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Letter from Michael Nystrom, Editor and Founder
It is difficult for me to imagine the world without the Daily P.Au.L. Many times I've wished that I could visit the DP the way all of you do: Just check in care free, see what interesting things are going on, post a few comments, engage in some debate, then leave until the next time.

For me, it is work: Is the site running smoothly? Is it being attacked? Has a spammer defaced the site? What kind of a flame war is under way? Does someone need to be banned? Am I being personally attacked? (On Christmas Day 2007, I tuned in to find an active forum topic titled, "Michael Nystrom is a member of the NWO!")

And then there is the email -- at least 15 per day that require some type of action or response on my part: "I can't log in...", "Can you delete this comment..." "Someone posted my phone number...", "Please check this post / comment. ... it is racist / sexist / otherwise evil", "Can you look at my video/blog/article and PLEASE please post it to the front page... THIS IS IMPORTANT!" Etc.

And then there is the invisible, behind the scenes network. There are the phone calls and daily conversations with other members of the community about what is going on within the movement, developments underway, events and candidates to promote, and endless analysis as to whether the candidates and events are true grassroots events or co-opted, corporate, neocon plants...

It takes its toll, as you can imagine. These pressures remain, 24/7/365. You turn on the site and it is like water from the faucet - always there, always available for you. For me, it is a full time job, and the time commitment puts an increasing strain on my personal and family life.

I am of course grateful to the advertisers on the site, but advertising brings in less than you would think. This site gets no outside funding support from corporations, foundations, or PACs. As a true grassroots creation, we're basically on our own here. Please consider that I'm a regular citizen just like you - a dude with a blog and a certain awareness and a particular set of skills that allowed me to get this website up and running in January 2007.

And what is the Daily P.Au.L?

People complain about the Daily P.Au.L, of course. They say they "wouldn't invite their friends here," and that kind of misunderstanding - I must admit - hurts. Too much weird stuff, they say. Too many conspiracy theories, etc. But this is my response, as to why I run the site the way I do and why I think it is valuable:

This is a true grassroots community that engages in an ongoing, unmediated, running conversation about the things that are important to us. There is no corporate or ideological mediation between you and the 30,000 other daily visitors to the site. If you want to ask a question, get or share an opinion, or read the thoughts of the community of others like you, you have access to that at the Daily P.Au.L.

How many others like you do you know in your own neighborhood, among your own friends? If you're like me, it is not many. On the Daily P.Au.L, you are free to educate, speculate, and constructively criticize the world you live in, from (yes) chem trails to 911, to the Federal Reserve, the one party system, the corporate controlled media, and even the C4L.

What I try to do with this site is put the principles of freedom liberty, and kindness, understanding and compassion into action. You may not agree with everything everyone says on this site. You may not be into "conspiracy theories," but you don't have to be.

The point is that if we live in a free society, we can peacefully coexist with one another as we do here (for the most part) on the Daily P.Au.L. We are all messengers of Liberty, but that message has two components, both explicit and implicit. The explicit message is the one that we're all familiar with: Liberty, economic and political freedom, and sound money. The implicit message is just as important, and is visible in the way we should all carry ourselves: With humility, exercising moral kindness and compassionate care for our fellow humans. We should all practice exercising forbearance, even with political enemies.

We can all learn something from this community. The kind of community I try to foster here is based on the idea that we are all friends. We can co-exist with our differences as long as we maintain a basic, human respect for one another.

If you value the site, what I ask is .50 cents per day - less than the cost of the daily newspaper or a cup of coffee - to keep the Daily P.Au.L going. This works out to about $15 per month. Another main theme of the Daily P.Au.L - working on the open source concept - is that many of us doing a little can add up to a lot.

If you are hesitant, the question to ask yourself is: How else will you be able to maintain access to this tremendous community? When things get rough, who's opinion will you want most? Which site will you turn to?

Thank you very much for your continued support!

Michael Nystrom
The Daily P.Au.L