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Ron Paul supporters, who are you guys?

A similar thread was originally started by MashTheGas but I guess it was lost with the server crash. It lasted a few weeks with a few hundred responses.

Who are you guys?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
What’s your political history?
What brought you to Ron Paul?

Answer as much or as little as you want. It's great to see what an eclectic group supports Ron Paul.

    note: original thread, found nov 8 2009 ~

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Paul Fever

I'm 58, 30 yrs in OR. 28 in AK. always a conservative Repub, but started becoming skeptical during the Bush terms, slowly warmed up to the views of Ron Paul and now I'm hooked! Thanks to my FB friend Lynette! And THANKYOU RON PAUL! No matter what happens we will always be indebted to you!

My name is Larry Dalton

I am a 52 year old who has an identical twin brother named Terry (aka Will Powers...see yahoo blogs). I live in Cherry Valley, IL.

I am from a family of GOP supporters. My Grandmother Nell Dalton was the GOP person who ran the southern half of Cape Girardeau County in MO. Rush Limbaughs Dad was their lawyer, he ran the north 1/2 of Cape county. My Dad, Bill Dalton saved the younger Rush from suffocating in a grain bin accident in Delta MO. Whoops?

My brother and I run an environmental consulting company in Illinois. We are making a difference in the way Gas Stations are cleaned up in Illinois. Instead of Digging and hauling contaminated soil to a landfill we clean it up in place. We use Hydrogen Peroxide to convert gasoline to CO2 and water in a process known as Fentons Reagent. You can see our process by going to you tube and typing "newdayenvironmental". FYI you can see my son Quincy playing guitar there as well.

We were supporters of Ross Perot and then lost hope, until now.

Go Ron Paul
"You can fix Stupid"

This time don't give us Barabbus!

I'm 38

I'm 38, married with 2 kids, and we live in Wyoming. I was one of the grassroots organizers for our state. I home school our kids and I have my own online business. Previous political experience as a tea party organizer, past president of my Republican Women's club and I'm a GOP precinct woman. In early 2008 I was a Huckabee supporter, but I was converted to Paul while reading The Revolution, a Manifesto while riding with my family to the Rally for the Republic in MN. I've been a Paul supporter ever since that weekend. That was an awesome event!

For Ron Paul

I'm a 24 year woman, 2 kids, and a wonderful husband. We live in a suburb of Houston, TX. Since I learned about Libertarian-ism, I have been one ( probably about 16/17). Ron Paul has finally brought my husband over from the Establishment GOP, and he is a fervent Ron Paul supporter these days! I think that when we saw him at University of Houston, it sealed the deal for him. I am in my last semester of school- Will be a substance abuse counselor, and yes, I'm still for decriminalizing drugs- or, at the minimum, leave it up to the state. My husband is a residential electrician, and uses that as a platform to spread the word...

My home page on my internet browser is DailyPaul...love seeing all the support that the MSM blatantly ignores. I have been, probably fruitlessly, sending weekly messages to various "News" companies, informing them of my distaste for their obvious favoring of Mitt Romney- and how unfounded it is.

Anyway, hope to get to know some of you!

-Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies--RON PAUL 2012!!

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here we go again

another thread of a user with the wrong bait
who cares who we are?
who are you?
where do you live?
how many kids do you have?
are you married?
is your other,an opposite?
did you vote last election cycle?
do you own a dishwasher?
do you think you own your own house?
how many cars do you think you own?
did you register as a dem or rep?
what color is your hair?
do you have all your teeth?
is your water fluoridated?
do you have a well?
is the color of your hair brown?
is this irritating you?
how much money is in your wallet?
do you have an ira?
do you have a 401-k?
are you employed?
if so where?
if employed,for how long?
if unemployed,are you independent?
how much after taxes did you make last year?
if unemployed are you on unemployment insurance?
if so for how long?
did you go beyond the maximum extensions?
what is your name?
how long have you had said name?
did your mom or dad give it to you?
do you use viagra?
if so why?
if not why not?
are you on social security?
if not then state the reasons why or why not?
is your home on a cal du sac
if not how come?
if so why?

