Posted on June 18, 2014

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How IRS scandal could lead to a cascade of events that unravels the establishment 23:30:40
James Corbett BFP Eyeopener Report: Debunking the "War is Good for the Economy" Myth 21:28:36
Even a layman in server administration knows that: 21:23:00
Obama Not Asking Congress’ Permission on Iraq (Updated) 20:35:09
New York Middle School (Common Core) Assignment Shows Kids How to Kill a Baby 19:31:47
We Are Change: New Mass Movement in Berlin to End the Fed! 18:17:44
Glenn Beck: ‘Liberals, You Were Right,’ We Should Never Have Gone into Iraq - Video 18:04:02
Thomas Massie Talks Rep. Raul Labrador's bid for House Majority Leader 17:55:30
Political Party Names Deemed Offensive to Native Americans, Regular Americans 16:57:39
Drug War Blowback: Vegas Murderers were Police Informants 15:58:10
Had not posted new and old garden pics. Using the return to Eden method of hardwood mulch in raised beds. 14:40:35
Justin Amash on why Brian Ellis is failing with his attacks 13:44:41
Massachusetts Judge Orders Justina Pelletier To Be Returned To Her Parents 13:39:32
Skyway Robbery & The Dangers of Traveling Through The United States 13:26:34
Hillary Clinton: We Can’t Let Gun Control Opponents Hold an Opinion That “Terrorizes” America (VIDEO) 12:51:31
Radley Balko: Rand Paul’s drug war talk in Iowa was important, but not for the reason you think 17:49:28
Dick Cheney’s new group is all about Rand Paul 12:34:57
Student Accuses High School Of Blocking Conservative Websites 12:16:01
. 16:58:51
IRS Has Lost More Emails 10:37:39
Can you feel it? Its coming 09:37:50
The Fourth Turning Is Accelerating 09:03:50
Tesla Releases its Patents to the Public 09:02:45
Buchanan: Their War, Not Ours 08:51:01
RLC of Texas: Breakfast with Rand Paul 08:47:17
The Fall of Iraq - What You Aren't Being Told 08:45:46
Poll: 74% of Americans oppose sending U.S. troops to Iraq 17:47:07
This Is How the Corporatocracy Works: They Made a Law Against Your Doctor Telling You What's Poisoning You 08:15:10
Not in MSM - Anwar Awlaki's Last Speech 07:46:15
Republican Rep: 'Probably' enough votes in the House to IMPEACH Obama 00:01:44
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Shock: Police Break Down Door, Catch Right Person 23:48:03
YouTube Is About To Delete Independent Artists From Its Site 22:04:41
Police burst into wrong apartment, shoot innocent woman hiding in closet 21:09:19
Does, "End The Fed," Really Mean End The Dollar? 21:04:01
Patent Office Cancels Redskins' Trademarks, Ruled 'disparaging' 20:52:49
Lucifer was the good guy, the dissident who stood up for what's right 20:41:12
Benghazi arrest, a few questions 20:30:37
The American Medical Conspiracy - by Eustace Mullins 20:29:51
Ted Cruz: Who’s Peter King? 18:27:03
Is This Country Hopeless (Part II) 17:50:21
Video: La. man shot after charging cops with knife found not guilty 17:14:44
It has been brought to my attention repeatedly that I should be expection a letter from Ann Dennis 17:10:52
A Conversation with David Friedman on Anarcho-Capitalism 17:01:25
List of Bidders for Silk Road Bitcoins Inadvertently Revealed by US Marshals Service 16:40:20
My House Is Your House? 16:21:30
Question regarding Government! 14:02:11
IRS Claims Two Years Of Emails Were Destroyed In A 'Computer Crash;' Congressman Asks The NSA To Supply 'Missing' Email Metadata 12:56:49
Obamacare subsidies push cost of health law above projections 12:44:08
About that Wall Street Journal poll: Is the public saying Obama's presidency is over? (VIDEO) 12:15:30
What happens when no one wins a presidential election? 12:13:30
WHOA! Supreme Court Agrees To Rule On Limiting First Amendment 12:06:32
Board strips Washington Redskins of trademark protection due to 'disparaging' name 12:04:45
Brand New Anti War Song 12:01:53
Trademark name Washington Redskins canceled by US Patent Office 11:44:29
Why Are the Highest Paid CEO's the Worst Performers? 11:35:47
US Patent office cancels registration on "Redskins" due to being disparaging 10:44:25
DP Web Devs Looking for Work? 09:17:05
Obama’s Favorite Think Tank: We Should Prepare to Bomb Iraq 08:48:12
Florida Mom on the Run after Refusing to Vaccinate Daughter 08:30:25
Suspected Bengazi Mastermind Captured 07:38:45
Elderly Man Suffering from Diabetic Shock Beaten By Police 05:09:31
Video: Obama Can Go To Hell For All I Care Damn It ! 07:54:06
Video footage: Horrific DANGEROUS World Cup stadium construction in Rio, Brazil 07:05:24