Posted on June 8, 2014

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Delete Your Facebook 22:49:12
Unbanking is Trending - 1 in 10 New Yorkers Don't Have a Bank Account 20:34:19
Operation Choke Point Blowback: Payday lenders sue banking regulators 20:24:01
Free State Project President Awarded $57,000 in Case Involving Video Taping the N.H. Police 20:00:21
2 officers dead, following shooting near Vegas 18:20:17
Judge Nap on the Deification of Abraham Lincoln 16:53:32
Fox News Video - Psychologist Concerned About Mental Stability of President: Obama May Not Be “Sane” 15:54:07
Best solution for fixing the VA. period. 15:50:00
You know what's really crazy 10:39:03
Full video of South Carolina Senate Debate with Lindsey Graham and Lee Bright 09:37:35
Ron Paul on 'The Strange Case of Bowe Bergdahl' 08:03:29
I'm getting married today 02:59:52
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Study: Politicians Regret Making the Wrong Decision 23:32:44
Are Spiritual Experiences Another Casualty of the War on Drugs? 22:23:06
My DP inspired attempt at Poetry: In Defense of the NAP 20:57:41
Calling All Conservatarian Coders: Rand Paul Has a Gig For You 20:36:13 "Rand Paul knocked off his high horse: How he lost moral high ground in attack on Bergdahl" 20:34:17
Are We Seeing a Cloward–Piven strategy in immigration? 20:33:02
Arresting Lois Lerner 20:32:12
Ted Cruz Wins Another Straw Poll; Rocks Texas GOP Convention 20:27:55
Obama’s Legacy of "Leadership" - A String of Resignations in Incompetence and Disgrace 20:27:17
Hunger Games: Thai Edition - The Three Finger Salute. James Corbett 20:18:35
Peter Schiff: Retirees Forced Back to Work. Young People Remain Jobless 20:17:11
Who is one world leader who everyone bows to? This includes the USA's so called enemies 18:58:48
I've never seen these video angles from 9/11 (Specifically At 0:56 and 2:13) 17:53:39
For Liberty ... 17:35:01
Obama Caught On Tape Pumping Iron At His Hotel Gym 17:18:43
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6/09/14: Obama’s Foreign Policy Rhetoric Does Not Match US Actions 15:45:54
"Guantánamo North" – NDAA Indefinite Detention Coming Soon to a Town Near You? 15:22:58
VIDEO: Motive and Motivation 13:39:34
Tyrel Ventura Goes #OffTheGrid w/ Gov. Jesse Ventura 13:19:34
Kings Troll Rangers with Will Ferrell Video Outside Madison Square Garden 11:56:23
Police identify last known owner of loaded gun found in Target toy aisle 10:50:55
European Central Bank Bails Out the Fed 10:39:33
The Texas GOP Finds Innovative Way to Spend Tax Money - on Gay Conversion Therapy 09:05:53
Regulations and lack of community pushing Ohio seniors into nursing homes 08:57:50
Legality of uploaded images 08:54:37
Whitehall residents find Gold flakes in their drinking water 08:04:51
"The Future is Too Good to Waste on Lies": Bowe Bergdahl's Moral Odyssey (LRC) 07:55:20
Rand Paul helps open new GOP engagement office in West Louisville, KY 06:44:18
State's Rights-It's right there 03:49:45
Liberty band with liberty song 02:56:53
shut up, you don't get a lawyer/Tyranny 2014 - Remix 02:54:35
Empathy Lost! 02:20:04
Rand Paul: Let’s trade Dems, not Taliban 00:20:36
Politico: Rand Paul plans heavy summer travel, foreign-policy speech 00:14:20
Rand Paul Plans Heavy Summer Travel, Foreign-Policy Speech 11:34:27