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Ron Paul supporters, who are you guys?

A similar thread was originally started by MashTheGas but I guess it was lost with the server crash. It lasted a few weeks with a few hundred responses.

Who are you guys?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
What’s your political history?
What brought you to Ron Paul?

Answer as much or as little as you want. It's great to see what an eclectic group supports Ron Paul.

    note: original thread, found nov 8 2009 ~

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nice try, nsa.

nice try, nsa.

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson


already knows who we all are.

Who are you guys? Secret. How

Who are you guys?
How old are you?
between 30-35
Where are you from?
What do you do?
Disabled military. GI Bill college kid.
What’s your political history?
What brought you to Ron Paul?
He's my Congressman. Been writing him letters about debt for about 10 years... preaching to the choir. Wonder if my great great grandkids can sell his replies? I hope so. I truly hope he is not written out of history.

How old are you? 17 years

How old are you?

17 years old

Where are you from?

Beirut, Lebanon

What do you do?


What’s your political history?

Used to be liberal. I know laugh at myself.

What brought you to Ron Paul?

I first saw a friend post a Ron Paul debate video back in September 2011. I was intrigued and started watching more videos and fell in love immediately.

Looking forward to learning more and meeting interesting people!


Freedom. Peace. Ron Paul.

I noticed you said you are

I noticed you said you are reading Human Action. Are you aware that all of the works of von Mises and Murray Rothbard and others are available for free on the Ludwig von Mises Institute website www.mises.org

Some think that Murray Rothbard's Man Economy and State presents the Austrian economics position better than Human Action. His Great Depression is also enlightening.

I found his Planning For Freedom to be a less daunting introduction to Austrian economics because the articles are easier to deal with than the encyclopedic Human Action. Also Planned Chaos.

Enjoy. Be sure to read Griffin's The Creature From Jekyll Island which reviews the history of central banking in America.

Dominick Armentano on the Antitrust laws is excellent.

Ayn Rand addresses the antitrust laws in the first issue of The Objectivist Newsletter 1962-1965

Be sure to see Atlas Shrugged part two the movie is out October 12 www.atlasshruggedmovie.com

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

Thanks for having me

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Des Moines, IA

What do you do?
Software support

What’s your political history?
Typically voted Republican throughout my life until discovering RP about 5 years ago. I had previously been registered Republican but am now Independent. I am willing to register with a particular party to help elect the right candidate.

What brought you to Ron Paul?
I can't remember exactly, but I think a certain friend told me what he stood for during the 2008 election cycle and I immediately wanted to learn more. I finally found a candidate who actually did what he said and actually stood for the same things I did!

24, Florida, Conservative to Anarcho-Capitalist, Civil War

How old are you?


Where are you from?

Old Southern family from Tennessee and Maryland. In the 1980s, my parents moved down to Tampa, Florida for business. A year later, I was born.

What do you do?

Customer-service representative and editor of the company newsletter for my father's franchising business. Taking a bottom-up approach to learning the trade.

What’s your political history?

My first direct encounter with libertarian political philosophy was in high school when I began reading Ayn Rand. In college, I read F.A. Hayek's "Road to Serfdom," which introduced me to Austrian economics and political philosophy, eventually leading me to Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. Later in college, Thomas Woods' "Politically Incorrect Guide to American History" made me question most of what I was taught about U.S. history - although given that my family is a clan of unreconstructed descendants of Confederate veterans, the seeds of revisionism had already been sown. At the time, I considered myself a libertarian-leaning conservative, but was still indoctrinated into believing neoconservative propaganda about foreign policy - one of the "I love Ron Paul, except on foreign policy" types. Slowly but surely, however, Paul's message began to persuade me that the U.S. government's empire is not only costly, counterproductive, and unconstitutional, but also profoundly immoral. Anarcho-capitalist friends of mine gradually convinced me that if conservatives value life and liberty, then war, which is the loss of life and liberty on a massive scale, is the ultimate evil.

What brought you to Ron Paul?

