Posted on August 12, 2014

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Drowning in ideas, Lacking in focus 23:18:50
Help With MS 22:33:04
Interesting 21:18:35
Lauren Bacall 21:16:45
Now Congress Wants to Ban Body Armor 19:59:06
GAZA - UNOSATellite Image Before and After August 1 19:23:53
The REAL Reason for New U.S. and French Military Involvement In Iraq 18:39:47
Rand Paul Has 'Mixed Feelings' On Iraq Airstrikes 18:32:18
Did "Big Pharma" play a role in Robin Williams death? 15:35:26
Man pays red light camera ticket with 137 Origami Pigs. Funny. 15:07:20
36! 14:29:48
We have completely lost control of "Iraq" which BTW doesn't exist anymore. 13:55:09
I'm No Fan Of Vandalism, But... 13:40:05
Is libertarianism a fantasy? 12:17:27
WA-04 LIBERTY Candidate Gavin Seim: "We Totally Lost ! Or Did We?" 11:51:37
Police killed California robbery hostage (Is it time to disarm police?) 10:13:48
If they gunned ME down what picture would they use? 09:46:53
Teen dies after one hit of "spice" 09:18:06
Who Is John Galt? 07:38:35
Federal Reserve Vice Chairman: Bank Bail Ins Are Coming To the United States 06:14:34
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5 Signs Americans Are Flat-Out Broke 23:43:09
German late night comedy ridicules Military Industrial Complex PROPAGANDA 23:35:59
Twitter: Ferguson appears to be in undeclared Martial law 23:35:21
Congratulations to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke! 23:33:36
Greg Brannon's: The Constitutional Path to Liberty. Ep.4 23:02:22
Is #Ebola a biological weapon? 23:00:58
Unsolicited spam chat invites 22:54:35
Hempophiles will get a charge out of this 22:49:45
Elderly woman robbed by airport authorities 22:46:23
Who Is Really Behind The Destabilization Of The Middle East? Some Legitimate Questions 22:07:22
Great podcast - Bob Davis 21:43:45
Ron Paul On Iraq: ‘The Sooner We Get Out Of There The Better’ (VIDEO) 21:37:55
BenSwann.Com - 6 Reasons To Question and Investigate 9/11 on the 13th Anniversary 21:25:29
WP: St. Louis doesn't riot; till the police murder of Michael Brown, Why? 20:43:38
Deleted 20:36:05
Colorado man moves hemp operation to Kentucky to make medicine 20:15:57
Journalists Face Tear Gas, Police Threats While Covering Protests Against Killing Of Michael Brown 20:13:26
Some Ferguson, Mo., residents don't buy cops' story of fatal teen shooting 19:59:03
LA Times:Unrest in Ferguson, Mo., after police kill man: What you need to know 19:56:06
This Hoax Affects Everyone 19:52:53
Michael Brown shooting: Obama expresses condolences, calls for ‘reflection’ 19:49:49
U.S. judge upholds Maryland ban on assault weapons 19:11:22
Kinky Friedman: "...I'm Libertarian now." overheard on Outlaw Country 18:38:16
Once again Ron Paul is the only one speaking the truth on iraq. 18:34:43
Ron Paul on Iraq: ‘The sooner we get out of there the better’ 18:28:40
Monetary Tectonics and Gold 18:22:32
Computer of Dahboo7, the Youtube Truther With 100,000+ Subscribers Remotely Hacked - Erased All His Videos 18:06:58
Progression OR Regression? 17:31:21
How to "get out of dollar denominated assets"? 17:03:44
Ferguson Riots Prompt FAA To Close Low-Flying Airspace, 3 Mile Radius 16:45:13
Trail Blazers 16:44:21
Live feed on Riots Tonight Attack "White Neighborhoods" via (Twitter) 16:35:46
Think your vote counts? (preview video) Hacking Democracy - The Hack 16:09:03
Dear Mr. President 15:52:27
Banning 10:04:54
Subjectivism vs Objectivism... Mike Benoit vs Jan Helfeld... Debate! What do you think? 14:35:29
Celebrate the Worcester Revolution of 1774 - Sept. 7th 2014 - Worcester, MA 14:11:54
Story with a happy ending, and a political moral for contemplation 13:37:56
No Brakes 12:54:40
Robin Williams' Funniest Moments 12:53:36
‘Kill Switch’ Smart Phone Bill Passes In California 12:50:16
Ferguson, MO: Public Servants refuse to release name of Killer cop, for his safety. 12:46:02
VIDEO: Ron Paul On Anarchy: Opting Out Doesn’t Harm Anyone 12:45:04
Israeli Genocide and Its Willing Accomplices 12:23:50
Want to stay with us in Chile? 12:08:49
Vegetarian Adventists' Reduced Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease 11:56:38
Is the USA a Republic or a Democracy? 11:46:32
Moments after Cop Shot & Killed Mike Brown (GRAPHIC video) 11:42:36
CNN is attacking Rand... comments section need schooling... sick em. 11:11:31
We've Hit Peak Bacon, People. Everybody Panic 11:09:55
Historic Low Dry As Dust 10:55:23
C'mon Alaska Liberty lovers, help elect Joe Miller to US Senate this August in the GOP Primary 10:35:26
rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps 10:17:33
Definition of violence 09:43:00
Judging character (even at a young age) 19:43:52
O'keeffe crosses border...twice. 08:50:53
The Cold Lands 07:13:18
Suddenly Silent 06:49:19
JFK vs Dr Annis at Madison Square Garden 06:34:51
Is this guy Australia's #RonPaul? 05:35:05
Ron Paul on Anarchy: Opting Out Doesn't Harm Anyone 05:24:54
Who here has done the Landmark Forum? 03:21:01
SCAD or Conspiracy Theory? 03:20:50
Are the two Eds related? 19:47:08
<i>You Be the Webmaster!</i> DP Challenge #2: "You people need to stop!" 02:30:07
The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq. 01:32:39
Happy Birthday, Barry 09:25:05
Facebook And Its Connections To The C.I.A. And D.A.R.P.A 01:14:15
Glenn Greenwald SLAMS Hillary Clinton for being a Zionist stooge 00:42:01
Ebola- facts and questions 00:40:52
Tribute to old trucking companies (fallen flags) 00:29:56
"Thank You for Your Cooperation" 00:25:42
LIVE streaming of RIOT 00:14:54