Posted on June 13, 2014

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Clever piece of code exposes hidden changes to Supreme Court opinions 22:21:16
CIA Rendition Jet Was Waiting In Europe To Snatch Snowden 22:11:48
Ron Paul 'End the Fed' on Jeopardy - June 12, 2014 20:32:07
IRS Says 'Lost' Lois Lerner Emails... Rep asks NSA for metadata... 19:40:32
Ron Paul: Give Iraq Nothing 15:50:59
Watch How Georgetown University Students React When Asked to Donate to the ‘Hillary Clinton Fund for Dead Broke Politicians’ 14:49:02
Dave Brat- "I will fight to end crony capitalist programs that benefit the rich and powerful." 14:41:43
What makes law "legitimate?" - A question from an anarchist - posed to the minarchist 14:27:54
Operating Systems 12:08:44
Video: Senator Rand Paul Addresses The Texas GOP Convention - 6/6/14 12:03:39
Deputies kill armed 73-year-old Ashland man during eviction 11:23:43
Comedian from South Africa on the USA, very funny! 11:18:07
Alabama Republicans say voter fraud found after offering reward 10:56:52
U.S. food makers sue to stop Vermont's GMO labeling law 10:48:19
The Entire GOP Could Get Cantor’d 10:39:42
Weekend (Re)watching: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 09:27:29
Rand Paul raises eyebrows in West Louisville community as he seeks to rebrand Republican Party 09:15:25
NRO: David Brat Is Right 09:12:11
Iran comes to Iraq's rescue 08:44:30
MEMO to the U.S. Congress: Can we please just let the 7th Century fight with the 7th Century? 08:01:41
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Food Stamp accepted, how nice of Rockstar to print up store labels to notify their customers they can buy their product with 23:40:11
NHL Woos Fans by Increasing Scoring With Bigger Nets, 3-Point Line 23:32:36
Ever notice how glitchy the future its? 23:31:23
When my daughter turns 16 23:08:18
Iraq smells as if Russia’s hands are all over it. 22:23:07
FDNY 9/11 Survivor Witness and Whistleblower Speaks 22:23:03
Bikers going to Mexico to protest for US Marine Tahmooressi's release 21:53:14
I love you all 21:18:59
Chris Christie Sucks 21:02:53
Should America Invade? 20:50:48
No Justice in Tea Party Probe; IRS Had a Computer Crash, Lost Key Emails 20:12:01
FORBES: The Free State Project: A Libertarian Testing Ground For Bitcoin, 3D Printers, and Drones 19:50:59
Chelsea Clinton: Bill Clinton's actions 'taught me the importance of doing right': Wait. No. Seriously? 19:34:41
"War & Peace" "Light & Darkness" "Hate & Love" 19:17:43
Conservatives Get Over Gay Issues 16:30:15
Ready for Hillary has same sense of humor as the NSA 15:55:31
Thad Cochran: I Grew Up Doing 'All Kinds Of Indecent Things With Animals' 12:20:11
Felony Friday: PA Passes Law To Increase Surveillance On School Buses 12:11:27
Humor: CrooksandLiars- David Brat Represents A 'Taliban-Like Insurgency' 10:30:11
Florida man charged with vandalism after sticker protest of judge 10:29:40
Obama hints at military action in Iraq 10:15:47
Rand Paul Discusses Iran and Iraq in Foreign Relations Hearing 6/12/14 09:13:45
Either Self Defense Is Consistent With Liberty Or It Is Not 07:14:35
US pushing local police departments to keep quiet on cell-phone surveillance technology 06:52:35
Australian government grabs $360m from idle household bank accounts... 06:51:45
Donald Sterling Hires Team to Investigate NBA Finances and Officials 06:25:30
"Ron Paul, Dr. Demento himself" by Michael Medved... 07:26:51
North Carolina, 1961: Major Disaster Narrowly Averted 02:33:34
Lesson I - No "hitting"! 01:20:43
Happy Birthday 41 08:35:19
Nightly Jam hiJack 00:30:55
This Journalist Died After Exposing Bowe Bergdahl’s Anti-Americanism 21:42:17
Just watched a great fairy tale: Curiosity with Stephen Hawking 09:21:08