Posted on June 19, 2014

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GOP makes plans for President Hillary 22:09:24
Neocons Declare War On History 21:38:47
Rand Paul op-ed: America Shouldn't Choose Sides in Iraq's Civil War 20:08:52
Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno on redistribution 23:00:42
Baltimore TSA & Airport Police VS Adam Kokesh 20:42:30
What Recovery? The job market is terrible 19:30:20
GOA: Rand Paul Offers Amendment To Stop Eric Holder’s Operation Choke Point 18:16:25
Oh Man: Hillary Clinton Asked to Sign Book to ‘Christopher Stevens’ (video) 17:25:07
Where's Your Warrant, Flatfoot?! 1948 Freedom Cartoon 14:53:58
Senators Rand Paul and Cory Booker to Offer Groundbreaking Medical Marijuana Amendment on Senate Floor 14:27:49
In Honor of Father's Day, I Talked to My Dad About Liberty 13:44:43
Ron Paul, Movie Star - Atlas Shrugged Part III 13:26:55
Mad as Hell, Yet? 12:46:49
Music Break: I am SO proud of my nephews! 12:46:18
The Hollywood Reporter- Ron Paul to Make Acting Debut 12:14:39
Dog's throat cut; Officer charged with animal cruelty Lost dog contained by police before officer cut it, officials say 12:06:27
WOW! Megyn Kelly Confronts Dick Cheney: ‘History Has Proven’ You Were Wrong On Iraq" (VIDEO) 12:05:54
Real Talk with Julie Borowski: Stop the EPA's Job Killing Rule 10:59:41
:*Predictable Outcome* ...The Obama Administration Claims The IRS Hard Drives Were Destroyed 10:36:35
U.S. says al-Maliki must go. A look at "must go" headlines through the years. 10:07:23
Change Redskins name to Washington TEA Party ? 09:41:32
Why should corporations be taxed? 09:17:35
The Anatomy Of A Great Deception - Excerpts Released 6/11/14 05:58:34
2014 Fed Update: Buys 60% of U.S. Govt Deficit 04:43:38
Further Thoughts on Anarchism 23:14:50
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98 year old Christian farm surrounded by Israeli settlers 23:38:18
Submarines 22:43:16
2 Years 2 Months 2 Weeks 2 Days... 22:00:52
Rand Paul on Hannity to discuss Iraq - 10 pm ET 21:45:43
Women for Rand Paul on Facebook if any of you have an account and want to like it. 21:43:34
Robert Kagan likes Hillary 21:06:13
The Death of The American Mall 20:40:14
James Wesley Rawles on AJ: Next Financial Collapse will be Irreversible 20:36:33
The Generational Short: Banks, Wall Street, Housing and Luxury Retail Are Doomed 20:25:37
Learning more from the DP 19:20:59
FBI Crafts 83-Page Report On What Things Like 'LOL' And 'BRB' Mean (Not Satire) 17:51:40
Update on life in Chile - Paraguay coming soon 17:49:02
Letter To The Editor No. 8 17:38:28
Gov. Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Counter-Conspiracy: Chemtrails 17:36:11
Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Avoiding Your Own Memorial" 16:06:12
Rand Paul, Cory Booker Join Forces to Protect Medical Marijuana From Feds 16:00:06
Prosecutors Accuse Scott Walker Of Running 'Criminal Scheme' 15:18:54
Border Agents Quitting Over Catch And Release Of Known Gang Members 15:14:35
CNN Video: Obama prepared to send military advisers to Iraq 15:10:33
Don't blame me! 14:48:10
$4 Trillion Later, The Fed Claims Mission Accomplished 13:52:31
Texan Told To Remove American Flag Because It’s A “threat To Muslims” 13:49:11
DP Daily Proverb 13:48:23
Retired Pa. health staffers say department muzzled them on fracking 13:31:40
UN "Programme of Action": Track & Destroy Small Arms and Ammo 13:20:15
AUDIO: How To Speak Up - With Roy Masters 13:16:33
25 Shocking Facts About The Earth’s Dwindling Water Resources 12:51:49
Rand Paul 2016 Video: Senator Rand Paul Takes A Stand For Life 11:50:08
ISIS, Inc. – Jihadists attract investors, fighters with annual reports & glossy PR 16:42:19
New Linkin Park Song: "You're Guilty All The Same" Fantastic Song and Lyrics! 11:37:52
We Were Warned! 11:26:59
Cop looking for missing 3 year old walks into backyard and murders family dog. 10:43:37
Missouri gun owner wins apology from police in dispute over video 10:22:54
The Sociological Significance of The Triangle in the Mass Fluoridation Scheme 09:57:01
PC Police Busy During World Cup 08:45:20
A new overthrow. This time of the Maliki government? 08:37:45
Jindal finally gets it right! 08:05:12
Communists Shutdown Press: “We Don’t Allow Right Wing Bloggers To Tape Our Events” 07:37:26
The Socialists Reject Free Choice 02:34:41
Change Places! "The Maliki Government Has Got To Go" 10:52:51
Are there any good, new documentaries anyone would like to recommend? 00:06:26
How to Render Lard the Right Way 00:06:08
The Essence of a Carefree Summer 20:09:16
Amazon Introduces New Loss Leader Gateway Drug Phone 01:01:03