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Let's Celebrate Each Other!

In response to Bill3/Faction3’s lovely poem.


Since people are thinking about Thursday night fight nights, I was thinking of Sunday celebration day.

And while Bill was celebrating me, I think we should all celebrate each other every now and then because I think we (I, lately) sometimes forget how great the ppl here can be, and if ya’ll are doing fight clubs maybe it would be a good idea to celebrate each other in between. So here we go. I would like to celebrate….

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Who's "MarcMadness?"

He's nobody, he's not even real. "MarcMadness" was just a stupid moniker I once used - a silly play on "March madness" that a friend of mine used on me once. It meant nothing then, and it meant nothing here. It was just supposed to be a username for some website where I wanted to go lurk and have an account. And not put myself out there too much.

Well since then I've put myself "out there" (lionsofliberty.com) and "out here" quite a bit , and I see no reason to hold on to the meaningless monikers of the past anymore.

Who's "MarcMadness?"

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Why Doesn't George Takei "Hate the State?"

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

In a recent TED talk, actor George Takei gave a speech recounting the tale of how, at the age of five, he and his family were taken to internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II. While Takei's story is frightening from a historical perspective, his attitude that developed from this traumatizing experience is truly inspiring. I highly recommend watching the 15 minute or so talk, and we'll pick up down below.

By all rights, George Takei should have every reason to "hate the state" for what the U.S. government did to him and his family. Forcibly removing the Takei family from their property and placing them in detention is an absolute affront to every ideal America is supposed to value. It could have easily made George Takei into a jaded, bitter anarchist who wants to burn all of the world's governments to the ground.

And yet, as he grew up and had discussions with his father, he came to realize that hate was not the proper path, and that he could still stand up for the same ideals he believed in despite the tragic events that occurred to him. George says his father told him,"Our democracy is a people's democracy; it can be as great as people can be, and as fallible as people are."

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Is Immigration a story?

Drudge says its frontpage news.
Huffingtonpost says its no page news
Dailypaul mentions riots and civil disobedience
Dailykos says not news anymore
Wall Street Journal says not news
New York Times says frontpage side story

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Laundering illegal money? There's ultra luxury New York real estate for that (zerohedge)

National Association of Realtors lobbies for and gets exemption from money laundering rules... As much as 1.5 trillion per year in dirty dough moves around every year... Ultra luxury ONLY segment of real estate to grow in past quarter...


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Century of Enslavement: Corbett Report 1hr 30min Federal Reserve Documentary is Here!

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve


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Adam Kokesh and I Discuss His Book "Freedom", Whether He Regrets Loading a Shotgun in DC, and How to Advance Liberty

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in libertarian activist, and host of “Adam vs.The Man”, Adam Kokesh! Adam joins the show to discuss his new book “Freedom”, which he hopes to serve as a guide to lead people to accept a more free society. Adam describes his journey from a libertarian-leaning marine serving in Iraq to the passionate anti-war, freedom advocate he is today. Adam and I delve into libertarian philosophy, and debate the root problems libertarians should be addressing to advance a more free society. As per usual, I wrap things up with my thoughts in the weekly rant!

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"I've Never Been Afraid to be Bold." Why Ron Paul unites lefties, righties, commies and crazies.

"I'd rather be strongly wrong than weakly right."

These words were famously spoken by Tallulah Bankhead, star of stage and screen, icon of the "liberal left".

"I've Never Been Afraid to be Bold."

-Congressman Ron Paul, June 28 2012

As soon as I read these words from Ron Paul I immediately thought of this famous Bankhead quote. I read her wikipedia page and was surprised that someone so completely different from Ron Paul could share such a fundamental life attitude.

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Cereal Killers—The Movie (free viewing till 7/4/14)


The producers of this film are allowing a full and FREE viewing through 7/4. (click the link above to watch) You can purchase a copy of the Cereal Killers DVD at a special discounted price of $14.99 by CLICKING HERE - https://gumroad.com/l/FATPACK/DRMERCOLA

By Dr. Mercola

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Outstanding Dr. Joel Fuhrman interview

Dr. Fuhrman, who I like to call the Glen Greenwald of the nutrition world
takes on diets, including Paleo, South Beach, The Zone etc
and discusses hot topics such as longevity, grains and meat.


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The next time a neo-con windbag says it's better that Saddam is gone..

Remind them who put him there.

A Tyrant 40 Years in the Making | By Roger Morris, New York Times
Published: March 14, 2003

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Does Anarcho-Capitalism Allow People To Form Governments?

I'm creating a new thread for this topic that has come up in another thread.

The Merriam-Webster Definition of "government":

: the group of people who control and make decisions for a country, state, etc.

: a particular system used for controlling a country, state, etc.

: the process or manner of controlling a country, state, etc.

Oxford Dictionary definition:

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Further Thoughts on Anarchism

Modern anarchism is the theory that in the absence of government, people will generally do the right thing in all their social and commercial interactions. That isn't the normal definition given, but it follows from the arguments offered for anarchism.

In market anarchism or anarcho-capitalism, there is no special jurisdiction for justice: arrest, holding a trial or giving a verdict and sentence. There's no chain of appeals to finalize a decision.

Whether or not someone has committed a crime is the decision of a private court, either attached to or commissioned by some force-agent or agency.

Unlike under a government, there is no final arbiter or appeals process, going to higher courts, all of which follow the same law in relation to each other.

Today, if you commit theft, you go to a specific court, have certain rights like the right to an attorney, bail, jury trial, etc. If convicted you can appeal up to a certain point.

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Enjoy it.

In which we watch this short clip from the recent classic, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.