Posted on June 10, 2014

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1,500 newspapers; 1,100 magazines; 9,000 radio & 1,500 TV stations; 2,400 publishers: All owned by just SIX corporations 21:55:53
Crony Corporatism: FDA Out To Destroy America's Artisan Cheese Industry, Benefiting Corporations Like Kraft 21:50:57
Rand Paul to Discuss ‘Need for Immigration Reform’ w/ Grover Norquist 21:45:38
Political Earthquake - Cantor's head chopped off by the People's Guillotine - Brat Wins 21:39:26
NSA: We’re Too Big Too Comply With Court Orders (VIDEO) 21:36:15
Lindsey Graham Avoids Runoff, beats tea party candidates 21:35:15
VIDEO: Border Agent Issues Desperate Plea For Help, Says Us Completely Overrun By Criminal Aliens 21:30:20
America's Night of the Living Dead Moment Has Arrived 20:55:33
Puttin' Putin on notice: Stealth bombers headed to Europe for first time amid tension... 19:32:34
Huge Victory For Tea Party: House Majority Leader Cantor Defeated In Primary! 19:21:56
Too Late to Apologize? When the PoliceState You've Helped Build Boomerangs: Fmr UT Atty Gen raided by FBI & complains! 13:42:03
Police: Armed Civilian Who Confronted Las Vegas Attackers Is a 'Hero' 13:15:08
Calling All Conservatarian Coders: Rand Paul Has a Gig For You 13:11:47
Rand Paul to Hillary: Take Your 'Sad Song' of Financial Difficulties to the American People 12:51:42
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul On CNBC News W / Sara Elsen - 6/10/14 21:30:28
Inconvenient Truth about the Civil Rights Movement: They were ARMED! So said on NPR - June 5, 2014! 12:23:17
Business owners beware of Yelp! 12:10:36
U.S. in Talks with Snowden on Possible Plea Deal 10:53:12
Hillary Clinton on Rand Paul: "If He Runs, He'll Be Fair Game Too!" 10:42:39
Obama Admin: We "Don't Actually Know The Cost Yet" 10:03:53
Waffle House denies NC waitress a $1,000 tip from 'angel' 09:55:09
"A Rich Man's Secret": 'Your mind is not the friend you believe it to be' 08:21:38
Why Should Anyone Trust a Government That Kills, Maims, Tortures, Lies, Spies, Cheats, and Treats Its Citizens Like Criminals? 07:50:01
Ben Swann Radio Show No Longer on RBN 07:44:12
Ron Paul - The Film 05:58:53
Cliven Bundy's son: Vegas shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller were kicked off our ranch 02:40:47
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This Is Why the Right to Travel Must Never Be Given Up! 23:34:26
Meet Rand Paul's Future Running Mate 23:22:03
Ron Paul on Border Control 23:06:53
Just Had to Share This With You All 23:06:13
Gmo A Go Go 23:05:48
If you claim to be pro-liberty and want to close the borders this is all I hear 23:01:56
Hillary Clinton: Obama and I Restored America's Leadership in the World 22:26:32
deleted 22:15:55
Landscapes & Cycles An Environmentalist's Journey to Climate Skepticism 21:30:06
NEWS: Tea party defeats Eric Cantor 20:51:59
I don't want to pay for gas or electric anymore! 19:42:55
Valerie Jarrett in secret meetings with illegal immigrant activists.. The Illegal Immigrant Surge Is No Surprise! 19:30:08
Why we must violate rights 17:36:13
Prediction to be filed away for future "I told you so!" moment: 17:23:19
Former Bear Stearns Floor Trader, Gregory Mannarino, Mentions Ron Paul in Daily Update, June 9, 2014 21:41:49
Tale of Two Hillarys...or How to Swindle People Without Even Trying 16:37:38
Gave my first interview on Liberty and whatnot. Would love feedback 14:28:36 3rd party arbitration closed 13:34:37
Cows Around 13:34:13
Al-Qaeda seizes Iraq's third-largest city as terrified residents flee 13:06:00
During live debate, Charlie Rangel pulls out an iPad, tries to Google his own voting record 12:44:52
Mike Maloney's Latest at the Cambridge House Investment Conf, Vancouver, BC: End of US Econ Dominance? Death of the Dollar! 12:28:55
VIDEO: ABC News’s Diane Sawyer destroys Hillary Rodham Clinton on Benghazi 12:14:44
Indiana Sheriff: We Need Military Equipment Because USA Is A War Zone (VIDEO) 12:05:39
Was Karl Marx a dirty, filthy, rotten bigot? 11:43:16
Five US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan by Botched B-1 Air Strike 11:32:37
A Psalm of Life By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 11:19:31
The LARGEST Jackpot in SC Education Lottery history up for grabs today! 10:43:22
Archbishop not sure if having sex with kids was illegal for Priests 10:27:58
Parental Rights Amendment Returns to the U.S. Senate/Action needed 10:17:44
Ex-KGB Major: The Russians Tricked Snowden Into Going To Moscow 19:34:45
Andrew Tahmooressi Rally at the Mexican Embassy in Washington D.C on June 12th 09:29:52
Enemies of the Free Market 09:17:55
A DP Parable:...anything familiar? 03:05:06
Does it violate NAP? 01:30:13
I never thought I would see the day in this country... 00:29:26
“We The People” Have Become So Trusting, So Gullible 10:12:01
The Austerity Diaries 21:39:30