What truly got my attention from Ron Paul, however, was during his 2008 presidential campaign, when he defended secession as a natural right, claimed that taxation without representation rather than slavery was the true cause of the War for Southern Independence, and concluded that the federal government's invasion of the Confederate states was an unjust war of aggression - and all of this on national television. I respected Paul for having the integrity to take a stand on such a controversial issue without any conceivable political benefit to himself. Furthermore, since that issue resonated so deeply with me and my family, at that point I realized that Paul was a truly great man to whom it was worth listening. In fact, what he said about the injustice of the so-called Civil War were decisive in revealing the injustice of the U.S. government's foreign wars which I previously believed were necessary evils. Although Paul would never pander, he was truly speaking my language at that point, and soon afterward I considered myself a full-fledged libertarian. I always had a profound respect for the Founding Fathers - particularly the Anti-Federalists and Jeffersonians - and saw that Paul's unique brand of libertarianism was the heir to that noble American tradition.

"Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors, but today we kneel only to truth." - Kahlil Gibran

How old are you? 18, as of

How old are you? 18, as of yesterday :)
Where are you from? Oregon
What do you do? High School Senior
What’s your political history? Independent till I opened my eyes
What brought you to Ron Paul? Aimes Iowa Debate this year

RP 2012

Just click on my name

My personal profile is in the public domain. I believe the first hint I had of RP was on World Net Daily because I supported GW Bush in 2000 and 2004. I was a Christian Zionist lover of Israel and WND is a Zionist website. However I began to come to in 2005 when I watched America Freedom to Fascism.

Since then my understanding of the principles that Ron Paul spoke about has developed and this year I have seen how the political system in America really works.

It is obvious from all the reading I have done that what we like to call the oligarchy has been dominating the entire government system for a very long time and the nation is already a centrally governed "democracy" with the voting controlled by the oligarchy to suit their selected candidates. This is achieved by their control of the party committee structures, the mass media, the polling corporations and now even more so by their electronic voting systems.

I have concluded that the furore in 2000 in the Florida election with the "hanging chads" was a staged event that was used to bring in the computerised systems that are in use in most if not all States. In other words this entire scheme has been planned for some time just like the perpetual phoney war on terror.

It is difficult to imagine how the Liberty movement can make headway against such a concentration of power. Therefore I believe that it will take the complete collapse of the monetary system and the economy to bring about the conditions for change. This means that Constitutional libertarians must be represented in all the many committees where the political power is held. They must then be prepared to educate their fellow activists in these committees as to the roots of the problems and why they must return to real Constitutional government, sound money and free markets. This can be ongoing of course but until there is a dramatic change in their circumstances most people will be unwilling to listen.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

I'm Sheldon, and I'm an Australian

How old are you?
21 years old.

Where are you from?
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What do you do?
Studying Network Engineering.

What’s your political history?
Before I turned voting age, all I saw was "Red vs. Blue". I picked the side that seemed most popular: Labor Party, or the Socialist/Left.

Growing up, I began to be more aware of the Left-Right dichotomy and the importance of voting for what they stood for. When I turned voting age, I voted for the Liberal Party (Centre-Right, with "Liberal" meaning "Liberal Conservative"), both because they were closer to what I believed in (balanced spending, family values) and because the Labor Party was crumbling (Kevin Rudd was back-stabbed by Julia Gillard.

But something was still amiss... no matter what I voted for, I still felt uneasy about the whole system. The Labor Party was re-elected with the help of the Greens, and the PM is desperately clinging to power.Polictics became a circus. I looked back at the John Howard era, where the economic situation was healthy... but Australia became involved in the War on Terror. If not for that...

If not for 9/11... what would the world be like today?

Flash back to 9/11. I was 10 when I saw the twin towers collapse, on screen that day. I was 10 when I saw the crumbling wall of the pentagon, of the scorched field in Pennsylvania... of the wise President Bush takign the podium and announcing to the world what had happened. I became awakened to the world: there was a place across the pacific called America, and they, being Australia's friends, are under attack. ALL of us were being targetted! We must take the fight to Osama Bin Laden - to their turf - in order to survive.

So we took the fight over to Afghanistan, and Iraq... and we won! Osama now hides, the evil organisation is defeated, we are saved, the heores have won! All can be peaceful now... all can be peaceful...

October 2011. Gaddafi is dead.

