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Ron Paul supporters, who are you guys?

A similar thread was originally started by MashTheGas but I guess it was lost with the server crash. It lasted a few weeks with a few hundred responses.

Who are you guys?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
What’s your political history?
What brought you to Ron Paul?

Answer as much or as little as you want. It's great to see what an eclectic group supports Ron Paul.

    note: original thread, found nov 8 2009 ~

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Whats my name and where do

Whats my name and where do i live ..?

Seems i dont know how to post a picture yet ..


I have been visiting this site ever since the last Presidential Primaries. It's amazing how much news is available on this site that is rarely mentioned anywhere else.

While I don't always agree with Dr Paul on everything but he is clearly a deeply well thought out man who "gets" it.

I look forward to contributing where I can.

For our new friends in Liberty

I see some of you posting introductions on this old thread from 2007. Not the best thing to do. Our host, Michael Nystrom, has opened up the door to the ark and invited you in and the community really does welcome you. However, Michael asked that you come in through the front door and introduce yourselves on the thread he made just for you:

This old thread is being pretty much ignored, as it should be. We'd like to welcome you properly so, please use the link and come on in through the front door.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Who Am I?

Who are you guys?
Michael Paul Ron's nephew

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Originally from Lake Jackson
Currently living in Krum TX (West of Denton)

What do you do?
project manager for a consulting company

What’s your political history?
I've worked on Ron's campaigns since i was little, licking mailers and knocking on doors.

What brought you to Ron Paul?
see the last name....nuff said!

very neat!

welcome to the madness

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

You lucky dog!!

Give Dr. Paul an extra hug from me the next time you see him.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Rand Paul

I believe that family always knows us best. After all the banter about Rand running in 2016, I'd love to get your take on him. Is he less of an island than Ron, or is he very good at playing the game?

I'll support him either way, but it may do some on here good to hear it from someone who know him personally.

Who am I to Love Ron Paul?

How old are you?
59, 60 in November

Where are you from?
Born, raised, and presently living in Louisville, Kentucky

What do you do?
I was an Computer Programmer with 25 years experience on Mainframes; presently unemployed for the past 13 years.

What’s your political history?
Mixed until 1982, when I discovered "Atlas Shrugged" and Reason Magazine and an earlier Laissez Faire mail order Book Club.

What brought you to Ron Paul?
I attended the 1988 Libertarian Convention where Ron Paul won the Libertarian Party's nomination for President over Russell Means. A lot of us were very suspicious of Ron Paul (as we were of Bob Barr twenty years later), but he was an Excellent Presidential Candidate. I am pro-choice on Abortion, but Ron Paul was always very conscientious about his position being a respected but minority position within the party. He didn't have to do that,... but he did. Very impressive.

"The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty, but to have a slave of his own."
Sir Richard Burton

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Who Am I? Who Am I?

I am blood kin to the bear that bit Jim Pritchards Arse!

Age: 38

Location: SW Michigan

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Back ground: Sh$t kicking, teeth nashing Army Ranger, Raging Redneck with an IQ.

When: Followed and supported Ron Paul since 2008. Met him in person in 2012.

Political History: I once considered myself a Republican, until the party lost it's freaking mind!

What brought me to Ron Paul: Truth, and the realization that he was the only candidate speaking the truth, even remotely caring about the military personnel, and that had a clue as to how to fix the problems. I guess you could describe it as Plato's cave.

Now I will support his son, as he is the best candidate on the scene.

New member, long time reader

I am a 27 year old pharmacist in training in Georgia. I have been reading the Daily Paul for many years now and I am VERY EXCITED to finally become a member! I was introduced to Ron Paul by my father many years ago. While I am not a hardcore libertarian, I do believe in many of the libertarian values.

Quiet One

Hi. I have been a daily lurker since 2008. I come here everyday for news and to be with my family. I'm not a very vocal person so I never took the time to register. Never dreamed that the ark would close on me lol.

My name is

Joshua Boyd and I am not shy. I am 30 years young from Upstate New York(Think mountains, not city). I am currently employed by Walmart (yeah, I know) working in grocery logistics distribution and warehousing. I would say that I've always questioned authority. Not all things. Just certain things that I knew not to be true. By gosh some years later I know some truth and I feel the exact same way. A friend of mine put me onto Ron Paul and from the first video I was instantly soaking it all up. He was sincere and honest. I had the great privilege of hearing him speak in Ithaca, NY. I'm a freethinker who uses my brain and analyzes. Research and study. Find the truth. My love for humanity is never ending. We are a screwy race for sure. But when we unite we are as strong as anything. Peace and understanding is my goal.

