Posted on May 25, 2014

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Judge Rules Flashing Lights to Warn Drivers Is Protected Free Speech 21:30:41
Hacking your degree – Get your degree faster & cheaper than ever 20:53:47
The Hill: Bankers Exhale as Tea Party Power Fizzles 20:24:37
Video: Ronald Reagan's Opinion on Libertarianism 20:19:37
VIDEO: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/26/14: The VA Scandal is Just the Tip of the Military Abuse Iceberg 19:39:14
UK Votes in Euro Election: UKIP takes lead, Greens pass LibDems 18:44:31
Ron Paul Weighs in on Belgium's Massive Purchases of U.S. T-Bonds 18:11:40
Around the world in 5 minutes 20:48:24
The Fed Now Owns $2.4 Trillion in U.S. Treasuries & China $1.2 Trillion What Happens When They Stop Buying? 12:34:47
Why Do We Obey? 14:44:20
Greenwald On CNN Before Snowden's Identity Came To Light 10:18:19
Glenn Greenwald's Infamous Battle With NPR's Dina Temple-Raston 10:06:40
Ann Coulter Criticizing Barry Goldwater And "Idiot Libertarians" 09:01:18
Cop Assaults Air Force Captain for Not Knowing His Neighbor 08:01:31
Another Bogus Hit From A License Plate Reader Results In Another Citizen Surrounded By Cops With Guns Out 07:56:59
A Ron Paul prediction comes true 01:57:24
Politico: Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul Try to Unify Kentucky GOP 15:03:45
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The new health of the state 22:34:00
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 5/26/14: The VA Scandal is Just the Tip of the Military Abuse Iceberg 21:02:44
"Rowdy" Ronda Strikes Again 17:04:07
Eerie similarities between California killer and Canadian cannibal killing from two years ago 16:39:01
Reagan Warned Us About Obama: Classic. Timeless. Lasting. 15:26:31
Video: Woman Stabs to Death Two Attacking Pitbulls 15:09:10
Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It 14:59:58
If You're A Fetus In America, It's 9/11/01 Everyday. 14:38:32
Grieving father after rampage: 'When will this insanity stop?' 13:50:02
Why Obama's Stimulus Failed: A Case Study of Silver Spring, Maryland (Reason TV) 13:49:27
VA Turns To Private Hospitals For Help 13:11:05
The most honest 3-1/2 minutes of television 13:04:30
Video: Memorial Day and Ukraine 12:56:56
Joe Rogan interviews Joel Salatin 12:37:45
Death by Drone and Aiding and Abetting 10:18:49
Militarist Bunkum: July 4 and the Lies of the Empire 10:17:01
Alexander Hamilton Schools Thomas Jefferson!? No, I don't think so 09:40:02
GOP: Justice Department pushed Lois Lerner to help build criminal case against nonprofits 07:52:55
"Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA": Father of a Shooting Victim of Elliot Rodger's 07:42:43
9/11 family member "before I die I hope I know the truth" 06:43:11
Nancy Pelosi blames George W. Bush for Veterans Affairs scandal 04:09:50
Black Convict Work Songs from Texas Prisoners 01:50:38
17 year old beats Republican incumbent in west virginia 01:37:57
Digital Technology 15:00:54
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