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And what is the Daily P.Au.L?

The Daily Paul is a true grassroots community that engages in an ongoing, unmediated, never ending conversation about the matters, ideas and events that are important to members of the Daily Paul. There is no corporate or ideological agenda. If you are looking to ask a question, share an opinion, or read the thoughts of a community of liberty lovers like you, you have access to that at the Daily P.Au.L.

How many others like you do you know in your own neighborhood, among your own friends? If you're like me, it is not many. On the Daily P.Au.L, you are free to educate, evaluate, speculate, and constructively criticize the world you live in - everything from our one party system, to the Federal Reserve, local elections, the corporate controlled media, all the way to chemtrails and UFOs.

The Daily Paul community values the principles of freedom and liberty, as well as kindness, understanding and compassion. You may not agree with everything everyone says on this site. You may not be into "conspiracy theories," but you don't have to be. We live in a free society and the Daily Paul is a place to prove that we can peacefully coexist with one another

We are all messengers of Liberty, but that message has two components, both explicit and implicit. The explicit message is the one that we're all familiar with: Liberty, economic and political freedom, and sound money.

The implicit message is just as important, and is visible in the way we carry ourselves: With a heart of peace, a word that is as good as gold, and love that serves as the basis of our humanity.

We can all learn something from this community. The kind of community I try to foster here is based on the idea that we are first and foremost friends. We are first and foremost Americans. We are first and foremost humans. We can co-exist with our differences as long as we maintain a basic, human respect for one another.

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