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* Daily Paul Reunion * Saturday September 13, 2014


This event is open to all DailyPaul, RonPaulForums, Liberty and Patriots groups, and the public at large.

Beautiful Brandy Springs Park has pavilions, running water, electricity, tennis court, ball fields, etc. Tables will be set up to entertain children of all ages, bobbing for apples, story telling, face-painting, etc.

Pig Roast and drinks are provided, you are welcome to bring a side dish for yourself and/or to share.


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NOW I will tell you about death.

part of my job as a deputy meant that we picked up dead bodies from the desert.

it is the most gross and disgusting job i have ever done.

As an EMT they tell us if it comes out of a human body we end up wearing it. We get puked on, we get pooped on, we get spat on and we still do our jobs.

OK try getting dead people juice in your mouth. Eeeeeeew.

Know what a human body looks like and tastes like after a week or so?

The lipidic fat gets into our skin and our hair and our fingers to all you taste for weeks is dead decomposing bodies.

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Watch between the lines ...


The truth in this ( cartoon ) is beyond description.
The last 60 seconds are ... priceless

America Look in the mirror. YOU DID THIS!!!

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What is most important to you?

An open ended question seeking open ended answers:

What is most important to you?

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for everything. Have a great birthday, and many, many more! God bless you.

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Time For My Nightly Jam Session II

Zac Brown & Jimmy Buffett - Free w/ Into the Mystic (Live)


"I bow my head to the beauty of music, the Blues carry my soul."

- Johncarter444

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Myers-Briggs Test: What type of personality are you?

In my opinion, it is important for a person's long-term happiness to know themselves - as much as possible. Being aware of what type of personality you have is a valuable asset in that endeavor.

In another post, user matt_ wrote a comment that mentioned the Myers-Briggs Test. After StartPaging the test, I found a simple one that only consists of four questions. I was amazed once I read about the results I obtained.

According to the test, I am of the type ISTP. From Wikipedia:

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David Byrne - Miss America

Anyone else like me, that's never seen this? Sublime and ridiculous and taunting and tragic, yet danceable.


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Liberty Lovers: Create Your Own Culture!

Video from our good friend, Tragedy and Hope. This was posted once here before, but it is worth a repost at this time, due to the transitory nature of this period of the Daily Paul.

Liberty Lovers: Stop trying to fit in to the dominant culture. Stop trying to conform to something that doesn't fit you. Be yourselves, even if nobody recognizes who you are but yourself. That is what Liberty is about. The individual. The self. For what is best for the all. And therefore, the self.

Liberty is the right to be who you are.


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Played a live show in venue, mentioned the Federal Reserve... got applause!

I have my own band. I write Liberty songs sometimes. I don't usually speak into the mic and just move on from song to song, but before I play a particular tune, I always mention how Ron Paul woke me up to what the Federal Reserve is and does. I kept it short this time. All I said was "this song is about the Federal Reserve" and to my surprise, I got a huge applause! Then I kept playing... I can't believe people know what it is now...!Made it an even better night.

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Revised: Music Discovery



For my first post I'd like to share one of my favorite bands with you!
I hope you give em a chance, I've found their music to be very uplifting. Lots of great lyrics with a message of raising your consciousness and freedom (especially freeing your mind)

Enjoy! Here's "Wookiefoot"

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The Mind - Alan Watts

Been a while since I got a video up, thought I'd share it here at the Daily Paul, seen as some of you here enjoy my videos.

If you were only ever to watch one of my videos, I'd ask you to watch this one. Out of all the videos I have created this is one video which I think most people will be able to relate too, including myself. So many of us so easily get trapped in thoughts of the mind.


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I encourage you to bring all your interests here

We all came in from a wide variety of interests and backgrounds. All from someplace different, and we all converged at a moment in time.

It was an era, and now we're entering a new era. Pay attention. There is going to be tumult.

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DP New Member Introduction Thread

Thanks to DPer RonPaulWins for this lovely welcome graphic.

Registration is closed until further notice! If you registered, please be sure to introduce yourself and tell us why you're here. Otherwise you account will be deleted this weekend.

New accounts are initially limited to commenting and voting privileges only. If you are a good fit for the community, your account will be upgraded to full privileges after a week.