Posted on May 9, 2014

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Putin Gives Speech Today Praising Russian Troops For Being "All Conquering". World In Uproar! 22:22:09
Dude Sits Down At Public Piano & Gives it a Schoolin' 20:11:44
Man’s Las Vegas casino winnings confiscated by police without any criminal charges 19:40:50
Trooper cleared after stomping on innocent man’s skull while handcuffed 19:36:19
William Baer and Daughter Speak Out Against Arrest at N.H. School Board Meeting 18:53:42
Family Releases Video of Mentally Ill Man Killed by Fort Bend Officer 18:11:00
Candidate For Governor In Florida Arrested For Driving Without A License 17:46:02
Guy Gets Ticket for Not Riding in Bike Lane, See His Hilarious Response 17:42:45
US Patent Office Grants 'Photography Against A White Background' Patent To Amazon 16:15:21
Director of the Libyan Intelligence office in Benghazi assassinated 14:29:49
GOP Rep. Calls Justin Amash ‘Al Qaeda’s Best Friend in Congress’ 13:38:40
PCR: Call the Cops at your peril 13:08:07
I know where all the rounds are going! 12:26:24
"USA Freedom Act" Has Been Amended To EXTEND The Patriot Act - See Title VII 12:22:52
Too Good To Be True? Yep. - Anti-spying NSA Bill Wins First Round In US Congress 11:15:28
Nuland reluctantly admits there were neo-nazis fighting to overthrow the govt of Ukraine 11:04:18
Comparing Police To Hitler Can Get You Banned From Facebook 09:50:04
Think You Have The Right To Be Left Alone?
 Then You’re An Extremist. 08:25:17
Video Update: Fox News NSA Special w/ Rand Paul: 'Who is the Enemy' 08:21:16
In the Minimum Wage War, Robots Win: Panera Replaces Cashiers with Kiosks 08:07:10
FEC OKs Bitcoin campaign donations 06:10:10
Atlas Shrugged 3: Who is John Galt? Teaser Trailer 04:31:55
FBI investigating Bundy supporters in BLM dispute 01:47:51
Not a lot of people know this but I'm a veteran street action organizer. 06:48:27
Net Neutrality in the US: Now What? 16:11:18
Which is the best Hemp/Cannabis stock to invest into right now? 07:53:16
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Steve Hughes - Hilarious Aussie Comedian, sums up MSM and viewers with his " Stop being so cynical" routine and more! 23:21:58
What's wrong with Bill3? 22:52:23
Gilberto Valle The 'cannibal Cop' Is Working As A Cook In A Nyc Jail 22:22:11
Josh Gordon, top receiver in NFL last season, faces ban of at least one year after testing positive for weed 21:45:06
Mark Your Calendars, South Carolina, For The Primary Debate! 21:28:10
Stefan Molyneux interviews Paul Craig Roberts re: WW3 and the death of America 20:38:41
Missouri Panhandler runs from Police then shot! 20:27:55
15 Short Poems 19:54:12
Canada to send a couple of Canoes and a flock of Geese to back NATO in Ukraine 19:47:15
VIDEO: The Truth About Boko Haram#BringBackOurGirls 18:46:18
VIDEO: Part 2 - Baer's Daughter Addresses School Board After Father Arrested For Violating 2-minute Rule (BenSwan.Com) 18:27:40
How to make a fish trap 18:24:07
Al Sharpton Versus The Teleprompter! (Compilation Of His Biggest Fails) 17:02:43
Racial Propaganda In Commercials: "Vibrant Blacks, Boring Dweeb Whites" 16:59:07
Imagine your at the Bundy Ranch communicating on your cell phone and the Government hits the Kill Switch - New Law Coming 16:08:35
Civil Rights legend Jesse Epps, Sr joins with libertarians, Tea Party, and liberals to rally for judicial reform 14:52:09
FLASH: Blanding Utah next scene of BLM confronatation 14:49:54
Obama Look-alike Hammering Subway Passengers In NYC - Fits Obama Profile - You Decide 13:50:27
Twenty-Two States Support Lawsuit Against Cuomo’s SAFE Act 13:08:09
Postal Service posts $1.9 billion loss despite efficiency efforts 13:04:46
FBI To Investigate Bundy's Supporters 13:00:37
WashPo: Rand and Ron Paul’s family business 12:46:21
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Interview on Fox's America's Newsroom W / Martha MacCullum - May 9, 2014 15:56:15
Hindsight+Romney=Opinion 12:19:48
Clever Bird Goes Fishing 11:51:34
Time to run for the F-ing Hills! PM Dave Cameron threatens to raid savings accounts or raise taxes. 11:45:35
Cops Jam Sharp Object Down Teens Throat, Killing Him 11:17:25
Vermont gov signs law to require labels on GMO foods 11:05:53
Vermont is the first state to require the identification of GMO´s 11:04:39
Why you need to teach your kids to be self-sustaining! 10:50:34
Former Fed Employee Is Charged With Felony For Threatening To Kill Boss 10:19:12
It’s Proof You Want? 09:13:51
The Magic of Mises University 2014 July 20-26 2014 Auburn, Alabama 08:54:18
Statist Morality: Not Only Do The Stupid Deserve To Suffer, 08:40:41
Head of Veterans Assoc., admits that Canadian PM is not head of armed forces, Governor General (Queen's viceroy) is 08:27:32
China: “Violent Government Thugs” Beaten To Death 04:47:57
New Video* Kangaroo Rat Court W/ Bill Johnson -santa Rosa Plateau / Vail Lake Land Grab 04:04:38
Video: GenOpp Google Hangout with Rand Paul- May 7, 2014 08:16:17
I love clicking on the GOLD button 03:16:03
Feds give $20 million loan to company owned by Biden 'friend' and donor... 01:56:03
3-D Printed Guns Lead to Arrest of Man in Japan 07:30:52
Beau (Son Of Joe) Biden - Serial Child Rape Enabler? 01:29:20
Should governments create a DNA database of all citizens? 01:17:23
VIDEO: The Truth About Palcohol (powdered-alcohol) 01:11:05
Kellz Barksdale performs: Racism is a weapon 00:27:12
Libertarian morality: the stupid deserve to suffer 00:09:53