Posted on July 3, 2014

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New NSA revelations; "I think there's a second leaker out there" 22:51:49
Police Arrest Paraplegic Man For Considering Himself a Pedestrian 22:33:14
Maybe The Most Dangerous Novel You Will Read This Summer 20:53:40
I Thought FEMA Camps were for Housing Illegals? 19:38:27
To My Daily Paul Family: A Song of Hope 19:31:54
FYI Relocation Map of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors 17:30:54
The Spirit of Independence: How Culture Drives Politics 17:21:15
CNN Outraged Over Armed Waitresses At 'Shooters Grill' Restaurant 16:13:35
He Starts Out With Only a Drill, Carrot and Mouthpiece – but It’s the Final Product That’s Leaving People in Disbelief 15:07:45
Thomas Jefferson Said 15:03:40
Fox News: Clinton's 9th largest donor 15:03:34
How a liberal looks at the world 14:46:12
Video: HHS Denies Access to US Congressman at Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Facility in Oklahoma 14:43:43
Harry Dent on the AJ Show: Another Housing Crisis Looms 14:26:37
There Will Be No Revolution 14:15:23
Tom Woods: What Was The American Revolution All About? 13:10:49
Adam Kokesh and I Discuss His Book "Freedom", Whether He Regrets Loading a Shotgun in DC, and How to Advance Liberty 13:06:51
WHOA! In Florida, Non-Submission to a Police Beating is “Attempted Murder” 12:50:51
The IRS Has Unleashed a Massive New Regulation 12:37:25
Cryptome: ‬Remaining Snowden docs will be released to avert ‘unspecified US war’ in July 12:06:39
NAPOLITANO: From an inherited tyrant to an elected one 10:49:05
Rand Paul Op-Ed: Tragedy In Israel 07:58:22
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Whoops Did Obama Make Blowjob Joke At California Gay & Lesbian Fundraiser (VIDEO) 23:06:28
Doug Wead Nails It on 4th July 22:38:53
Scott Davis: VA employees switched to processing ACA applications 17:37:13
USDA to Allow Importation of US-Raised Chickens Processed in China for Human Consumption 17:33:21
Veteran dies waiting for ambulance in VA hospital 17:28:03
VIDEO: Family Calls 911 As Son Threatens Suicide, Cops Show Up And Kill Him 16:23:18
LOTFI: Fox News one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors for more than two decades 15:58:33
The Verge Commenters Attack Austrian Economics...Fail To Comprehend Basic Economic Theory 15:43:31
Rand Paul: USA Beacon For Illegal Immigration 14:40:56
Video: Corporations Making a Killing As Billions Are Poured Into Border Enforcement 14:35:24
Jeffrey Tucker: The Economy Will Falter But Bitcoin Will Thrive 22:23:10
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity W / Eric Bolling - 7/2/14 12:42:45
Ron Paul: Nation's Hospitals 'Under Siege' in Immigration Crisis (VIDEO) 12:31:44
U.S. Privacy Board Decides to Support NSA Data Collection 12:30:12
Kisscoin GIVEAWAY Tax Free City Project 11:47:53
What is the diameter of the observable universe? 11:11:37
If you read this, the NSA considers you a target for deep surveillance 10:54:02
The death by drone memo: A throwback to U.S. terrorism in Nicaragua 10:37:26
Unlikely believer in meditation 10:35:03
Supreme Court's Lack of Religious Diversity 10:32:27
Video: Ron Paul: Hobby Lobby and the definition of Rights 10:22:12
Duplicate 09:22:18
July 3rd 1863 3 pm 09:20:19
Privacy-centric Blackphone Now Shipping to Pre-Order Customers (6/30/2014) 09:01:45
United States Uniformed Services Oath of Office 08:47:59
​Meet Russian tablet that beats hackers by physically disconnecting camera, mic 08:33:32
Video: Ron Paul: Nation's Hospitals 'Under Siege' in Immigration Crisis 08:15:09
Anyone have DayZ game on their comps and wanna start a Liberty Clan? 07:07:51
'We Are Not OK' - FB picture illustration 03:20:41
I Am the Awake and Aware Human Being 00:57:37
Miami Herald: FBI releases docs on Saudis who skipped 2 wks pre 911 07:55:31