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

we're here to stay

im austin. im 19 years old. im from bergen county new jersey. i just graduated high school. i founded and run a small non profit organization, a work for a construction company and build houses, and im also currently in school to acquire my real estate license in the state of new jersey. i grew up with an independent father who seemingly supported no candidate running for any office, a conservative mother with beliefs leaning towards the tea party even though she never supported it and a conservative sister as well as a conservative brother in law. ive always been an independent at heart though i havent voted in an election, until this upcoming one on the 5th of june for the new jersey gop primary. ive always sort of been a libertarian though never supporting the party. i believe in personal liberty, forgiveness, unity, the truth, and loyalty to those believes. we can no longer choose between the left and the right. they are the only sides we have, we cant abandon one for the other. we need to work with eachother to solve our countries problems and that is why you should support ron paul. he is the only candidate willing to compromise with the left and the right. obama is moving "forward" and mitt romney continually moves to the right, as he wanders farther away from the middle. 20 years ago he was an independent and now hes no longer even considered a moderate, though he whole heartedly supports federal health care, how strange. its more than clear that neither are fit to represent the people of the united states of america. ive always studied politics, no one has a more realistic and unradical view of wide spread positive change as well as sacrifice for the greater good of the american people

Save us Ron Paul

I am 57 years old and have been a registered independent for 39 years. I have been self employed in the maintenance business my whole life. I believe in small government and freedom. This is a moment in time we must not let slip away. Dr. Paul has always stood by his principles and we can all trust in that. He can and will guide us to a better future. My grandson needs that as do my children. You have my vote Ron, never give up till the votes are counted !

Attending Cal State Fullerton speech tomorrow.

New supporter of Ron Paul

I m 41 years old and have always been independant.
A man was scouting my neigborhood and I listened to
what he had to say. He gave me material to read
and a DVD of Ron Paul to watch. I changed my denomination
to Republican as I believe in Ron Paul. I found it inspiring to
hear his voice as others became speechless. change is difficult and
I will probably be laid off when he becomes our next president
but he is right. How will we ever get back to the road
of peace, debt free if we don't make radical changes. if that means that
I would need to start over and find a new career than thats what I do. its about time we get a President in office who does not fear anyone but the Lord himself. I work for a non profiency (the W.I.A.)as a program specialist. I live in Oregon. I am here to support Ron Paul who can move Obama out of office and i believe Ron Paus our future and the realistic way to regaining freedom. i think the people who dont vote for him are those who live in fear of going without.

Change is never easy,but its the only way to move forward.

President Ron Paul!~

How old are you?_53
Where are you from?_Upstate NY
What do you do?_I can fix or repair almost anything
What’s your political history?_I've always voted Independent. Now I'm getting involved as a republican. Agenda 22 - We the people take it back.
What brought you to Ron Paul?_His common sense approach to government, His staunch belief in the constitution, and his honesty. I also like that he's a God fearing man, with morals and ethics. He has shown his true colors his whole career.

All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
(unknown author)
"Action is Eloquence" - Shakespeare

Who I am

How old are you - 33

Where are you from - Pittsburgh, PA

What do you do - I am a mathematician with skills in applied math and applied Austrian economics. This may sound a little strange, but I actually was rejecting the monetary system subconsciously since I was a teenager. When I learned the equation of compound interest, I knew that the system was fundamentally flawed. I also briefly studied physics.

What’s your political history - Republican Party 1996-2003, Green Party 2003-2008, Libertarian Party 2008-2012, Republican Party 2.0 2012-present.

What brought you to Ron Paul - I had been trying to ascertain the source of the anomaly I discovered in the equation of compound interest. Ron Paul finally pointed me in the right direction. It comes from the Federal Reserve, and mathematically speaking, the monetary system is fundamentally flawed. I have come to the conclusion that a sound monetary system with a gold and silver standard is the intermediate phase in moving to a resource based economy as described in Zeitgeist Moving Forward. What Ron Paul is describing to me is a money system where the value of the money slowly creeps up over time because of increased mechanization. This means that over time, people will need less and less money. In order for the to happen, I believe that the following must be imprinted on the Constitution to prevent this from being derailed.

The practice of fractional reserve banking is hereby prohibited.

Police officer in training

I'm 21 years old currently attending a 4 year University in northern Minnesota studying criminal justice and I will soon be looking for a career as a police officer. Unlike many other Ron Paul supporters, I still believe in the justice system. Its a broken system, but i believe they if we take law enforcement back to its roots (decentralized and local rather than federal) and have one that upholds, and adheres to, the constitution, then the system can be fixed. I am staunchly conservative when it comes to the size and role of government. What brought me to Ron Paul was his stances on the war on drugs. Outside of what you may think of those of us in the criminal justice field, many of us recognize the massive failure of the drug war. RP was the only republican who is willing to attack this issue logically.

Encouraging biography

...thanks for the post!
It's nice to hear about a young person with common sense going into law enforcement! Many students lose their common sense about the 3rd year.

