kidnappers? 14:05:28
Loose Change Debunked ( By Dylan Avery) 13:45:20
It's Monday 17:34:29
Video: Tom McMillin kicks off campaign for US congress, Justin Amash speaks in support 13:31:23
Rand Paul propagating the bin Laden raid myth 13:27:41
Free Keene: Live Free or Else! 13:26:29
I Lost My Cattle, I Lost My Land 13:24:52
VIDEO: Rand Paul @ Chicago School Choice Event- April 22, 2014 13:09:56
Sanity Check Radio Show: May 3, 2014 episode now online 12:02:23
FL Teacher Banned Bible from 'Free Reading' Time in Classroom 11:42:54
Jesus. This Is A Disappointing Supreme Court Ruling. 11:27:05
Open letter to Mr. Cliven Bundy 10:50:46
Bushmen Have No Fear As They Run Up On Some Cheetahs & Steal Their Food! (Cheetahs Back Down) 10:48:46
Ticked off because people can't see the forest through the trees, typical around here and is very sad. 10:43:16
Red Alert! The Detail Facts Of The Bundy Ranch Standoff With Blm (Aka Feds) 10:01:12
Report: CIA, FBI Agents 'Advising Ukraine Government 09:08:55
Expect the police state in the US to be ramped up. 08:44:26
Rand Paul Trots King Maker, Rupert Murdoch Around Kentucky Derby 06:31:23
Chemtrails Discredit Our Movement (Updated) 06:30:32
Your Kids Belong To All Of Us 06:02:56
New Deal/Raw Deal 05:20:39
James Rickards on The Robert Wenzel Show 04:12:59
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/5/14: Why We're No Longer Number One 13:14:48
The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene 03:37:44
A moment of reflection! 15:34:19