"It's a struggle day and night. But you got to keep up the fight. Real eyes realize real lies. Revolutionize.
Break the chains and hold on tight. Your mind is your souls sight. Think for yourself, stay alive. Revolutionize your mind."

Former Lurker/About Me

OP: How old are you?
Mr.Earthbound: 27
OP: Where are you from?
Mr.Earthbound: Central Alabama (Walker County)
OP: What do you do?
Mr.Earthbound: PhD Student, Biology with a focus on development and evolutionary genetics
OP: What’s your political history?
Mr.Earthbound: I was brainwashed from an early age and for a long time (probably not hard to believe, coming from such a red state). Its depressing to think about it now, but in my high school mock election I "campaigned" for Bush :(... I actually supported that.. (I'll stop myself). By the time the 2008 election came around, I was still on the fence. I could not understand the logic of either party; how could one party support my right to own a firearm, but not the rights of people I knew and loved (or anyone) being able to marry whoever they chose. How could the other party see things exactly in reverse fashion- where's the logic?.. (anyone watch South Park? I felt like the juror whose head exploded in the episode with Jesse Jackson shaking the the doll saying "looking at that silly monkey!") Nonetheless, I voted for... Huckabee in the primary (sick feeling again).
But sometime between the primary and the general of 2008 I saw a video that forever changed things for me:

This just made sense. Cause and effect. It truly was as simple as that. In 4 and half minutes, my entire prior world view just fell apart. I started questioning everything (Fiat Currency, the FED, JFK's death [secret societies speech], MLK's death, 9/11 Commision Report [what happened to the $2.3T that couldn't be accounted for by the Pentagon on 9-10-01, and how did WTC7 fall in such a way?], validity of a state to begin with, and on and on and on. I could go all night but I have a report due in microbiology tomorrow, so...

In short, I wrote in Ron Paul on the general election ballot (2008), voted for him in 2012, and wrote him in again on the general election ballot. I was just as upset as (most) everyone here when he didn't go independent. By the way, I was responsible for convincing my mother, two sisters, and a couple best friends to do the same (6 write ins total if anyone is getting a tally together since the real results will never see the light of day).

I now believe in sound money, non-interventionism, and no entangling alliances with any other nation; I seek 9/11 truth out of love for those that died that day, the thousands of my generation dead and wounded over "their" (the puppeteer's) war, and out of respect for every man/woman who has shed blood or tear for this nation since "the shot heard round the world" was fired. I have lurked the DP for a very very long time (scared I'd be labeled/tagged one way or another), and when I saw earlier this week that registration was opening again I got... well I got "gitty". I am so looking forward to participating, finally, in the awesome, mind opening discussions I have come to enjoy reading, anonymously, so much for so long.

OP: What brought you to Ron Paul?
Mr.Earthbound: See the above.

Thanks Michael for opening the door again. I was afraid I'd missed my chance to be a part of this. And thank you to the DP community for the valuable discussions and insight. I hope I can repay in kind.

~Mr. Earthbound

That video

has been posted in countless forums and posts and is truly awesome to hear yet another American being changed from it.

Welcome Earthbound.

I take it you're into video games as well ;)

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


How old are you? 62 Female
Where are you from? Midwest
What do you do? Computer Programmer
What’s your political history? Republic first, party second
What brought you to Ron Paul? Brother in 2002

I am 24, was a hardcore

I am 24, was a hardcore republican, have been interested in politics and government as long as I can remember. I picked up a Thomas Woods book before the 08 election that was endorsed by Ron Paul and it made me research his politics. Been a Paulite since.

Who are you and why do you want to know?

Somebody had to ask


All over!

52.5 year old funeral assistant from the Commonwealth

I confess that after Ron Paul did not advance in the 2008 race, I became discouraged and apathetic. I know now that it is the cause and message of Liberty that has already won and I must continue its proclamation no matter what. It's is an exciting adventure to see how this message quickens and awakens and calls men of every age and stripe to stand up and own your place in the battle. To esteem guard and protect the liberty of all those whom I encounter has the mutual benefit of affirming my own. He who practices the Golden Rule finds something better than gold-- deepening and satisfying relationship with all whom one lives and trades with.
Peace Respect Liberty

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

I'm responding because I'm

I'm responding because I'm not in the typical Libertarian age bracket.

How old are you?

Where are you from?

