Posted on June 16, 2014

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Engines run on gasoline fumes only! 21:42:41
Here We Go Again: Obama Sends Troops To Baghdad 21:16:34
What you've done to me 21:02:40
Virginia Cop Block gets local media attention in Richmond. 21:00:58
Chris Matthews: “This looking down our noses at the Tea Party people has got to stop” (VIDEO) 20:46:13
#RonPaulWasRight; Lets get it trending 19:31:48
Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Uses Economics To Explain Why College Costs Are So High 16:34:30
USS Liberty - Betraying your own 15:39:49
Inflation 16:51:54
Audio of Hillary Clinton Boasting & Laughing About Defending a Man Accused of Raping a 12 Year Old Girl 15:14:08
WHITEHEAD: Has the Dept. of Homeland Security become America’s standing army? 14:57:16
Jackals, Hyenas and a Sleeping Lion for Consideration and Comment. 14:08:40
Black Teenage Anarcho-Capitalist 13:42:24
The stage is being set for World War III 12:33:03
What Libertarians Can Learn From the Abolitionists 12:14:22
Mayor of London SLAMS Tony Blair for interventionist warmongering murders 11:20:48
What Keynes Has Done To Us 10:18:43
CNN on Iraq Crisis: It's Bush's fault. 09:39:42
VICE: Playing With Nuclear Fire in Fukushima 09:38:43
"The Historic Fact Is The Constitution Was Intended To Gut The Rights Of The People" 08:23:29
Iraq War Veteran Charlie McGrath, 24 Years Later 09:31:32
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Bruce Fein: Iraq Was A Terrible Waste Of Lives And Treasure. "If Rand Paul was president we would not be in this terrible mess" 23:26:13
Ron Paul Tells Mississippi: My Son Rand Needs Chris McDaniel In Senate 21:41:45
The Flying Dutchman... SPOTTED! (World Cup 2014) 21:27:23
As Explosions Rock Baghdad Airport, "No Boots On The Ground" Did Not Include Special Forces 21:04:44
Russia Has Sent Tanks to Ukraine Rebels! 19:15:43
FL cops rape drunk drivers - one asked to be punched "in the nuts" 19:02:35
Ben Swann on WWL 870 with Garland Robinette 18:36:12
Is this the Daily Paul? 17:01:27
Meet ISIS - The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria 16:44:30
Escalation: Russia Cuts Gas Supply to Ukraine 19:39:34
Mitt Romney: How Republicans Will Take Back the White House 16:28:30
The US Gov't Wants To Control What You See On Your GPS Map Apps (Used On "Smartphones") 15:21:04
Government Forces Churches to Conduct Gay Weddings 15:16:17
Taking Liberty 13:21:31
"Truth is Viral" - A Christian-Libertarian's Perspective 12:32:05
For Those Educated in Alternative Medicine - Please Respond 11:42:17
ICE charters planes to take illegals from Texas to Boston / New England 10:28:25
Casey Kasem, U2 and Negativland 09:44:41
Team USA Men's National Team vs. Ghana at 6:00 Eastern Tonight (Monday) 16:52:32
Hillary Clinton Gets New Book Promo at CFR Confab 08:40:34
Time To Gas and Shoot Americans? The Pentagon Is Preparing To Suppress Civil Unrest 08:30:06
Money Bomb this Ron Paul-inspired Film! 08:05:18
US Embassy in Baghdad Begins Partial Evacuation 08:58:21
Hillary Clinton: Members of the Original Family "The Beverly Hillbillies Was Based On" & Hillary's Surprise Visit to White House 06:18:46
What is the meaning of life? 09:30:14
Lindsey Graham: The Next 9/11 Is Coming from Iraq and Syria, and it’s ‘Inevitable’ 09:36:37
Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity - 6/14/14: Iraq Blows Wide Open 09:40:12