Posted on August 11, 2014

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Gun Store owners and Tattoo shop prevent looting. Are you ready folks? They are! 23:52:04
Robin Williams (RIP) gifts the Daily Paul with sound advice. 21:05:11
Russia's Fast And Elusive TOPOL-M Ballistic Missile Is Scary As Hell 19:30:38
Is Putin part of NWO? 19:24:34
Robin Williams Dead at 63. (RIP Buddy) 19:15:57
Great Forbes article on Young Americans for Liberty 19:04:45
No freedom in a representative democracy. Or, how a doctor 1000 of miles away prescribed me with a healthy dose of liberty! 15:42:06
I am so tired of hearing stories like these happening over and over and over again. 15:41:35
* Daily Paul Reunion * Saturday September 13, 2014 14:35:41
U.S. Postal Service Still Bleeding Money 13:56:04
Primary Victory for George Brikho (9th District) Michigan 12:44:13
What NOT to do as a Ron Paul Republican 12:06:42
It can happen this fast...Last Night's RIOTS with videos 12:03:23
Laura Ingraham questions necon orthodoxy "Iraq is worse off" 11:34:11
Police kill another unarmed teen in Missouri. Update: Officer ID to be revealed 11:31:02
We bury my Mom today and still on the Daily Paul. 06:56:43 U.S. Marijuana Legalization Weakens Mexican Cartels 06:53:51
Excuse me...Mr. President...Did you bother to go to Congress... 05:08:46
The main reason for the destruction of Libya was the gold backed currency for 01:08:36
(Update) Scott Horton needs our help! 00:18:37
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Congressional Black Caucus is racist, says Bob Woodson 23:38:32
DEA paid Amtrak $854,460 for passenger lists 22:48:42
Robin Williams (Dead Poets Society): Don't Conform 22:46:43
VIDEO: "Blessed Is The Nation Whose God Is The Lord" ~ Psalm 33:12 22:12:22
I believe in fighting for liberty, and will fight with you all to the end, but I believe in the second coming more and will 21:58:16
VIDEO: Obama Official Deleted Obamacare Emails Sought By Congress 21:53:36
Video:IDF's Hamas Human Shield Manual is a Sloppy Forgery 21:53:28
Sanity Check Radio Show: August 9, 2014 Episode Now Online - Call To Action 21:11:40
Ferguson, MO: Witnesses and police reporting do not agree on police murder of unarmed teen 20:36:31
Former Padres Pitcher Eric Show Was A John Birch Member 20:02:41
I was abducted by Iraqis in the middle of the East. 20:01:28
Huffington Post outright lies about Polling numbers on how Americans feel on illegal immigration 19:32:56
How do libertarians regulate water supply and food? 19:27:08
Here's The Burger-Flipping Robot That Could Put Fast-Food Workers Out Of A Job 19:13:28
Question about the looting 19:02:27
Genocide of Christians Happening Right Now and the MSM is Strangely Silent 18:20:44
Marcy D'Arcy explains the Federal Reserve System 18:16:35
Where are all the unaccompanied children all the politicians are talking about? 17:30:27
HIPAA: Baby Pictures at the Doctor’s? Cute, Sure, but Illegal 16:49:24
Harley Rider 16:14:40
Ever wonder what ISIS looks like? 15:59:24
New Murakami Book Published in English 13:58:59
Help: Colorado MMJ assistance requested. 13:21:10
Brazilian woman learns she married her brother 13:10:20
Mike Benoit disputes Sam Seder's Philosophy 12:50:28
What's Happening? Some Answers 12:32:58
Rand the Movie - Fund this project! 12:32:38
ISIS supporters flash Islamic Flag infront of White House, threatening America 11:54:25
Hidden in Plain View 11:25:49
"I hereby determine that an unforeseen emergency exists that requires immediate military assistance to France" 11:22:21
How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account 11:12:50
Bitcoin: A Celebration of The Commons! 09:24:05
As usual, Ron Paul predicted the future. 07:03:59
Help I Think I Have Transvaginal Mesh 01:06:51
Investing in toilet manufacturers - fixtures and drainage pipes? 01:05:11
Libya, Gaddafi and Direct Democracy beats the Western version.flv 01:03:36
Prince of Pot: The US vs Marc Emery 00:47:27