What do you do?
Online university faculty and web designer

What’s your political history?
I've always been an independent. In college in the 70's I voted for John Anderson and Ross Perot. In my 20's I was left of center. As I've grown I became more conservative and recently libertarian.

In 2004 I considered myself a Libertarian because I found that conservatives weren't really small government people. I was very unhappy with Bush but didn't know much about Libertarians then until I ran into an insurance salesman who was a Libertarian on the city council. He informed me about it and realized it fit my political view. Although I voted for Bush in 2004, I wrote-in Chuck Baldwin in 2008 (After Ron Paul pulled out of the race and endorsed Baldwin) and Gary Johnson in 2012. I plan on voting for Rand Paul in 2016 (Unless I discover he is just talking the talk without walking the walk)

I'm a dreamer

but I'm not the only one.

42 years old project manager

42 years old
project manager in Healthcare
from Kentucky

Like the majority of the population I was completely removed from the political system.

A guy on my hockey team would spoon feed me quotes from RP in the locker room. It all started to make too much sense so I decided to investigate one evening. Wow. I read and learned more in one year than I did in a lifetime.

Cyril's picture

I'm the socialists' worst nightmare.

I'm the socialists' worst nightmare.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

i am

late 20's
full-time engineer, part time short film star and producer
confused as an early teen
appearance on the COlbert Report in 2007 followed by an all night-er reading "Texas Straight Talk"

I am

From Pennsylvania job bartender
Politics Libertarian Party. Newly elected Township Auditor. Chair of the Lehigh Valley Libertarian Party. Chair of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party youth Outreach Committee.
In 07 Ron Paul taught me I was right.

The R3volution Is Alive and Well!

I am

31 years old
from Germany :)
no interest in politics before I heard about ron paul now i even think about joining a party here in Germany.
A random youtube video brought me to Ron Paul...not sure if you daily paulers realize that RP is still a world wide phenomena

I'm 33. I own a resort on a

I'm 33. I own a resort on a lake in MN with cabins and camping. It's a family business. I got involved in politics because I have a 15 year old son.

why am I here?

I'm a retired architect, British, living in Texas. I used to believe that the state was, well, kinda living in the Dark Ages, what with death sentences like they have in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. After what happened to me on a quiet Sunday morning in Baytown, I'm all for the harshest possible punishment - as payback time for Mr Average.


How are we supposed to know turning right without indicating is A CRIME? It doesn't say so in my Texas Driver's Guidance. It is and I have a criminal record, and Baytown police have my photos and prints.

A lot of what I believe is wrong with America (and maybe I should mind my own business?) DOES matter to me, now I live here. Great country, lovely people . . . but your governmental system is raw sewage. I get a bit steamed up when someone sticks a gun in my face. Takes four or five hundred dollars off me . . . and gives my wife a hard time.

I hear Ron Paul and I think: that guy seems to be on a similar wavelength to me. Give me freedom - or give me my freakin money back!

Texas Police know how to make crime pay

I am a British citizen, recently moved to Texas and this is what happened to me on Sunday, 1st September 2013, starting at 1140 am. It's what I have sent to the police as an official complaint . . . before getting my hands on the Boston T Party book.

Baytown, South Street: a narrow residential street off Garth. In my rear view mirror, a large police vehicle reverses out of a driveway, and travels in what appears to be some kind of urgency the same direction as me, towards Garth. It might be an emergency so I get out of his way so he can turn onto the main road and go about his business. I pull into the empty parking lot of a bank [closed on Sunday]. I wind my window down. Despite the absence of flashing lights and/or sirens, it is even possible the officer might think he has some reason to speak to me.

The police vehicle follows me into the parking lot and I smile at the driver, and bid him: “good morning.”

The policeman, let's call him Officer Meathead (dunno why :o) describes me as being 6’-1” tall and weighing 200 pounds. I am actually a 67-year-old retired pen-pusher, 5’-10” in height and 165 pounds weight, so mistaken identity might explain what happened next.

I am saying I am due an apology. I was charged with making a right turn without indication (ironically, to get out of the large police vehicle’s way) but I am held for five hours and made to pay $740. This, I state in the strongest possible terms, cannot be justified as good policing. This action against me, a law-abiding citizen going about his lawful business, was both gratuitous and vexatious, neither of which luxuries should be made available to a police officer going about his duties.

