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Ron Paul supporters, who are you guys?

A similar thread was originally started by MashTheGas but I guess it was lost with the server crash. It lasted a few weeks with a few hundred responses.

Who are you guys?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
What’s your political history?
What brought you to Ron Paul?

Answer as much or as little as you want. It's great to see what an eclectic group supports Ron Paul.

    note: original thread, found nov 8 2009 ~

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who am i...

Tallahassee, FL
15 yr registered LBT
His libertarian leanings, long ago

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Who Am I?--I'm a PO'd American and I want my country back!!

How old are you? I am 40

Where are you from? The Southern US

What do you do? A Physician, Engineer, and
sometimes Rock Star

What’s your political history? No party affiliation since 18yo., just
registered this year as Rep to vote for
Dr. Paul--mostly Jeffersonian-
Libertarian. Never campaigned b4 this.

What brought you to Ron Paul? A refreshingly honest candidate with a
message that we need. It is now or

I am

a 47 year old country boy, from the woods of North Carolina. Went into the US Navy, served in the Persian Gulf during the Iranian hostage crisis in 79-80. Was uplifted by the Reagan election, only to watch as his TWO terms was hamstrung and squandered. I gave up any hope for our Nation after Pat Buchanan was run out of the Republican party for giving his speech during the '92 convention. Look the speech up on the 'net. It was uplifting to me, MSM sais it was 'hatespeech'.
I have watched from my little 'Eden in the woods', as everything good about America has been eviscerated. Our industrial and manufacturing base has been dismantled and sold to other countries. Meanwhile we have opened our borders to all the dregs from the rest of the world. Here in North Carolina the UNC college system is now contemplating allowing any illegal alien to enroll in college at IN STATE tuition fees, while an American Citizen from, say, Virginia would have to pay Eight times as much as the illegal.
Sorry, I digressed. Until Dr. Paul decided to sacrfice his time and energy to try and save our way of life, I had truly given up. Now, there is indeed, Hope For America. God bless Dr. Paul and his family, no matter what happens.

I am...

a 24 year old from northern Md. I am in grad school and teach private piano lessons and I tutor in Latin. I work in my dad's construction business when I have an off day, because it is great to work with your hands and he pays well =D
Because of the way my birthday fell my first pres. election was 2004. By that time I was sick of the Republicans trampling my freedoms and teh democrats were no better. I cast my vote for Mike Peroutka and the Constitution Party. Ron Paul is one of two or three prominent republicans left who hold to Constitutional principles. I don't think he's perfect but if he is a 9 on a 1-10 scale, the only person running on the republican side who would even register a 1 would be Fred Thompson. And that only because he seems to be a fairly strict federalist.
'Till the election is won...


Aa member of The Council of Foreign Relations they want to tear down the sovereignty of the USA. Sorry he is a neocCON sell out. This is forbiden in the Constitution. ANYONE who is a member of this group is a GLOBALIST. Here is a link for all to see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvMWGNX7HlI

Bush/Clinton voter who switched to Harry Browne

I'm a happily-married 38-year-old medicinal chemist working in pharmaceuticals the last 14 years. I have a girl in high school and a son in elementary who is in a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy.

In Nebraska in 1988 I voted for Bush. I don't know if Paul was even on the Nebraska ballot. I was 19 and thought I had to vote for a Repulicrat.

In Wisconsin in 1992 I voted for Clinton (which I regretted almost as soon as he took office). Also in 1992 I voted for Russ Feingold when he wasn't an incumbent for US Senate. I had wondered about whether voting him into the Senate was a good idea. But his lone stand in the Senate against the Patriot Act made me proud of that vote.

Until 1995 I had bought into the "libertarians are those weird, unrealistic people" mantra without bothering to find out for myself. Then I actually found out what libertarians stood for and realized that there were many out there who thought the way I did.

I found Lew Rockwell which led to many enlightening articles by Browne and Paul. I realized there was at least one person in Congress who I agreed with. In Utah in 1996 I voted for Harry Browne, and then again in Indiana in 2000. In 2004 I voted for Badnarik.

For local elections I have been a registered Republican since 2000, but I have always voted for Dan Burton's Republican challengers and I've always had a Libertarian running against Burton to vote for.

I cannot wait to vote for Paul, but I have to wait until May. I just wish I could vote (and volunteer) in an early state like Iowa or New Hampshire, or a swing state like Missouri or Ohio.

Who I am


Why do you want to know? What have you heard?..........

Just kidding.......
38 year old,
recently divorced father of 2 beautiful girls,
master electrician,
from NH (Live Free or Die", baby,)
and I have come to the movement because I am a Republican who has recently been woken up from my spoiled self-satisfied sleep to see the truth of the world I have helped create. I thought it needed some fixing.
Dr. Paul is the only man running willing to fix our broken down country, or at least start us in that direction.


