Posted on August 9, 2014

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Obama Administration Confident that Next Bomb Will Bring Peace to the Middle East 23:34:54
De-Dollarization Accelerates - China/Russia Complete Currency Swap Agreement 22:22:34
Taxes: How I went from 104% to zero. Or, how a doctor thousands of miles away cured my headache and lowered my blood pressure 20:07:49
An 11 year old's drawing regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: "My Wish" 18:43:12
Bees are libertarians; hornets are socialists 18:37:53
People are Truly Waking Up, Because of the Israel/Hamas Conflict 16:10:36
The Hill - Ron Paul: US 'hiding truth' on downed Malaysian plane 15:39:20
Sheriff: Mexican immigrant gangs 'in military fatigues' marching through south TX 15:27:55
Video: NBC News Crew Threatened with Arrest for Filming Empty Prison 15:13:15
Jeffrey Tucker: Rand Paul has real chance to get the nomination 13:49:03
Played a live show in venue, mentioned the Federal Reserve... got applause! 13:49:03
Guatemalan Reveals World's Deadliest Job 10:53:52
Ron Paul - End the IRS and Abolish the Income Tax 10:23:09
4 year old thought to have died 10 years ago in tsunami found alive (video) 10:19:46
Glenn Greenwald addresses the Young Americans for Liberty 2014 convention 09:02:09
Black single mother could face 11.5 years for minor gun permit violation 08:14:25
Met a Ron Paul supporter in my neighborhood yesterday. 08:07:16
Gary Johnson Sues Over Non-Inclusion in Presidential Debates 07:20:10
<i>You be the Webmaster!</i> DP Challenge #1 03:00:48
Google's Spiders are Crawling All Over This Place. 02:12:48
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Anarchast interviews Tim Moen, the 'Ron Paul of Canada' 23:56:20
India Will Help to Shape New World Order, Says Hagel Who Urges Expanded U.S.-India Defense Cooperation 22:28:05
PCR: Washington Threatens the World 21:40:14
America: The New World Order (The Coming Event 2016) 21:29:47
Video: Old but very relivent Stan Jones 21:25:48
Regulation Takes From Poor, Gives to Rich 20:15:46
The Guardian - Russia responds to sanctions by banning western food imports 19:56:07
Where is God? 19:36:34
$500 fine for washing your driveway bc of the drought, but LA can bring in a slip-n-side 3 blocks long? 19:24:02
Should police be considered to be soldiers? Does the Constitution limit or even abolish state police forces? 18:07:17
Im sorry, but my heart is pulling me to support bombing ISIS 16:57:07
Which is Easier to Understand - bitcoin or Central Banking? 16:53:08
Guatemala: Kidnapping And Neighborhood Shootouts 15:18:12
Now is a good time to tell you prophecy and the great wave that will kill most of you. 15:10:19
Amish children have less allergies 14:49:59
Iraq And A Hard Place: Expanding The War *New Information* 14:45:37
VIDEO: Obama’s ISIS Bombing Hoax Exposed 14:24:48
Viable Liberty Strategies 13:54:22
Ron Paul addresses Young Americans for Liberty 2014 Convention 13:00:44
1st Post: Rand Attacking Hillary 12:55:14
Is War Really a Racket? 12:50:57
Japanese craftsman making mahogany bikes 12:26:37
Let's call time on tax tinkering by Roger Helmer Ukip MEP 12:16:05
Since Snowden's revelation I don't plug in my internet till the computer finishes booting up 12:11:39
Texas Attorney General Candidate Indicts Corrupt System 10:55:28
Obama Converting America Into A Gangsta Culture 10:43:39
Ron Paul's Reading Recommendations 10:27:36
Political Correctness 09:35:47
Grassroots Initiative: Social Security - Get Me Out Now 09:22:43
Tolerating the intolerant - the paradox of tolerance 07:50:17
After an Exciting and Eventful Electoral Season the Republican Party Chose Mitt Romney, Who Lost 04:56:38
Schiff: The Kingdom of Moltz 04:02:03
John McAfee 'crashes' DefCon 21! Starts a Complaint Website...about Anything; Open-Source "Justice" sought! 03:52:00
Dos Equis Man of Political Mercenaryism, Roger Stone: CIA attempted to assassinate Nixon, TWICE! And, LBJ pervs on JackieO! Eek! 03:15:54
A Simple Solution to Immigration 02:32:25
Ron Paul 101 - Immigration Paul: "You subsidize illegal immigration, you get more of it." 02:25:33
James Brady Death Ruled A Homicide 02:18:16
The Power of Cute 02:00:53
Fourth-Grader Suspended For Bringing Nerf Gun To Show And Tell 01:41:21
Being Human 01:23:40
My email to New York City Council Speaker re: 9/11 High Rise Safety Initiative! 01:12:28