I read on the news screen in the city. The dictatorship of Libya is fallen: the rebels have won. Tyranny is over. Only Syria is left, nd Iran, and the rest of the Middle East. Even peace to the Gaza Strip is possible. The Arab Spring is on the way to changing the world.

But why am I not celebrating? Why am I uneasy? Why am I sad? Why am I... empty? Many people died for this, many people fought...

Something is not right here. Gaddafi was a trant, a madman... but Gaddafi is not supposed to be possible.

And now... Al qaeda elements in the rebels... they're supposed be gone by now. Osama was assassinated.

And now I see a photo of Gaddafi and his grandaughter... playing happily together. Something stirred within me, just as much as it did when I watched Osama speak on video for the first time since 9/11. America killed millions of Afghan civilians, stationed in Saudi Arabia, and Osama's greatest revenge was a war of great attrition against the US.

Al Qaeda... Muhajideen... Soviet Union... America... 9/11... Arab Spring...

I can't think... no money, no job, no education, a cold house...

Flash back again. 11th Grade. I stumbled across a worksheet... talking about a planet where tree leaves were declared money, resulting in poverty and hyperinflation. Later, I was talking to a friend about my distate for money.... that something about it was false, but I did not know what.

There's something wrong. The pieces are there. But I have no time or energy to put it together.

What brought you to Ron Paul?

Wikipedia: January 2012.

I was curious about the US elections. Obama was a big disappointment. The Democrats were a bunch of non-conservatives. Hope and change... yeah right!

But the Republicans did not really take my fancy. 2008 saw the rise of the neocons, determined to go to MORE war and BIG spending. Well, I was hopeful someone good was around for 2012.

And so I saw the lineup... Four remain standing. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul. The others were... well, a few familiar neocon faces, but they've dropped.

Who do I research first? I link to Mitt Romney. Not too bad... but not impressive. I gloss over Newt and Santorum. None of them resonated with me.

I link to Ron Paul... And slowly, I'm re-reading what I just read. Am I seeing things? A politician who advocates sound money, personal liberty, non-interventionism... being who we choose to be? Wait, I don't quite get these things, and Wikipedia is just a window.

So I Google. Then I go to Youtube. Then I see the 2007 presidential debate, where I hear, "They attack us because we're over there!" and "We live way beyond our means"... And the more I read and watched, the more I understood. How I am not free, how I am deprived of wealth, how I am living on borrowed time... how I have nothing. In Australia, no less! And how all of this is linked to the U.S. deficit, to money that should not be. Why war is perpetual is also link to that. And the pieces clicked, and clicked, and clicked into place...

One of the biggest revelations was EndorseLiberty's video, Dedicated to Our Troops. Why 9/11 came to be. Why our world is becoming less free. Blowback. The Middle East... spending. The spiral of debt and despair.

But the greatest revelation... was the movement behind Ron Paul. "There is a movement in the making: the world is awakening!" I said to myself. People were working to fight against this system of debt, enslavement and war. And I am now one of them.

Ron Paul gave me hope. A hope in a better future: a hope in a better world!

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.




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Another CA Ron Paul Republican

Lets show them us CA residents love Dr. Paul as our President.

People say we are liberal pansies.

Never mind after reading the post.

Not knocking you though. I thought you were for Ron Paul ideals.

Exercise your rights. Johnson is a little better than Romney. But not any Ron Paul.

Cyril's picture

"Lets show them us CA

"Lets show them us CA residents love Dr. Paul as our President."

Hell, yeah. :)

--An Alien

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Aliens need apply

mid 40's

single dad

registered green party, constitutionalist, libertarian, democrat, and republican.

I kick butt and love at the same time. Even people I don't agree with. Discourse is good and helps to further the amerICAN movement as well as:

Ron Paul
republ I CAN
r LOVE olution

It's spelled out and we love others. We are united. We are Ron Paul.

Cyril's picture

early 40'smarried dad, 2

early 40's

married dad, 2 sons

unregistered (in any party; and never been, on either sides of the atlantic)

American wife says I either work too much or I started to care too much a year ago for what is not even my country. (she's just teasing) I enjoy polite disagreement too. But I can't stand gross ignorance for lack of trying to know better. I love America for its Foundations. I find them UNIQUE and a GEM to protect. Betrayal/Theft started in 1913. Hence, I distinguish easily the People from its corrupt talking heads because the same has been happening in France for 40 years too. I don't care about money. Just to sustain myself and enjoy what I do.

