Posted on July 8, 2014

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Source: Obama Gives Murrieta Area ICE Agents Stand Down Order - Put On Paid Leave 22:19:29
Anyone on the DP a half serious woodworking hobbyist? 22:12:18
IMPEACH The House and Senate! 22:07:18
Sen. Chris McDaniel Joins Ron Paul to Discuss Election Controversy 21:35:58
Awesome: Hyundai's new ‘anti-speed camera technology’ coming to cars in 2015 20:32:00
Immigration reform is a red herring 18:34:08
Ohio citizens not dropping the issue of a 911 call that escalated into the caller being shot - Yellow Springs, Ohio 18:12:56
Drudge Poll: Should Republicans Impeach Obama? 16:11:18
Google's Larry Page: "I Think the Government's Likely to Collapse Under Its Own Weight." 18:58:54
Fukushima has 7 days to prevent ‘unsafe’ overheating 17:53:18
Why the hell is everybody complaining about Obama? 13:45:46
Any advice on working out? 13:30:39
The Charlie Chaplin Optical Illusion Schizophrenia Test. 13:27:29
Corker Blocks Rand Paul’s Bill to End Aid to Palestine 12:56:12
NYT: Why Teenagers Today May Grow Up Conservative 20:10:01
Pat Buchanan: With Impeachment 'The GOP would be throwing away a winning hand for a losing one' 10:40:17
Is Immigration a story? 09:24:52
Ted Cruz Just Called For An Investigation Into The Runoff In Mississippi… 08:20:35
Democrats attack Rand Paul for outreach efforts 01:18:47
Fmr. McCain COS: If Rand Paul is 2016 nominee, national security Republicans must support Hillary 00:51:24
Positive Vibes and the Daily Paul 00:06:50
Water in California being Auctioned 09:28:24
Which U.S. Cabinet Member Should be Allowed to Live in 2015? 09:17:18
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AnCap Foolery on Immigration 22:50:01
A poem for the poor and ambitious 21:52:11
Barbeque Grill 20:54:20
Grimes Comes Out Swinging Against McConnell in First Ad 20:47:38
Fate that Awaits? Lakewood NJ Tent City USA, Pop.100+: New Voting-Bloc Corporatism, "Working Homeless," Failures of War/Welfare! 20:20:24
Would you like to start a business working with organic, non-GMO food supplements and other liberty folks? 20:19:36
Donor Controversies Hit Missippi Conservatives: Excellent article about intertwining PACS 20:05:01
There's a Storm Comin' 19:14:56
Obama Outhouse Parade Float (with Video) 19:02:29
History Science People Giant Human Skeletons Discovered - video 17:56:48
Is the Fed Going to Attempt a Controlled Collapse? 17:29:29
The Individual is Rising: A Two-Part Book Excerpt 17:02:24
Wireless Contraception 16:32:30
Checkpoint Cop Offended When I Yell At Him About 4th Amendment 16:26:45
Taking the “Fast” Track to Improved Immunity 16:02:46
Close Enough 14:27:08
Video: Arrested For Sleeping!? 14:05:56
Rand's pick for 2012 may run again 13:25:32
Real Talk with Julie Borowski: The Hobby Lobby Debate 20:18:30
Monkey see, Monkey do: Ted Cruz Proposes "Stand with Israel Act" 13:01:50
Sarah Palin: IMPEACH Obama! 12:49:17
Remember those MRE's the Govt Bought? 12:39:21
NYT Interactive: How Birth Year Influences Political Views 12:27:24
My Girlfriend Has Joined La Raza 12:20:44
Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War 16:59:24
Cell Phone Freedom Act 11:45:44
Cory Booker, Rand Paul team up on sentencing reform bill 10:33:02
No Balls 09:08:31
Foxconn Begins Replacing Workers With Robots 20:12:02
CentOS Linux Version 7 Released On X86_64 08:40:10
Some Conspiracies Die Hard: Never Forget 4/27 and the SS Sultana 06:43:22
Mersenne Primes and Perfect Numbers : A Love Story 03:05:57
Countering Gun Rights Haters on the Street and in the Press 01:19:04
Ben Swann should have made potato salad for us 09:13:38
Why The Fed Is Impotent (6/7/2014) 09:31:49
Daily Paul Weekly Photo Caption #3 10:41:28
What's making US economy a world beater? 5 factors 09:30:53