Posted on August 10, 2014

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Leading German business voice SLAMS World War 3 mongering 22:59:49
11:11 21:24:44
This is what drones are for, not for spying or killing your neighbor 20:47:44
Military Coup Underway In Iraq; Maliki Palace Surrounded, Refuses to Step Down 19:41:43
Hundreds (not dozens as MSM headlines say) of Israelites protest, defying government protest restriction. (video) 17:39:17
I Screen Printed 500 Josie the Outlaw wanted Posters! 19:40:52
VIDEO: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 8/11/14: US Sanctions on Russia May Sink the Dollar 16:32:04
In Defense of Beggars 15:36:31
7 conservatives who thought dropping the atom bomb was barbaric and unnecessary 15:24:11
Today is my 7 year anniversary on the Daily Paul! 14:56:18
Michael (Nystrom), could you kindly answer these questions? 12:27:07
Looks like Ukraine downed MH17 12:20:20
Amazing Off Road Camper Trailer 12:17:37
Ellie Dee’s Chile Update - 001 - The Portable Life. 11:39:09
Video: Iron Dome Fake - A Massive Hoax - Missiles Blowing Up in the Air 11:06:35
My first post: Atherosclerosis 10:53:19
Daniel Hannan: A Letter of Warning to America (video) 10:36:49
Best ways to make money while traveling the world 18:46:43
Top Ten Ron Paul Moments 02:58:09
So what else newbies (and oldies)? 02:10:14
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Murder on Liberty Row 22:42:39
Putin intended to down Russian airliner to justify invasion of Ukraine, investigation says 22:08:14
Government Has No Receipts for Thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children 21:22:23
The Tithe State - An anarchist defense of minarchy 20:36:50
Ron Paul on Principle, Compromise, and Democracy 20:14:21
Rand Paul Proven Right On Iraq 20:09:11
CIA’s Fake Vaccination Clinic Ignites Polio Epidemic 19:36:54
Saw Pro-Gaza Protest In Oklahoma City Of All Places! 19:30:02
Fukushima Radiation Contaminated Cars From Japan Being Refused And Shipped Back By Multiple Countries 19:27:02
Russia Turns Back Japanese Radioactive Cars 19:24:35
Eu Raises "safe" Level Of Radiation In Imported Cars 300% 19:22:33
Hillary Clinton's Neo-Con-tinuity 18:43:48
Ron Paul - Working with Coalitions in Congress 18:38:21
David Byrne - Miss America 18:03:43
15 states sharing drivers' license and ID photos with CIA for "terrorism" database 17:53:47
State Dept to spend over $500k on training staff to lie. (Of the people, by the people, etc) Yeah Right... 17:18:26
Unwelcome Guests - Social Destabilization Tactics Post WW2 (From Operation Phoenix to the War On Terror) 16:50:33
The Last Comic Standing 16:44:57
Not Anti-Semitic: Séamusín is a Semitic Name! 16:36:21
SOTP: US Military Blows Up More Stuff in Search of Peace 16:33:14
The next O.J. trial...Tony Stewart not charged...yet! 16:32:32
47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton: Part 1 16:25:37
the energizer bunnie just won't stop ! 16:22:56
The Road to Serfdom: A Radio Dramatization from 1945 15:45:38
Conservatives Are Greatest Threat To Nation, Obama Suggests 15:44:42
New Bill Calls For ‘De-militarization’ of DHS, FBI & Others 14:03:52
The Virus Chikungunya, Lysine, and a possibility of reducing the mortality rate of EBOLA 13:56:01
Malaysia's McDonald's, HSBC, and Others boycotted over Gaza 13:15:56
Best indictment of Israel to date! 12:54:54
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How Libertarianism Can Save The Whales And Prevent Overfishing 11:02:50
The Cyclical Nature of Tyranny (Hunger Games observations) and removing potential threats from within our ranks (DP discussion) 08:45:03
Price Controls 19:32:01
Rand Paul Can Run, But He Can’t Hide From Latino Voters in 2016 02:18:10
Why Noam Chomsky Is Wrong About Libertarianism 01:57:45