Posted on August 2, 2014

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Best of Ron Paul in 15 minutes 23:57:18
Funny thing happened on the way to the Daily Paul! 20:36:00
VIDEO: Obama Brings Ebola Into America After Signing Executive Order To Detain Sick Americans 20:27:53
Nigel Farage MEP meets Angela Merkel 19:36:26
Saturday Night Movie on DP: Chaim Potok's "The Chosen" 19:10:37
Ohio: Toledo Mayor lifts ban on drinking tap water 16:41:02
Ron Paul YAL Keynote Address 16:06:55
Freedom Songs! 13:43:59
Ralph Nader's America: Impeach Obama, decriminalize drugs, libertarians & progressives unite! 13:19:14
FOX Reporter Wrongly Argues Against Ron Paul 13:17:28
UPDATED: It's here (Ebola) 12:04:07
Time To Ask: What Happens After the Stock Market Crashes? 09:51:35
Pelosi Loses It! Angrily Confronts Gop Rep. Tom Marino On House Floor During Immigration Debate, Gets Schooled In The Process 08:09:27
Young Millennials becoming the Libertarian Generation 00:21:38
This Guy Asked the Internet for Photoshop Help. That Was a Mistake. 00:12:29
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According To A FB Post - Obama Is Doing A Great JOB! 23:32:11
Top Target for Car Crooks: Thefts of Catalytic Converters Double in 3 Years as Devices Contain Valuable Metals 22:56:19
To Sell A War - Gulf War Propaganda (1992) 22:55:46
Ukrainian Government Su-25 Fighter-jets Shot Down Malaysian Airliner 22:49:29
Secession: the solution for Ukraine and Iraq 22:33:24
MIAC Redux: DHS funded Corporatist Apparatchiks @ UMD label Individualists as "Sovereign Citizens," BIGGER Threat than Al-CIA-da 21:56:32
BBC VideoReport (Subsequently Deleted): Ukrainian Fighter Shot Down MH17 21:53:21
Juicer Recommendation? 21:26:38
If you had a Time Machine, 20:02:40
What We Think Matters Most 19:09:05
Live 1:15 pst, Pete Santilli @ Sen. McCain's Office protesting Bill Passed Yesterday re Immigration ... 17:15:10
The Fatal Conceit of Marcus Aurelius 16:32:11
Blue Republicans? How About Red Democrats? 16:00:06
Martha Stewart: Why I Love My Drone 15:42:30
The Trial 15:31:59
A reminder of George Washington's farewell address and warning against foreign entanglements 13:30:37
Thoughts on Jesse Ventura Defamation Lawsuit (Smear Campaign Conspiracy) 12:47:57
2 Jewish voices fiercely debate Gaza siege: Max Blumenthal v ZOA’s Morton Klein 12:23:21
Just Stop Hatin' 12:14:58
Just wrote this. 11:48:14
Amash's Opponent Brian Ellis trying to pull a Thad Cochran in Michigan! 11:06:34
Peter Schiff & Chris Rossini Take Apart The Fed 09:05:40
NIH to launch early Ebola vaccine in September in Africa 08:54:08
Prohibit deferred actions for aliens 08:52:10
Autopsy: Police Chokehold Caused NYC Man's Death 08:25:46
Processed Fraud 07:18:48
Elon Musk a genius? 07:15:55
LEAKED: The Internet Must Go 06:54:51
Old member with a question 05:14:02
Epic Banker Lies : The Truth About Gold, Silver, Oil, Inflation, and Stock Markets 03:51:32
Retrospective : The 2013 Silver Market in Review 01:56:25
AE9/11 Truth email regarding the latest on the HighRise Safety Initiative in NYC! 01:33:05
Scamming the Scammers - How to Handle Fake Tech Support! 00:30:11
C-SPAN Interviews Determined AE911Truth Founder 00:26:01