Posted on June 11, 2014

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The best thing about the original jam session 23:17:04
Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield — Until Her Father Guns Them Down 23:04:34
Gunman was leftist that worked on Obama campaign and participated in left wing website... 22:03:29
Paul Craig Roberts doubles down on imminent nuclear warfare talk w/ (against) China 21:43:19
Time For My Nightly Jam Session II 19:42:51
Researchers Find Major West Antarctic Glacier Melting from Geothermal Sources 18:25:11
CNN links Las Vegas shooters to Ron Paul (video) 17:47:33
Ted Cruz wants war with Iran, and thinks Israel will attack Iran in months 17:28:07
Is Adam responsible for Vegas cop murders? 16:02:52
Dad said son, Jared Miller, campaigned for Barack Obama 15:46:42
Meet Dave Brat's 23-year-old campaign manager *updated* 15:32:51
Remember the Officer Who Killed a Bunch Kittens in Front of Children? He’s Struck Again. 15:01:46
8 Reasons Rep Eric Cantor lost his Primary last night 15:00:49
Nevada Democrats Chose 'None of These Candidates' in Primary 13:54:09
Ted Cruz sheds Canadian citizenship. What a con. 12:52:15
Comcast Converting 50,000 Houston Home Routers Into Public WiFi Hotspots 12:06:44
GOP Leadership in 'Chaos' After Eric Cantor's Lose 11:38:44
I will NOT be Ashamed Today and NOT Told By the President That I Should Be 10:41:26
White House: Obama Prepared To Act ‘Unilaterally’ Again Using ‘Executive Authority’ On Guns 09:51:25
Lamar Alexander, Thad Cochran Brace for Falls After Cantor Crumbles 09:08:28
Al Qaeda Seize Second Largest Iraqi City 17:04:12
Chicago Public Schools Prom Slogan: ‘This Is Are Story’ 08:22:29
Neocon Ted Cruz: Israel Strike Against Iran ‘Could Happen In A Matter Of Months’ 03:41:28
Dave Brat: "I support a full audit of the Federal Reserve System." 03:36:19
Update: What is the Government Spending? Book 01:25:29
The Four Agreements and the Daily Paul 01:03:51
Written DUI Test 10:01:30
Cory Doctorow novel pulled from school reading for 'questioning authority' 17:04:47
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Maryland Congressman Andy Harris Vote Medical Marijuana Ad 23:44:41
Rand Paul meets with nutjob Bloomberg Pro Amnesty group day after Cantor goes down because of Amnesty 23:35:24
/ 22:23:10
Charlotte Iserbyt interviews the power group that sucessfully fought Common Core 22:12:17
The Sultan of Sewers 20:13:12
Please sign this petition so artisans can still make cheese! 19:57:45
"Potential resistance" can and does make a difference 19:40:14
Software to design business logos? Website? 19:20:48
Ukrainians Capture US Mercenary in Kharkov 18:07:43
Google censorship 18:04:43
Sign Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors Petition to Disclose Beer Ingredients 17:57:42
Brat campaign manager might read Lew Rockwell...MSM investigates his facebook page 17:54:40
Mark Cuban Launches Cyber Dust - Disappearing Text Messaging 16:26:43
Take Action - Cigars and Pipe Tobacco At Risk From FDA 15:52:02
FBI Director Says Everyone's Photo Probably Won't Land in Database 15:31:37
Field Song 14:59:04
Price of Pot: $45 per Eighth, Plus Your Second Amendment Rights 14:43:00
Down and Out: Cantor to Resign as House Majority Leader 14:24:29
But Then It Was Too Late 14:06:24
Black Man Driving White Wife to Work Accused of Being Illegal Cab Driver: Lawsuit 13:43:23
June 10th & 11th solar flares 13:41:56
THANKS U.S.A. - Iraq In Chaos - On Verge of Being Taken Over By al Queda... 13:18:16
On average, 1 in 3 individuals already carry an RFID Chip. 12:50:25
Sandy Hook Update: Wolfgang Halbig Contacted by Two Connecticut State Troopers Who He Personally Trained! 12:23:26
19 Reasons Why You Can Laugh When Anyone Tells You That The Economy Is In Good Shape 11:51:45
Sen. Chuck Hagel: Testifies toHouse Armed Services Committe, "America is faced with unprecedented threats." Well No S___! 11:28:44
To all my Liberty Soccer Fans 11:11:53
100,000 Central American "children" escape to "America". Will they end up in a FEMA Camp? 10:52:42
Judge blasts officers in Torres shooting death 10:49:28
Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs Problem - Mother Jones 10:41:59
Following a short investigation it was determined that the officer was not responsible for the death of his wife. 10:20:43
So, I got banned from posting comments at RawStory 09:41:49
The virus, called Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv), has been traced back to pig’s blood used in piglet feed 08:21:19
Reagan’s health policy previewed Obamacare in three major ways. 08:17:55
The Journalists - Part 5 of Documentary, "A Failure of Leadership" 06:41:44
Ode to Lee Bright & the Surfing Parable 04:28:04
Getting Back to 'The Good' 02:29:14
Cupcake Bill Signed 01:34:32
Wow! A Positive Gun Article Seen On Yahoo 01:14:45