Posted on June 20, 2014

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Can't do your taxes because the dog ate your hard drive? If Congressman Stockman's bill passes, you won't have to worry! 23:27:16
Audience GASPS As IRS Commissioner Admits Missing Lois Lerner Hard Drive Was Trashed (Video) 22:50:08
The Man Who Gave Up Sex For Golf 22:39:51
New Plan To Tax U.S. Citizens Per Mile They Drive 21:47:47
We have always known our “leaders” were scoundrels. But the Internet has thrown back the curtains. And we're pissed. 21:06:11
White House Calls IRS Investigation a "Conspiracy Theory" (w/Video) 20:07:13
Bill Still - Minute Memo #6 - IRS Keeps Hard Copies of Emails 19:33:42
T-Mobile CEO: Duopolists AT&T, Verizon Raping You 19:26:14
John Oliver Explains FIFA Corruption (Seems EVERYTHING is a scam for the money junkies) 19:09:35
Judge Nap: I Would Advise Obama "To Do Nothing About Iraq" 18:54:07
Rand Paul: "Congress routinely passes laws they exempt themselves from," 18:50:13
WI Governor Scott Walker under investigation for criminal fundraising activities 16:34:12
Rand Paul: Dick Cheney brought about chaos in Iraq, not Obama 14:47:11
Felony Friday: Man Tries To Throw Drug-Filled Football Into Prison Yard 17:11:52
Rep. Massie says successful NSA amendment caught establishment off-guard 13:30:04
Paul Ryan SMASH - Ryan to IRS Commissioner: 'I don't believe you' 12:08:20
Philadelphia City Council Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana 18:44:55
Rand Paul's New Confidant 09:07:30
Congress hits new low: Only 7% have confidence in the institution 09:04:25
Obama to Congress: I don't need new permission on Iraq 08:59:56
Rupert Murdoch’s Warning to Congress and What He Likes About Rand Paul 09:09:30
Roll Call: House votes to defund NSA backdoor spying 01:04:37
Sean Hannity gets mad at Rand Paul for not blaming Iraq crisis on Obama 00:17:37
Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) draft has been leaked 06:29:13
Same Same: War on Terror, War on Drugs 08:54:17
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Barack Obama Issues Another Executive Order: Gay Partners To Be Buried In Vet Cemeteries 23:10:45
’1 Minute Parking’ Sign Posted In Brentwood 22:58:17
VIDEO: "End the Fed" protests spreading throughout Germany! 22:55:18
When drones fall from the sky. Persistent mechanical defects. 22:53:52
VIDEO: Infectious Tuberculosis Moving Across U.S. Border, Ice Whistleblower Confirms 22:50:49
Is Gold Really, "Money," In The 21st Century? 22:22:13
Why $414M Double-Decker Jumbo Is a Dud in the U.S. 23:42:46
Common Core: Middle Schoolers Celebrate Killing Baby 18:21:29
WA-04 LIBERTY Candidate needs DP's help to get him that "Money Push" through the primary. 14:33:17
An Android Hack Intentionally Creates False Data on Your Cell Phone 14:20:46
Does it violate NAP? II 14:15:48
Video of the Day: “End the Fed” Rallies are Exploding Throughout Germany (WeAreChange.Org.) 12:58:27
DP Daily Proverb 12:56:00
Inflation? Only If You Look At Food, Water, Gas, Electricity And Everything Else (VIDEO) 12:48:14
Proof of mainstream media collusion in perpetuation of Boston bombing hoax 12:24:05
How Secret Partners Expand NSA’s Surveillance Dragnet 17:16:00
Suffolk-Herald Poll: Romney Is Early Favorite In N.H. 2016 GOP Primary 12:15:53
IRS commish: No apologies for losing Lerner emails 12:09:16
PAPER: Vets died as VA obsessed over renewable 'green' energy... 12:06:31
POLITICO: Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise vault into GOP leadership 12:05:47
Cop Shoots Unarmed Great-Grandfather at Family Picnic 11:54:37
Hitlery Clinton Supports Child Rape 11:15:15
Encrypted Mail Anyone? 10:50:01
Victory for civil liberties in the U.S. House (Massie Amendment) 09:58:43
The double standard of the Left 09:06:23
Video: Why Care About the NSA? 18:05:25
Mitch McConnell: The President will "keep us posted" on his Iraq plans 09:02:17
Hillary Clinton On The Record 07:54:14
That Guy T answers : "Should we raise the minimum wage?" 07:13:06
Yuri Bezmenov : "Sleepers Emerge and Messiah Appears" (Excerpt from 1983 Lecture) 15:00:52
Oregon Obamacare Board Member : "... the Public has nothing." CIO : "... I believe we have a beautiful system..." (11/2013) 02:17:15
Solar Roadways: At the White House! 05:32:40
Ron Paul makes his film debut in "Atlas Shrugged: Part III" 01:16:29
Portland Teachers Shut Down Free Press at Controversial Talk: (Titled) "Post Traumatic *Slave* Syndrome" (4/25/2014) 01:11:03
When I was a child I respected and admired the police. 00:52:25
Mysterious Lights In The Sky Spotted Above OC, Camp Pendleton 07:51:43
Stubbornly low inflation should encourage Europe to do QE! IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde 09:12:41