"Live Free or Die"


I am a 54 year young widow

I am a 54 year young widow in Oklahoma. I found a Ron Paul card on the elevator at work. I saw he wanted to abolish the income tax and he had me right there. I researched him on the internet and I was 100% sold. Since then I have joined a meet up group, I buy lots of slim jims and I talk to everyone i come into contact with. My friends and family are tired of my speeches!!! lol. But everytime I ask someone what their concerns are for this nation, I can direct them to Ron Paul's beliefs! It is amazing how much people want to take control of the country and live by the constitution.Like myself most people have given up on being able to make a change, but this is the movement that is pulling them in. I think the nation and the msm are all in for a huge surprise when primary results start coming out. The sheeple are waking up! (and they are saying ENOUGH!)

Formerly rprevolutionist

WE ARE ---->

34 yrs old
Saint Charles, MO
Network Engineer
Political History = ZERO
Brought to Dr. Paul by the thought of my 11 yr old son asking me one day "Dad, how come you guys didn't do anything to stop them"

43 NOLA, Dallas,

NOLA, Dallas, Texas

Director of Sales, Tech Company.

Republican since I was 6 years old. Voted for Reagan, Bush, skipped 92/96, than voted for the lil dictator who is in now in 00/04.

Being on FR and reading all the anti comments about RP being a kook, surrender monkey, anti american and blah, blah blah and the few who supported him and defended him rather professionally made me become interested in him.

If he does not win the primaries, I hope we can encourage him to run 3rd party to save this country.


39 Live in Cali, grew up in


Live in Cali, grew up in Missouri

Im a law student (yeah, second carreer), former tekky.

Life long Republican, got involved in Libertarian party for a while, found them too naive and argumentative to get anything accomplished

I have been waiting my whole life for this candidate and this group of people. I have always believed deeply in the philosophies of the founders, particularly the antifederalists and Jefferson, but i had simply given up.

Then I happened across a vid on digg of someone wearing an open sidearm and facing down the police harrassment on youtube. (Thanks again DADA.) I looked into the FSP because of it, and even though I was not well received there because of my Jeffersonian/populist minarchist version of libertarianism, (they are mostly An-caps), they did introduce me to Dr. Paul.

Who are you guys?

How old are you? 41
Where are you from? Born & raised in Iowa, lived in several countries.
What do you do? 21 year Defense Contractor, I work with our fellow soldiers on a daily basis.
What’s your political history? Young & dumb - Democrat, Mid 20's I stopped watching the evening news and became a conservative Republican. Early 30's discovered Harry Brown and the Libertarian party, became a gun owner. Foolishly voted for Imposter-in-Chief.
What brought you to Ron Paul? The first debate, realizing all the candidates of both parties, except Ron Paul would continue the illegal occupation of the middle east.

Brian Sydnes
USAF Veteran
Defense Contractor

In the immortal words of James Stockdale.........

Who am I and what am I doing here?

How old are you? 43
Where are you from? Tampa, Fl
What do you do? Nuclear Engineer
What’s your political history? 1st United We Stand, 2nd Libertarian
What brought you to Ron Paul? message

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!

How old are you? 22 Where

How old are you? 22
Where are you from? Florida
What do you do? Test Repair Specialist/College Student
What’s your political history? Traditional Republican/Libertarian
What brought you to Ron Paul? The Constitution, Ron Paul's honesty, voting consistency, freedom, and privacy. Ron Paul stands for freedom. Ron Paul Stands for America!

Who am I?

Age: 49
Where: Texas
What: custodian/college student, son, father,disgruntled American citizen and Ron Paul Revolutionary.
Political History: Republican for 31 years and proud to say Dr. Paul is the only Republican I have ever voted for.
What brought me to Dr. Paul?: Lady Liberty shines the Light of Freedom with her torch and She is crying out for HELP!!! It is my duty as an American to heed the call and face all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and fight for Truth, Justice and the Constitution!!!! Dr. Paul is our champion and my hero.

This thread would make a Great AD

Reminds me of the Ron Paul People Collage. Just set it to music and scroll through it. Maybe voiceovers here and there. We could just clear any info that is too personal. Splice in Images or Video of RP and massive rally crowd shots.

Young Vermonter

How old are you? 20 year old female
Where are you from? Northern Vermont
What do you do? I'm a business student at Vermont Tech

What’s your political history? I've always been interested in politics. My father is chairman of the Constitution Party in VT and I have very similar views to him. The Republican party has strayed from its foundation. In VT, they are more like Democrats, and the Democrats are Progressives/Socialists. I'd guess I'd call myself a Constitutionalist.

What brought you to Ron Paul? I've known about Ron Paul for years - that he was one of the few honest politicans in our government. As soon as I heard he was forming an exploratory committee, I knew I'd support him for President.

How old are you? A. I'm 61

How old are you?
A. I'm 61 years old.

Where are you from?
A.Ron Paul's Congressional District in The Great State of Texas.

What do you do?
A.Retired and work as a volunteer in the good Dr.'s campaign.