Officer Meathead gets out of his vehicle, does not bid me a good morning but instead takes a handgun from his holster, points it at me and tells me to get my hands up. I get my hands up. He walks towards me, gun trained at my head and tells me to open the door. Terrified he will shoot me if one of my hands disappears from view, I tell him the door is locked and I can’t open it with my hands above my head. He wants me to open the door. By this time he’s standing next to the door. I ask him whether I’m supposed to switch off the ignition. He says he doesn’t care either way. I turn the ignition off and open the door.

He wants to see my driving licence. I point to my wallet in the door pocket. He picks up the wallet, opens it to show the driving licence and asks me where my licence is. I tell him he’s looking at it: the pink thing in front of him that says DRIVING LICENCE. He removes the licence from the wallet but he does not ask to see any insurance documentation. This is most certainly not normal but I dare not say a word out of place, as Officer Meathead is (to be polite) . . . scary.

He tells me to get out of the car and, so I don’t waste too much of his time, Officer Meathead assists me, turning me quickly around, slamming me against the car door – with an open window so that my chest hits the steel edge of the door frame, instantly smashing my reading glasses.

As my hands are pulled behind my back, I protest that he has just smashed my glasses. He is not in the slightest bit interested. He must think I am someone else. There will be an explanation . . .

I'm British. I have never seen an actual handgun before and I have certainly never had one pointed at me. I have never been in trouble with the police, having committed no offence more serious than four speeding violations in fifty years of motoring. I have never experienced the likes of this treatment before in my life and, I suspect, will never experience it again.

It was my belief that I could only be held, lawfully, in handcuffs until the officer had identified me and given me a summons to appear in court. It does not take ninety minutes to write a ticket for failing to indicate a turn. I have been studying my Texas Driver’s Handbook, July 2012 edition, but I never read that failure to signal is A CRIME. In Britain, it is a sign of laziness and lack of consideration, when other road users may be inconvenienced. In quiet residential South Street on a Sunday morning, there was my car and that of Officer Meathead. Only. Clearly I must have seriously inconvenienced Officer Meathead.

Two police cars show up, VERY quickly, plus another vehicle marked K-9 (although I never see dogs).
For turning right without a signal? This does not make sense (to me).

I do see a sergeant. My handcuffs are eased before I am put in the back seat of the police vehicle, and I am surprised to discover there isn’t actually enough room for an adult to put his feet on the floor. The door is left open and I sit facing two officers, neither of them Meathead, who chat to each other in the shade as folks do on a Sunday morning. After what feels like ten or fifteen minutes (my watch is now behind my back), I ask the officers if I have committed a crime or something. The response is no, not stated as a probability or a possibility. No. I ask if I have in any way been disrespectful and again the answer is no. I ask why I am being held in handcuffs since I obviously do not represent a threat. I am told: “the officer could not have known that.” I ask if I might put my legs somehow inside the vehicle because the sun is starting to burn my knees. No problem.

What happens next is nothing – to me. I watch the three officers check the contents of my car. I have not been shown a warrant to search my car and I have not been asked permission. They look in the back seat, they look in the boot/trunk, they show interest at what's in my camera; interest and and amusement as they leaf through the contents of my wife’s Hello Kitty notebook. They look under at least one Hello Kitty car mat. I cannot be SURE they look in the glove box. A search is a search. It doesn’t have to be a thorough search.

Officer Meathead now painstakingly goes about his business. It appears, from the back seat of his vehicle, to be an exhaustive search into all manner of things on his various computers. There is so much to do, so many buttons to press. It all takes time. I am asked to confirm that my birthday is indeed Sept x, since only in America does the month precede the day in presentation of a date. I do so confirm – our only verbal exchange in maybe an hour (and I am still in handcuffs). The sergeant seems to lose interest in the situation (or absence thereof) and drives away, as does one of the other vehicles.

In due course I watch Officer Meathead print off a long piece of paper (two copies thereof), slowly fold both of them extremely neatly and set them aside. Without another word, the vehicle is set in motion and I note the other police car must be remaining so as to keep an eye on my car . . . (or not). I have not been told I am under arrest; I have not been informed that I am being (or have been) charged with an offence – just hauled off to a police station in the back of a police vehicle with no explanation at all.

For some reason known only to Officer Meathead, I have been and am being made to feel frightened, hurt, worried, annoyed and I have actually been threatened at gunpoint. Whatever is going on, I am conscious that I must display patience. I am shown to a black line, behind which I must stand – and remove my shoes and socks. An officer points at the floor next to me and says: “shoes”. I confirm he is indeed correct. “Give them to me.” I do as I am told. There is some unspoken need to put me in my place.