Ron Paul
The Constitution
r LOVE olution ! THAT, for sure.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I am....

Widowed Housewife
Always a Libertarian at heart but voted Republican, just didn't know about the Libertarian party and that I was one!
My personal motto is "free to be governed", I think that explains it!

Age: 22From: Palo Alto,

Age: 22
From: Palo Alto, California
Do: Studying law
Political history: Voted for the Republican nominee in all congressional elections on both the state and federal level. Voted for McCain/Palin for president in 2008, and McCain in the primaries. Used to be a moderate pro-life Republican with some libertarian leanings (Huntsman Republican maybe? I sorta liked that guy), gradually drifted further right wing over the last year. Will most likely vote for Gary Johnson this year if Romney doesn't make any attempts to appeal to libertarians.
Ron Paul: Saw him in the November 2012 debates. He, Johnson, Huntsman, Cain and Perry impressed me. As the rest dropped out, the choice became very easy.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/


How old am I? Teens
Where am I from? New York.
What do I do? Go to school, work in the summer.
What's your political history? Used to support Obama, not anymore.
What brought you to Ron Paul? YouTube.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

While the GOP National

While the GOP National Convention was being held in Illinois, I attempted to aid Dr. Paul by becoming a Delegate. I emailed and phoned my County and Township Representatives. My emails were "BLOCKED" and my phone messages we not returned. After attending the GOP Convention as a "guest", I was amazed how all the Ron Paul supporters were being treated!!
This is a travesty in political justice, when a voice is silenced as a result, and because of, political back-stabbing, payoffs, and "Closed Door Politics"!!!

Most Sincerely,
One ANGRY Voter

National Chair - American Patriot Party

Age 54

Oregon 1964-present


American Patriot Party Chair and promoter 2004 to present for education in the principles of Common Law and Founders intents for small strong Independent Constitutional State Republics and a Very limited and confined federal powers Compact.

Constitutionalist - Registered Republican

Voted Democratic once for Carter; (President Ford enjoyed snow skiing so much he forgot there was a war going on - sound familiar?)
Voted straight Republican until 2008
Voted 2008 Ron Paul Primaries - then Chuck Baldwin for President
Voting Ron Paul 2012 - no other.

In 2007 the APP was looking for someone to endorse as president; Our Florida Chair made a few suggestions of which Ron Paul was one. I looked at his record and political stances which closely resembled our own Constitutional positions of limited federal government, Inalienable Rights and Local Control. After presenting questions to Ron Paul through Matt Hawes of Campaign for Liberty, and having those answered, the American Patriot Party formally endorsed Ron Paul for president in 2007 for the 2008 presidential elections.

These questions to Ron Paul and answers given, are still posted from a link on our APP "Candidates" Page.

American Patriot Party.CC

Inalienable Rights, States Rights, Local Control as Intended.

Reload our website if using google as it is a redirect while working on website; Sometimes google hangs up on the redirect.

Some of our Daily Paul Articles>

MILITIA the True Definition, Intent and the Limitations that James Madison set upon Standing Armies - Quotes:


When the Federal Government Expounds on the General Phrases of the Constitution:


For more, please review our web site "Suggested Reading" founders documents and Year End APP News Letters.

RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.


I'm 236 years old.

I'm from North America.

I stand up for Peace, Liberty, and Truth.

My political history is vast, and has consisted of many changes. I started out a strict Constitutionalist, but over time---and like many others---I was duped into backing Crony Capitalism and a corrupt two-party system, and have been stuck in this rut for the better part of the last half of my life.

I was drawn to Ron Paul because he reminded me of the better times of my youth. A time when personal freedom was first and foremost. A time when we traded in sound money, and only went to war when we needed to defend ourselves. A time when every American took pride in his country because he had something to be proud of. We were "Big Brother" to one another with no need for "Federal Assistance", because we took care of our own. Hard work and self-respect were tantamount, and lethargy had no place. We honored and respected the self-made man and loathed mediocrity. We openly traded with all but befriended very few, always keeping a diligent eye on the rest of the world, protecting ourselves from the corruptions we swore would never be ours.