A. What’s your political history? Independent.

A. What brought you to Ron Paul? There are a number of reasons. Ron Paul's Washington Office is the only one that has answered my questions openly and honestly. If it hadn't been for Ron Paul's help I would have never been able to negotiate the Veterans Administration maze. Without his help it could have taken years to receive compensation for injuries I received in Vietnam. I trust Ron Paul and I agree with most of his views. I believe him and I believe in him. Whether I agree or disagree with all of his ideas regarding bringing about change in our government is irrealevent. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Paul will work in the best interest of our country and it's citizens.

John Price

Who are you


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

see below

see below

I am.

I am 38 years old. I am originally from southeastern New Mexico, but I live in Jersey City, NJ. I am going to law school, so I really don't have much free time at the moment. I have been a Libertarian party member since 1989, but I changed my affiliation so I can vote for Ron Paul in this year's election cycle. I have known of Ron Paul since the 1988 presidential campaign.

"Free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence; it is jealousy and not confidence which prescribes limited constitutions." Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

Who am I

How old are you?

Where are you from?

What do you do?
Appellate Lawyer

What’s your political history?
I read the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged at about age 16. I have "mellowed" from this but have been an off and on Libertarian since the party was founded in the early '70s. I periodically get very angry at something the government has done and become more active. The Bush administration has inspired MASSIVE anger!!

What brought you to Ron Paul?
I do not live in Paul's district, but I have supported his Congressional campaigns from afar since his early battles with Bob Gammage. I was happy but skeptical when he announced his run for President, and I am surprised and delighted that he has gathered so much support!

Ok my turn

51 yr's old, Cedar Hill Texas, Computer tech for dental offices, was a neo-con,voted for George Where's the fence Bush twice, (please forgive me) I actually wish we would impeach the guy, I have voted republican all my life and this may be the last time, I was converted when ghouliani stuck his foot in his mouth during fox debate when Paul was explaining the 9/11 reasoning.

Once I was lost but now I See!

For Those Concerned

I am 28 years old, I am married with a 1 ½ year old.

I have spent most of my life in Massachusetts, New Orleans and abroad. I currently live in Lowell, MA.

I work in the family business. I have been an inner city school teacher in New Orleans, a Peace Corps Volunteer in Asia and a school owner in Africa.

I am a member of Mensa and an avid traveller. I have travelled and lived in South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

My first political inclanation came when I was 7 years old and I read Watership Down. I decided then that I was against authoritarianism and sacrificing freedom for the sake of safety.

When I returned home from abroad in 2006, I felt like I returned to a country I didn’t now. I almost gave up hope on this country forever. Ron Paul and especially people like you restored my faith in America.

If we make all information public, we take away the power that information holds. If any government thinks I am doing something wrong, I want them to “see it without their spectacles.”


How old are you? 26
Where are you from? Manchester, NH
What do you do? Sales
What’s your political history? Very apathetic
What brought you to Ron Paul? I saw him in Aaron Russo's film a year ago or so and fell in love with his stances and integrity and honesty when i did my research.


Hi - David from NY - 40 years old and have not voted for the past 12 years because I have been so bitter about our leaders and their lies.
I have found Ron Paul and his words speak to me in a way that makes sense for peace and true freedom. I live a humble life and work in the field of wildlife, studying cougars and bears for WCS.
I found Ron Paul through the net, and it's easy to see why the mass media fear him, they fear the truth! RON PAUL SPEAKS THE TRUTH!

We need someone like Ron Paul to turn this country around, I support everything that comes out of his mouth.

Ron Paul Rocks!
David - NY

I hope to be free

I am 40, a veterinarian, a farmer, a homeschool mom of 4, from upstate NY. I have been green party all the way. I found out about Dr. Paul while following the Ed and Elaine Brown case. I am so inspired by his integrity that I have switched my party so I can vote in the Republican primary. I tell all my clients about Ron Paul. I am working with an artist friend to put some signage up on my property overlooking a major highway this month. I am also sick of being so regulated that I fear for my business and farm constantly. I think Dr. Paul is the only candidate who will try to bring back freedom in this country. I am also well aware that with freedom comes personal responsibility, and am willing to continue saving my own money towards retirement, and paying for my own healthcare. I am very excited to see what will happen in the primaries. Go Ron Paul!

A Hippy 4 Ron Paul!How old

A Hippy 4 Ron Paul!How old are you?

Where are you from?
A: Carolina Beach,Nc

What do you do?
A: Im a part's sale's Rep for Freightliner,International,Isuzu,Mack & Volvo!

What’s your political history?
A: I have always been a registered Republican due to my Pro-Life Stance!

What brought you to Ron Paul?
A: I think it was really hearing all the candidates saying the same things and I didn't get that feeling when hearing Dr. Paul speak he brought allot of new things alot of real things this country is faced with the falling dollar...restoring the constitution. And when he mentioned ending the IRS i was blown away cause there is NO LAW stating we must pay a Income Tax! I seen him in a few videos and reviewed his voting record and i have been a loyal support ever since from rallying for Dr.Paul every weekend,sign making,traveling to hear him speak and I plan on being there till the very end!

A Hippy 4 Ron Paul!