Posted on May 15, 2014

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Black leaders divided on whether to view Rand Paul as friend or foe 23:54:45
Dear DP Members - I Am Willing To Do FREE Photoshop Work For You! 22:49:48
For all you sreluaP yliaD that just smoked a fat one 22:28:53
Abby Martin: The Top 5 Most Absurd Patents in the US 19:23:15
Jesse Ventura: Waterboard Dick Cheney 18:29:04
Rand Paul threatens to Filibuster again 18:04:08
Just wait until you see what this officer did from the Sumter Police Department in South Carolina 17:47:34
Rand Paul: With Barron Nomination, Does Obama Even Believe We Have a Fifth Amendment? (VIDEO) 17:39:58
Mom, why do I have to go to school? 17:35:39
Fed Up - "The film the food industry doesn't want you to see" 16:43:31
Wikileaks: Boko Haram Is a CIA Covert Operation 16:38:29
Veterans for Peace 16:29:55
Santorum Laughs Off Libertarian Critics During Heated Clash on The Independents 16:15:32
Sriracha CEO Compares California to Communist Vietnam 16:10:37
eBay CEO: We Are ‘Actively Considering’ Bitcoin Integration 15:54:45
Lindsey Graham confronted by Evan Mulch on crony attempt to ban online gambling; Ben Swann reports (video) 14:05:04
Hemp Seed Suit Due To Classic Government Overreach 14:01:07
New York college students find $40,000 in $20 couch from thrift store 14:00:29
NYT Shock Memo: ‘Our Journalism Advantage Shrinking’ 13:37:10
No scaredy cats here! Video shows dramatic moment Tara the fearless feline saved autistic boy, 4, from attack by neighbor's dog 13:29:45
Report: Food Prices Skyrocket: “We’re Going to Have a Major Problem Coming Into the Fall” 13:19:20
Gray State: 2 1/2 Minute Trailer - Think About It.. 12:43:52
Lions of Liberty Podcast Ep. 34: Ademo Freeman 12:42:36
Jeb Bush: I Would Govern Like Lyndon Johnson As President 12:38:11
Musings on Modernity 11:27:27
US. Department Of Agriculture (USDA) Buying Sub-Machine Guns 11:19:07
Do natural rights encompass nature? 10:46:50
FBI Agent Who Shot Ibragim Todashev Had Troubled History as Police Officer 09:37:14
17-year-old high school student beats sitting W.Va. lawmaker in GOP primary 09:31:27
South Carolina Passes Bill to Nullify Federal Hemp Ban! 09:14:43
Nouriel Roubini vs. Peter Schiff on CNBC: Who's "Doomier?" 09:10:01
Milton Friedman on the Drug War 09:04:26
Is Today 'Lie about Ron Paul in Headlines Day'? (RPI) 08:52:42
Mike Lee Teaming With Lindsey Graham To Support Sheldon Adelson's Crony Attempt To Ban Online Gambling 08:41:20
Air Force Prepares to Dismantle HAARP 07:58:14
U.S.A.I.D. To Spend $24.5 Million For Male Circumcisions In Swaziland - from ages 10 to 49 years old... 02:26:02
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Rand Paul struggles with hawkish GOP donors 23:56:07
The Constitution that was never meant to be 23:35:17
Oh my Godzilla! 22:56:03
Should The Legal Voting Age Be Raised To 26 Years Old? 22:26:47
The Future of Bitcoin | "Glenn Beck Program" w/ Jeffrey Tucker 22:24:49
My gosh, it's time to believe, this is scary, for Christians, or all believers. A must for nonbelievers too 22:12:59
Please Help Save America's Pollinators (H.R. 2692) 22:09:08
Atlas Shrugged Character: Wesley Mouch (Rhymes With MOOCH)... 22:00:52
Ron Paul Debunked 21:46:40
Big Increases in Obamacare Premiums and Deductibles Coming in November 21:21:57
House Cleaning 21:19:28
Infowars Reporters Detained By Army Base Police 20:55:18
Townhall.Com: Stupidity Spreads 20:48:16
TBT (Throwback Thursday) on the Daily Paul 20:34:47
Education Revolutionary- A.S. Neill - POWERFUL Interview! 20:19:11
'UFO Takes Down Russian Rocket' 20:17:19
Free-school Visionary Gives Freedom Philosophy - A.S. Neill - Awesome Interview! 19:57:26
"The Republican establishment will sacrifice the party itself to fend off freedom." 19:55:22
Kill your fears, save your life 19:46:30
US Troops Deploy to Italy Due to Libya Threat 19:38:36
Global Elite Satanic Cult said to schedule child sacrifice, judges issue arrest warrants 19:07:42
DEA Seizes Kentucky's Hemp Seeds Despite Congressional Legalization (UPDATE) 19:03:04
Berlin protesters call for arrest of Nazis in Ukraine Ron Paul 18:19:47
Proof public schools are dumbing down our children 18:18:33
Cass Sunstein and CNN Flight 370 Lunacy 18:16:50
Ted Cruz Vows to Fight FCC's New Net Neutrality "Adventure" 17:17:30
2014's Hardest Working Patriot Award 16:31:20
Not a surprise 15:57:29
USPS: Drones Aren't the Answer to Dog Bites 13:59:57
New Apple Campus 13:25:12
Why Liberty Dies 13:17:29
Evian Water 12:50:50
"American Spring" 12:46:54
Misesian/Rothbardian Rebuke vs Fabian Socialists' "Brutalism/Thick/Thin"-BS Definition-Hijack of libertarianism! 12:41:27
No Knock Raids Fallout- Gunmen dressed as police invade home, assault resident 12:32:47
Massachusetts Woman Karen Dziewit Charged After Allegedly Recording Her Own Arrest 12:16:24
Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul on RT's Boom Bust w/ Erin Ade (Lauren Lyster's Replacement) on Interventionism - May 14, 2014! 11:54:22
Dr. Ben Carson: Truth And Honesty Still Matter In Politics ~ Like A Presidential Boss 11:30:26
The Fed Worries More About Pushing Asset Prices Higher than Wages 10:37:15
CFR: A Conversation With Alan Greenspan 10:08:31
In Philadelphia, police can now search your car without a warrant 10:00:05
Salva Corpus philosophically deep it nearly brought me to tears. 09:52:39
Danish Get Out The Vote Cartoon Features Violence, Sex, and More Violence 09:43:08
Former CIA director Mike Morell went to work for Ben Rhodes’ brother at CBS 09:10:16
Vets Forced From Nursing Home by Obama Exec. Order 09:07:55
Can Government Officials Legally Lie? Yes. It’s Pretty Much All They Do. - by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 08:56:56
De-Dollarization: The End of the World as We Know It. 06:55:22
Thoughts triggered by a dispute 01:54:54
Pinal County Sheriff's Office releases officer body camera video in deadly Eloy shooting 01:00:58
Disinfo Wars: Alex Jones Debunked! 00:51:17
Headline of the Day: "Bill Clinton: Hillary Does Not Have Brain Damage" 09:07:02