Posted on July 31, 2014

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Tesla & Panasonic Partner to Manufacture Batteries in U.S. 22:42:08
Michael Scheuer rips Rand Paul 22:11:48
Sometimes you just want to say, "Thank you". 19:43:39
Fukushima Safe Fish? 19:24:25
Judge to FBI: Explain What Happened to Missing OKC Bombing Videos 16:40:37
CIA Director Brennan Admits He Was Lying: CIA Really Did Spy On Congress 16:27:34
A Primer for all the New Daily Paul Subscribers 16:06:20
Special Free Ebook To All New DPers With This Welcome! 15:05:51
Russell Brand vs. Sean Hannity 14:54:41
Watch what you tweet: Caution thrown to wind as WikiLeaks breaks gag order 13:41:36
What's the Deal with Global Warming and Climate Change? I Speak with GreenPeace Co-Founder Dr. Patrick Moore. 11:24:40
The Anti-Pot Lobby's Big Bankroll: The Real Reason Pot Is Still Illegal 11:22:30
Aug 8, 2014, Dow 16,553.93 +185.66 11:13:08
After Listening To Peter Schiff, We're Considering Moving To Puerto Rico... 10:51:13
What Happens If You Drive Away From A WI Cop? 01:28:44
Chris Matthews praises Rand Paul's push for criminal justice reform 10:03:55
Lawrence O'Donnell: Rand Paul speaks eloquently for criminal justice reform while most Democrats won't touch it 00:23:25
For the first time in forever 11:26:32
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Vice News: Fighting Back Against ISIS (The battle for Iraq dispatch 1) 22:06:00
I Am Afraid of Islam 21:39:06
Hamas rockets hitting other Hamas rockets, creating "Iron Dome" 21:36:20
Article: New York Judge Says US Warrant Can Reach Email In Ireland 21:14:14
A New National Heritage Area in Washington State 20:04:21
United Nations: 'Deaths in Gaza 80% civilians' 19:11:41
Richard Gage (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth) on C-SPAN Washington Journal 08-01-14 (video) 19:04:51
Hamas firing rockets from civilian populated areas (Video) 19:04:26
The answer is in you. 18:43:59
The wrong crew is in command ! 18:37:03
Rare Video Secretly Taped Of Nystrom's Trip To Seoul 18:32:14
Tactical Matrix 17:32:55
Ron Paul R3VOLUTION*Immediate Action* Israel War Crimes Petition*UPDATE* 17:22:08
Do "Illegals" Get Treated Better Than Homeless Americans? 17:00:50
A Powerful Opportunity In Uranium? 16:22:09
Do bureaucrats go to heaven? 15:36:26
Josie the Outlaw - The End of Oppression - Part 2: The Game 14:09:32
Michigan Has Another Liberty Candidate...Alan Arcand, And He Is Gaining! 13:54:03
The DP is a strong coalition in search of many truths! 13:53:40
Six Philly Officers Arrested for Corruption 13:01:05
1 in 3 Americans is dogged by debt collections 12:55:14
UN spokesman expresses what it's like collecting information in Gaza 12:52:27
Tennessee Governor's Race- Unfortunately It's Not a Comedy Skit 12:51:21
Why We will Go to War with Russia 12:10:11
Have A Question For Rand Paul? Here's Your Chance! 11:25:23
Some Israeli-Palestinian-related topic without a good title 10:41:41
If Ebola Hits U.S., Even Healthy Americans Will Be Quarantined 10:41:03
Lamar Has to Keep His Bus Schedule Secret So Tea Party Won't Crash It. RINO hunt is ON - literally! 09:23:12
The Growth Is All a Fantasy 09:00:00
Wiping Out the Christians of Syria 05:55:51
Is it libertarian or anarchist to cross the border "illegally"? 10:05:25
Congressman Massie: There Will Be ‘Anger, Frustration, and Embarrassment’ When Redacted Pages of 9/11 Report Come Out 01:55:07
Losing Iraq...Frontline 10:06:31
Spreading Libertarian Ideas Effectively: TX UnSchoolers, Canadian Anarchist running as Libertarian, AnCap Latina MSM Host! 10:08:07