Posted on June 2, 2014

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Family of Soldier Slain in Bowe Bergdahl Search Blasts Prisoner Swap 23:23:49
Conservative Senator Kicks Tea Party to the Curb 23:00:26
NY Cop: The civilian population is being hunted and we're being hated 22:33:00
Even Jeffrey Toobin of CNN Saying Obama "Clearly Broke The Law"? 21:32:14
Do what you want and live life! 20:45:41
The Fastest Way To Get Through a Checkpoint 20:01:08
Seattle City Council Just Approved a $15 Minimum Wage 19:15:49
Rate My Cop~ 297k searchable already entered 19:02:02
John Oliver compares cable companies to drug cartels 14:52:32
Ted Cruz, Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Passed the NDAA Which Included... 13:30:58
Down and Dirty Solutions to Hiding your Handgun — by Beretta 12:57:14
Conservatives & Libertarians Agree: OK To Shoot Cops Who Execute No-Knock Raids In Self-Defense 10:46:47
Free Book - Help Expose Kindle Users To Liberty! 10:28:50
USA to send combat troops to Spain 09:57:47
War Greatest Risk, Not Global Financial Collapse - Catherine Austin Fitts 09:35:10
Peter Schiff: The Fed is Creating Inflation to Escape Debt 09:22:30
Journalism vs. Public Relations 09:20:47
A Historian Who Understood Why Big Business Wanted Regulation 09:13:37
10 Reasons to Oppose Common Core - Julie Borowski 09:10:13
8 Laws That Stop Good People From Helping Others 09:00:31
Bakery Will Stop Making Wedding Cakes After Losing Discrimination Case 08:54:54
Anybody invested/knowledgeable on the 'LED lighting revolution'? 08:11:51
China to Launch its own QE? -Daily Telegraph 03:36:28
The Call of the Entrepreneur 09:51:31
North Dakota recently discovered piles of garbage bags containing radioactive waste dumped by oil drillers in abandoned building 00:28:15
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Switchgrass to ethanol 23:27:15
Post 245: Re-running the same old tape on moral objectivity (boring warning!) 23:22:43
Bombshell: First words of Bergdahl’s father at White House were Arabic 21:49:30
God & The Bad Day 21:42:09
New Prius Helps Environment by Killing its Owner 21:41:00
Your Sim City: Anarchist, Socialist, Other? 21:07:17
Will Rand Take A Stand Against The Weather Nazis? 20:14:22
CIA Shadow Ops: Cui Bono? 20:06:18
Global Freedom Summit featuring Tom Woods, Ben Swann etc 19:53:39
Silver Out Sells Gold in Dollar Terms Again at the U.S. Mint in May 19:30:20
My Commute to Work 18:51:27
Current fair market price of gold is $800/oz 18:12:53
Bloomberg: Now Who Wants to Change the Constitution? 17:55:46
Google to dominate space: Search giant to launch 180 satellites to provide internet access for the ENTIRE planet, sources claim 17:07:01
The Castellers 16:58:56
Aspiring Psychiatrists 16:50:52
"Death Cross Haunting Gold" 16:21:36
Glenn Greenwald Speaks 16:19:36
EFF Lyndsey Graham 16:16:54
A Century of U.S. Military Coups and Intervention 14:58:21
(Updated) DP Exclusive Interview w Gun author/publisher R Blake Stevens 14:52:32
On The Offensive Against GMOs with Jeffrey Smith 14:41:46
Coasting towards zero. 14:39:20
Utopia- A New Show By Fox 13:26:38
Murray Rothbard on the UC Santa Barbara Killings 13:02:25
Law Abiding Citizen 12:47:46
Daily Paul ad choices promote establishment politician's campaign 12:35:07
BAN all swimming pools NOW ! 12:24:09
Father Of Soldier Who Obama Released, Declares Muslim Victory Call, And Obama Smiles As Soon As He Hears The War Cry Of Allah 11:22:25
Whitney Neal On Jeb Bush vis-a-vis Rand Paul 11:15:02
Dinesh D’Souza's ‘America’ Warns Hillary Clinton Will ‘Finish Off’ The Country 10:29:52
Video: In A Wheel Chair With Cerebral Palsy, Student Beaten By School Security Guard (Oakland, CA) 10:23:52
Bitcoin Set to Overtake eBay's PayPal in Transaction Volumes 09:38:39
Georgia Woman Shoots Home Invaders Posing as Police 08:56:00
Why Gridlock is a Good Thing 08:34:19
Liberal media trying to bring up that civil rights issue again for Rand 08:18:49
Drudge FB post gets filled with comments from An-Caps and Voluntarists 03:15:23
Hidden messages in Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" when played backwards? 02:07:41