Posted on June 21, 2014

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A Complete History of MONSANTO, The World’s Most Evil Corporation 20:34:11
Microsoft: NSA security fallout 'getting worse' ... 'not blowing over' 15:48:14
The IRS Has A Contract With A Company That Backs Up All Of Their Emails! 14:40:48
Sibel Edmonds On Snowden Story: "It's so fake and so obviously fake, I can't believe people are falling for it" 13:53:31
Bill Maher and Iraq vet try to take down Glenn Greenwald, but fail badly 12:28:28
GOP Wonders What The Hell It Will Do About Rand Paul's Foreign Policy 12:24:21
Crapcan LED Bulbs! 11:36:31
Russia Reignites The Proxy War: Putin Offers "Complete Support" To Iraq Prime Minister Scorned By Obama 14:32:14
Nirvana bassist speaks to Reason 10:40:08
Public Faith in US Media Continues to Fall 14:18:25
Why? US Disability Beneficiaries Now Exceed 11 Million 09:13:19
Rand Paul Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference FULL Speech 6/20/14 08:47:54
The New Juiceman - Top ten mistakes beginners make about juicing 09:01:02
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John Oliver: 3 Reasons Against the Death Penalty and "The Right To Be Forgotten". 23:38:09
Iraq 21:33:42
From 2009: Jon Stewart Interviews Jim Cramer 21:06:54
New Transformers Movie TV Trailer has building imploding from Thermonuclear device. 20:50:32
Emergency Warning For Office Workers (Nist Wtc7) 20:44:10
Calif. Cop Turns Aggressive on Crash Victim in name of Safety 20:43:57
Flouride Webisite 18:48:47
Ron Paul to make acting debut in 'Atlas Shrugged' finale 17:03:25
Ron Paul: Haven't we done enough damage in Iraq? 16:55:24
Believe it or not, these are thought to be the 16:43:13
farmer to nolongerperplexed; further thoughts on anarchism 16:40:36
CIA Wanted To Scare Muslim Children With Osama bin Laden Action Figure Toy 16:34:04
From farmer to MarcMadness; Further thoughts on anarchism 16:24:20
The Real Sibel Edmonds: Whistleblower or Gatekeeper? 16:05:27
Hillary Clinton "women's rights activist" Smears Rape Victim 15:54:18
'Excommunicated': Pope Takes On Mafia 14:31:39 or my own domain? 12:00:08
House passes DOD appropriations bill 11:34:51
Russia Puts Troops on Alert as U.S. Broadens Sanctions 13:26:52
Drug War Blowback: Vegas Murderers Were Police Informants 11:18:17
With PorcFest only 1 day away... 11:15:47
Corporate jet w/CIA-linked tail# that crashed in 2007 with 4 tons of cocaine continues to unravel, one string at a time. 11:06:40
Stop Calling it an Economic Recovery! 10:27:03
Cashless High Street in the UK Ditches Notes And Coins. (Video) 15:21:44
Speaking out against terrorism is now enough to cause you to be labeled as a supporter of terrorism. 14:15:17
3 more wasted lives. 3 troops (and a dog) killed yesterday (6/20) in southern Afghanistan 15:39:28
Can you imagine existence without humanity? 09:38:59
Federal Health Official to Congress: Prohibition Harms Research Into Marijuana's Benefits 09:26:20
The Democratic Push to Bomb Iraq Again 09:23:56
Bombing Won't Save Iraq 09:10:13
Deep Sea - 3D Imax 08:37:39
ISIS/Iraq a charade? 04:12:14
I'm on Team Rand 03:47:46
Halloween Taxes by Tim Slagle 07:14:40
Double toilets 07:01:30
VIDEO: Court Renews Order Allowing NSA To Collect Phone Records 09:05:20