I am asked various questions regarding my identity and health . . . and shown the holding cell into which I am to go. And wait for one and a half hours. Without charge. I believe there is something called the Sixth Amendment, that requires defendants to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation. What constitutes a reasonable timescale seems to be left to the whim of officers involved. As a British citizen, who has absolutely no idea of what is happening, I am not informed of anything at all for four hours (all perfectly legally, I am sure) and I am not asked whether I require the British Consulate to be informed.

After ninety minutes’ detention in the cell, I am told to go round to a room where my cellmate is being photographed and fingerprinted. I am next. Now seriously confused, alarmed and trembling, I ask the officer if I’m going to be charged with something. He looks at a piece of paper and says, conversationally: “making a right turn without a signal . . . and driving without insurance.”


All the documentation, regarding the brand new car’s registration and insurance, is in the glovebox. I was asked for my driving licence – but not a word was said about insurance. The car is registered in my (American) wife’s name. The car with the Hello Kitty mats. And the oh-so-amusing Hello Kitty notebook. My wife’s name (Mrs Cannon Fodder) is similar to mine, as his her address. When my “evidence of financial responsibility” is in the car’s glovebox, being guarded by a friendly policeman (or being towed away and held to ransom) and I am in a police station, this brand-new subject cannot be discussed to any useful purpose.

I believe the expression is: I have been shafted. Even in effing Baytown, this cannot possibly be authorized regular police procedure: to treat an elderly law-abiding citizen, identified as a foreign national, in a manner specifically intended to cause as much fear and confusion as possible and with such blatant disrespect, cannot be how effing Baytown wants its effing police officers to maintain law and order.

When all official procedures are complete, I am told I can call my wife (whose car is either behind a bank in effing Baytown or being towed away) to let her know that I am being held in jail. She has been told the charges and that she has to find $540 bail . . . cash, to purchase a money order. On a Sunday afternoon, and her car is somewhere in effing Baytown. Or her husband will remain in jail. Instead of responding with: “prove it”, I Do the Right Thing and plead no contest to the turning right, because I don’t know whether there is evidence to prove it or not but, regrettably, I cannot oblige on the other charge as I have indeed met all insurance documentation requirements. I cannot present them in the police station because they are in the car. I did not present them to Officer Meathead because I was not asked . . . nor able, once I had been hauled away. I am informed my No Contest plea is to be treated as my admission of guilt.

Eventually, my shoes and other belongings are returned in two plastic bags. These include half a pair of expensive reading glasses and a long piece of paper. When my wife opens one bag she finds a summons and reads it out to me. I cannot read it myself because Officer Meathead smashed my reading glasses.

When I enquire about the car keys, I discover the car has been towed away from the scene and cannot be returned unless I come up with another $200 cash. If I do not come up with the cash today, no problem – but it will be more than $200 tomorrow, Labor Day. For turning right without indicating – can someone possibly justify this as being reasonable policework?
[Chronology ends 4:00 pm.]

I have formally complained that Officer Meathead did knowingly mistreat me, in a manner wholly inappropriate to the relatively trivial offence. (Ironically, I would not have made the turn if he had not been behind me.) I am formally complaining that Officer Meathead searched my vehicle (and personal contents therein) without my permission, without a warrant and I assert that no grounds that could constitute “probable cause” ever existed.

I am making a formal complaint that Officer Meathead knowingly and wilfully withheld from me the fact that I would, at a time that suited the effing Baytown effing Police Department, be charged with an offence that would, under normal circumstances warrant a ‘ticket’ and that, via-a-vis the driving without insurance, Officer Meathead vexatiously chose not to inform me of this completely spurious so-called offence, nor question me on the matter and, instead of charging me, chose to delay my discovery of the insurance charge so as to cause me the maximum possible inconvenience, distress and – by having the car towed away – maximum financial loss.

Until recently I had believed that, were someone to hold me at gunpoint and take from me $740, it would be a crime and I would expect the police to be of assistance to me.

The Prosecutor dismissed the case and (ah sweet victory) I am to get nearly half my own money back. America: the Land of the Free [conditions apply :o)

Absolutely Sickening!

I am so sorry! What can be done now? What can help?

I'd like to see action taken. Seems NM, CO, and TX have lots of horrendous leos. Worst in the Union? Things should be better in RP's state. Doesn't he speak loud enough?


Unless you look 30, SHAME on them even more! How old is meathead? He needs something kicked. Sgt. needs a demotion, AT LEAST.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.