Posted on August 13, 2014

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I just watched St. Louis County PD fire upon a peaceful crowd 22:53:26
Ferguson MO militarized cops on streets all day, curfew in effect now. Pics, vids, live stream links 20:26:15
Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society, Tax Women and set up the NWO - Aaron Russo. 19:59:07
My Two Countries, Divided by a Common Language 18:47:18
Hannity vs. Dr. Cornel West 17:55:18
Kim Phuc, the "Napalm(-ed) Girl" forgives Capt who coordinated It, IN Person...on Veteran's Day; Will World forgive NWO Empire? 17:31:01
Rand has the perfect opportunity to lead debate in St. Louis about the Police State 17:02:41
How Russia Could Bankrupt the U.S. 16:33:31
Rand Paul performs eye surgery in Louisville, plans trip to Guatemala 14:04:39
Snowden: The Worst NSA Revelations Are Yet to Come 13:14:12
Ecuador: We don't need permission to trade with Russia 13:10:23
News: Future Libertarian Governor Adrian Wyllie Showcases Running Mate 12:04:22
When is the last time you were at "The Mall?" 10:36:02
Understand Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid In 11 Images 10:23:21
Rand Paul Parties with Alec Baldwin 08:37:24
FedEx Indicted on Federal Drug Trafficking Charges 08:15:51
Pics: The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police 08:02:39
Snowden on cover of Wired w/American flag 07:51:36
Turkish Flotilla To Defy Gaza Blockade 01:25:21
Brother Nathaniel on Gaza 07:52:03
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Scared Statists: Krugman and Frum say there is no ‘Libertarian Moment’ 23:54:18
Possible help for those with MS 23:45:18
Can Abortions Be Stopped Without Being Criminalized? 23:02:27
Gas? 22:17:40
46 Incredible Photos You May Not Have Seen Before 22:15:15
Stefan Molyneux on Robin Williams 22:13:32
Humans Need Not Apply 22:04:05
Conscience vs Pride 21:49:52
Property Rights and Law Among Ancient Greeks 21:48:12
Will Grigg on Scott Horton Show Aug. 12, 2014: Michael Brown shot in the back, 'cause the Cruiser Door bounced back into the Cop 21:31:17
Robin Williams and Us 21:02:24
Humans Need Not Apply- The Future of Work 20:39:07
Satirical letter addressed to Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto! 18:17:02
Gun rights! Gun rights! Gun rights! 18:06:50 Shuts Down After 7 Years - Morphs into 18:06:06
#JohnGalt2014 - "Free" Who is John Galt? Post-it notes! 17:31:35
Why Paleo Is Taking The World By Storm: Chris Kresser 17:29:06
NPR's Bush/Obama Quiz: What's The Difference? 17:24:49
Why the Libertarian Party Fails 17:20:24
Limbaugh: Robin Williams' apparent suicide was because of his "political leftist" mindset. 15:40:47
New Silver Fix on Friday? 15:36:14
Happiness is a Choice: 15:27:02
New Political Study Says Average Citizen Has Zero Effect On U.S. Policy 15:10:08
Another kid executed by swine. 14:56:07
The end of suffering? 13:46:45
FAA Implements No-Fly Zone in Ferguson Amid Unrest Over Killed Teen 13:18:16
Health Coverage to End Without Proof of Citizenship or Legal Residency 13:10:41
New York judges to start hearing child-immigrant cases 13:04:58
VIDEO: A New & Different Lost in the Fifties 12:55:49
Great Interview: Watch Peter Schiff Interview Jim Rickards - Global Gold Markets, Financial War 12:37:28
I support the police in Freguson, MO edited 12:15:12
my photo 12:11:20
Study: You Have 'Near-Zero' Impact on U.S. Policy 11:52:39
Is militarizing the police actually a good thing? 11:47:41
Rand Paul: Not Completely Opposed to Iraq Bombing 11:46:21
Ron Paul: 'US Out of Iraq Now!' Ron Paul on Iraq Crisis 11:31:27
California May Break Environmental Rules For Tesla 11:23:34
The Tyranny of the Nanny State, Where the Government Knows What’s Best for You 10:40:16
Police shoot a 2nd person in Ferguson MO 10:05:43
Must catch Democracy Now! today: Iraq Total Quagmire 10:02:46
"Yes there are rogue nations, the principal among them perhaps the United States of America" 09:54:28
CHP intimidates motorist who filmed vicious assault on homeless black grandmother 09:04:51
Weekend At Robin's 09:02:56
Japan's GDP Drops 6.8% 08:43:49
Double Speak of the Day: "Deploy troops for humanitarian assessment" 08:34:23
Is This Stock Market Decline the Real Deal? 08:32:13
James Corbett: Obama Wines and Dines African Dictators as Ebola Spreads 08:08:59
Robin Williams chose suicide. 08:06:07
Sheriff David Clarke Beats Bloomberg's Money, Defeats Anti-Gun Opponent 07:47:18
Know Your Opponent 08:24:51
Is ISIS an Existential Threat? 03:29:53
Second Amendment Prevents Destruction In Ferguson Riot 02:12:09
2000 Whites March in Solidarity With Blacks in St Louis Against Police Violence! 01:56:47
Classmate of Barack Obama in Hawaii Recalls Him as Gay, Cocaine-Smoking Dishonest Hustler 01:47:27
WND Exclusive - Pat Buchanan: Hillary Would Beat Romney In 2016 07:52:29