Yes, I've seen many changes in my life...and now my tears fill New York harbor as shame fills my heart. I long for the happier days of my youth, and Ron Paul is the only candidate that has the honesty, integrity, perseverance, and the plan to make America the pillar of freedom she once was.

With Love and Hope,
Lady Liberty

The lesser of two evils is still an evil.

Who am I?

How old are you? Middle aged

Where are you from? Peoples Republic of Maryland

What do you do? Biomedical research

What’s your political history? Long time ago was a cultural liberal democrat. I became pro-life and for that reason voted GOP, one time for Bush the younger, and have regretted it ever since. I am politically homeless but sort of a small-L libertarian, social conservative, organic food eater and nature freak and constitutionalist.

What brought you to Ron Paul? By far the most consistent, pro-life politician out there especially when you factor in issues of war and torture. And I cry when I see how far the US has strayed so far from its founding principles -life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and all that.


who are you guys?

How old are you? 61

Where are you from? California, but living in France the past 30 years

What do you do? Educational consultant

What’s your political history? Member of SDS in high school; organized against the VIetnam war; in early 20s read Frank S Meyer and F.A. Hayek and became a kind of radical conservative libertarian. After that, vaguely left and/or green.

What brought you to Ron Paul? He appeared as just about the only "politician" in my lifetime to be honest, make sense, and EDUCATE people instead of just going after sound-bites...though all my life I have studied political philosophy, Dr Paul woke me up to the fact that it can't be disconnected from economics. Two years ago I had never read a single book on economics....now, after laying some groundwork, I am starting von Mises' "Human Action"....who'da thunk it??

How old are you? 28 Where are

How old are you? 28

Where are you from? Texas

What do you do? Information Security

What’s your political history? None, until I saw what obama was doing

What brought you to Ron Paul? He's against the wars.

How old are you? I'm 21 years

How old are you?
I'm 21 years old

Where are you from?
I'm from Upland, CA

What do you do?
I'm a student majoring in Psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara. I want to move on to my PhD and conduct research in behavioral neuroscience.

What’s your political history?
I was a staunch Obama supporter and self proclaimed liberal "independent".

What brought you to Ron Paul?
About a year and a half ago on a whim in lab I decided I would look up evidence of corruption and critique of Barack Obama. Boy was I surprised to learn about Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc. and the fact that my candidate of choice took more money from Wall Street than any candidate in history! As we Paul supporters know, that's hardly even the beginning of it. I began to question and educate myself more and I haven't looked back since. Out of curiosity I decided to watch every Republican debate. I immediately fell in love with libertarian philosophy, Austrian economics, and the platform of Dr. Paul!

"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." -Benjamin Franklin

Who I am!

How old are you?
16 years old.

Where are you from?

What do you do?
I work at a seafood restaurant and go to school!

What’s your political history?
I don't have any. But, I've just started interning for Richard Tisei. I disagree with a lot of his views, but it's between him and John Tierney, and Tisei is much better. I guess I'm just trying to understand the political process in case I ever decide to run for anything myself. I think it's a good idea to make political connections that way I'll be taken seriously if I ever ran in the future.

What brought you to Ron Paul?
My grandfather. He was a subscriber to the Ron Paul newsletter and followed Dr. Paul's entire political career. When I asked him about the 2012 presidential race last summer, he told me who he liked the most. Obviously, it was Ron Paul. So I started researching him, read his three most recent books, and started talking to my grandfather about him. Ever since then, my grampy has been teaching me about economics, and has led me to some books that have immensely shaped my thinking. I hope that one day I will be successful in running for either senate or congress that way I can continue teaching what Ron Paul and my grandfather have been teaching people for years.

How old are you? 33 Where are

How old are you?

Where are you from?
St.Louis, MO

What do you do?

What’s your political history?
I was a hardcore Republican and moved towards being an independent

What brought you to Ron Paul?
He believes in all the same things I believe in and has never budged from his beliefs!