Posted on July 17, 2014

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Ukraine Gov't Tries to Frame Russia/Rebels but is Exposed + Flight MH17 Diverted Over Ukraine War Zone Purposfully 23:27:30
Monsanto tries to hustle the citizens of Missouri to forever protect itself from anything via the Right to Farm Bill 23:05:53
New Stamp 21:39:53
An open letter to Dr. Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, and other libertarian leaders regarding the "Border Crisis" 21:28:28
H.W. Bush's Connections to Reagan Assassin's Family 18:33:49
Prankster Poses As Ukraine Eyewitness, Calls MSNBC Host "Dumbass" 16:46:53
The All-Too-Familiar Tune 15:48:48
Snowden - NSA workers regularly pass around private, nude pictures taken while spying 15:17:24
Libertarian communes, new tribes, socialism as a lifestyle, sharing and picnics. 14:44:37
Liberty Patriot Picnic Event - September 13, 2014 11:35:12
Malaysian Airlines plane shot down over Ukraine 11:31:42
Should Advocates for Individual Liberty Be "Against Anarchism?" 11:27:47
Detroit police chief attributes armed citizens with drop in crime 11:22:52
What exactly is Zionism? 11:06:27
Confirmed: Senate Republican Leaders Paid for Attacks Against Conservatives 11:03:47
They're Desperate. Showing Up Now Like a Barium Dye. 09:53:23
34,000 Sold Up The River: Human Rights Traded for Profit in the US, Corporate Fascism Rears its Ugly Head 08:38:00
Dr. Ron Paul on Cavuto: Border Security (7/16/14) 07:46:33
Posse Commitatus Repeal-Actual: US Army 1st Amor, 3rd ID & 1st Cav training to ARREST & 'deal' w/ Americans during Civil Unrest! 05:29:59
New VICE documentary tells story of autistic teenager preyed upon by California drug cops 03:38:00
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Govolment: New Words as More Accurate Alternates to Anarchy 23:44:30
Malaysian airline tragedy and KAL 007 23:11:30
About net neutrality 21:59:48
Karen Straughan - "Feminism : Socialism in Panties" (@NHLF14, 3/26/2014) 21:22:52
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Speaking On The Senate Floor Continues to Stand W / Israel - 7/17/14 21:19:04
Ukraine Jet Theory - Please Spread 20:59:11
Introduction to Sets, Logic, and Graphs 20:36:01
The Powers of Vitamin K2 w/ Dr. Kate - video 19:33:39 "Because Foreign Government Involvement in 9/11 Shouldn't Stay Secret" 18:33:12
Video - Honest Politician, Philip Mamouf-Wifarts to run against McConnell in Kentucky! No, REALLY! 17:51:09
. 15:50:18
Everyone In Middle East Given Own Country In 317,000,000-State Solution 15:09:08
FAA Issues Reminder that Planes can Crash and Kill You 14:58:03
Snowden: GCHQ Manipulates Online Polls, Intercepts Skype calls & access Private Facebook photos 14:55:35
On July 17? Same as TWA 800? 14:42:35
John F. Kennedy- Rev. Martin Luther King JR- Gandhi-Jesus Christ 14:15:08
LinkedIn Co-Founder: Bitcoin is in My Five-Year Investment Plan 13:38:47
Bill Maher wishes Democrats were more like Rand Paul on foreign policy 13:36:00
Edward Snowden: 'If I end up in chains in Guantánamo I can live with that' - video interview 13:33:17
Working Mom Arrested for Letting Her 9-Year-Old Play Alone at Park 13:32:41
Joel Fuhrman: The Doctor Is Out There 13:10:58
END of United States by end of 2017: 4 Star General Speaks out. 12:55:14
Property Rights, the Root of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 12:44:43
Liberty RISING! The First Gold Backed Crypto-Currency Has Been Launched! (BenSwann.Com) 12:42:41
Big Update— Baptist Child And Family Services Withdraws Bid For Palm Aire Resort (Video) 12:37:14
WOW! FLASH! Microsoft Will Cut As Many As 18,000 Jobs 12:28:05
:) 12:22:16
BOMBSHELL - BOOM! Obama Attacks Second Amendment With Executive Order 12:13:37
Liberty Tree 10:32:04
Israeli prime minister's spokesman on the hot seat 08:33:04
Mike Maloney's Forum for A Monetary Solution - Refresher, Warning, and Perspectives for Bitcoin and Gold 05:20:17
Milk Producer Seeks State's Permission to Sell Milk at a Price Lower than the Law Allows 04:41:37
This Just Happened: Dictator Obama signs Exec. Order BANNING Importation of Genuine Russian-made AK's! 04:00:42
Judge Napolitano on Fox: Obama a Failure (video) 00:14:53