Posted on August 30, 2014

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Rodney Dangerfield's First Economics Class 23:16:23
2016: The end of the road 22:25:15
Putin Increases Penalties For 'Illegal' Street Rallies, Outlaws secessionist internet posts. 21:06:13
Woman working 4 jobs to make ends meet dies while napping in car between shifts 20:37:31
‘United Continent’: European volunteers fighting Kiev troops in Eastern Ukraine 20:17:52
Corning Develops Anti-Bacterial Glass for Iphones with Silver 19:17:12
I just stopped my Google Adwords account. 18:56:44
Palestine to Israel: End occupation or face ICC 16:18:52
I Have Decided to Join Your Group 19:25:11
Paul McCartney signs letter urging Scotland to stick with UK 13:28:25
When The Light is Covered Up 12:26:19
Free State Project 11:55:14
Action Alert, Tisha Casida Excluded From Debates, Info To Act! 10:53:54
Statistic that shows why pot is really illegal 10:40:44
FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment Omits Islamist Terrorism Internal report labels white supremacists, black separatists, 09:46:39
Sinking Fast 09:19:57
Chip implants 08:49:43
Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu 07:19:46
SIDEKIK: Concept App for Traffic Stops: Attorneys on Demand (video link) 04:18:53
The 12 Days of Police Militarization: What did they Really Get? 02:19:50
What if the war hawks told us the projected costs of their wars? 20:13:27
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Just In: Hello Kitty is NOT a cat! 23:16:16
How Many Different Ways Can You? 23:10:09
From the American Idiot Album, my Labor Day Tune 22:39:32
400% rise: Fee to renounce US citizenship goes up fourfold to $2,350 22:32:05
Love 22:25:04
We Are Here Right Now And I Am Grateful! 20:59:42
Political myths that are destroying freedom: The myth of a limited-government Republican Party (Part 1) 19:32:15
Judge responds to "Sovereign Citizen" argument - with cattle prod 19:05:13
Argh Let it go already 18:52:06
Thoughts on reincarnation and spheres of influence re: the Flower of Life 17:52:22
Lucifer the Lightbearer 17:03:16
Two open letters to President Putin 16:44:31
Your literary playlist: A guide to the music of Haruki Murakami 16:16:11
Another reason to love the DP 15:35:02
'Anything other than social media?' State Dept's MH17 evidence secret 15:08:03
"Pseudo-Catholic" political groups being financed by George Soros 15:07:29
George Washington's Words Still Apply 14:35:38
Sovereign Citizens Defined 12:46:44
British MP and RT host George Galloway brutally attacked ‘over his Israel views’ (Update) 11:56:07
Ron Paul Suggests US Government Knew About 9/11 Beforehand 11:22:33
The Slavic Libertarian 09:29:31
The Importance of Silver To China 07:11:36
What do you guys, gals, think of GOD? 03:45:28
Ghosts of War - preamble II 02:45:47
And now I will tell you of one of the greatest warriors 01:58:51
The Man, The Mob, The State: Come And Take It 01:27:36
Google Search Trends versus Official Election Results. Presidential Primary and General Elections 2008 and 2012. 00:01:38