(don't let them "educate" your common sense away)LOL

i will be 23 on June 5th

i will be 23 on June 5th (cali's primary, hoping it will be an awesome birthday :)) i am from Bakersfield ca, i grew up confused about politics because i found myself agreeing with liberals and conservatives and couldn't figure out how we got from 'little house on the prairie' to the mess i grew up in. it wasn't until i met my husband in 2010 and he made me watch a Ron Paul video on youtube that i suddenly figured out how wrong my thinking had been. i had gone so long thinking, 'why can't the government seem to figure this stuff out?' that it never occurred to me that it wasn't the government's job to figure it out, it was mine and ours. since then i have been a proud Paulbot and have learned more about economy, government, and the constitution than i ever did in all my years of public school. finally understanding what liberty means has changed my life and i am proud to be a part of such a pure, well informed, and revolutionary movement.


I saw this board, looked like fun, so I signed up. I rarely do that.
I'm 54 from North Dakota. I first discovered Dr Paul 'March 1983' through a magazine called 'Mother Earth News', the 'Plowboy Interview' to be precise. Dr Paul talked about the monetary system and filled in all the blanks I'd already been looking for. I've been an avid admirer of Dr Paul ever since.
I've been writing RP's name on the ballot for years, even when he wasn't running, simply to protest the alternatives put in front of me. I've talked quite a bit about him over the years and was kind of pleased when the mayor approached me to tell me he'd just seen Ron Paul on the TV for the first time, and he thought of me right away. One of those moments when I was reminded that we as individuals can make a difference.
I've been fighting this fight a long time, using the limited tools I've had to work with. I'm convinced that getting the message of real liberty to as many as we can is the most important thing we can do. Let's keep it up.

I am

23 years old, born and raised in the Salem area of Oregon.
I'm finishing out the remaining few months of my 4 year enlistment with the Marine Corps, and will hopefully be back in school immediately following.
I've been following Dr. Paul since 2008, and am proud to say my first vote went to him. My wife and I have made a good effort (I think) to donate and spread the message (it's difficult to volunteer directly while deployed).
Around my military brethren I'm definitely the "Ron Paul guy", but I've gotten more than a few to hop on the bandwagon ;).
I was brought to Dr. Paul via a "Google Ron Paul" bumper-sticker.
I've been doing my reading; fell in love with some great liberty-minded writers and anticipate my chance to make an effort with my local Libertarian/Republican/Constitutional (etc.) party, wherever I happen to be in the near future.
The Daily Paul has been my source for Ron Paul/campaign news since 2008, and I figure it's better late than never to get myself on record as a DP'er.
This community has been a rock for me over the years, and hopefully I can contribute positively in the future.

who I am

I would have never heard of Ron Paul if it was up to mainstream Media. I have 3 military sons, and another son who told me about Ron Paul in 2007. He was too young to vote when he tried to become a delegate, so I ran as an alternate instead in Louisiana. The LAGOP had a slate that said Family Values, and Reagan Values, and those votes went to Huckabee. Glad to see we learned a few things this time around. Here is what I put on Facebook tonight when a person said that he felt only Liberals voted for Paul.

I have been a Republican for 40 years, and I voted for Ron Paul. And I took another 87 year old Republican with me who voted for Ron Paul. I think that the Republican Party is the one that changed, not me. In the 70's we wanted smaller government, rights to own guns, protect the Constitution, personal liberty, (remember Kent State), I was in college then. We used to believe in the Space program, as proving we were powerful. We got out of Vietnam when Reagan was President. I, as a proud Republican do not apologise for voting for Ron Paul


Quick Summary

I am 23 years old, live in Seattle, WA, and I am unemployed (but will hopefully have a job soon in the Pike Place Market!)

I am a Libertarian. My political history is essentially non-existant, however, last election I leaned toward Obama... but was not registered to vote at the time. No candidate has ever stirred any passion in me to want to vote. My mom got me interested in Ron Paul near the beginning of the month and I've been brushing up on my politics considerably over the course of the month! Definitely hoping Ron Paul makes it to the convention! He's swayed me into registering to vote within a week of discovering him! I've transformed my facebook into a temporary tool to inform my family and friends of the media blackout mainly... cluing them in that they are being lied to! :) So far, I haven't gotten any negative response or any lost friends, so I think I am doing my job well!

Glad to have found DP and will continue to support the cause in various ways! :D

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

What Brought Me to Ron Paul.

1) Ludwig von Mises logical demonstration that free-market economy (without government involvement in anything accept protecting individual liberties, properties & contracts) is good for everybody, including the POOR in the long run. Under free market, it will be simply more jobs and less poor and new technologies (that benefit all) will be invented and implemented much faster.

2) Ayn Rand's idea that individual liberty that comes from natural law is not only an axiom of Libertarianism (as Rothbard claimed), but derives from objective reason. Later some Austrians indirectly confirmed that Rand was right by using "Argumentation" approach to natural law.

3) Even though, Libertarian movement cannot win hearts & minds of the majority for a long time to ensure a stable free society without first replacing the collective MORALITY of both religious people and atheist progressives, Ron Paul attraction is that he understands that liberty includes the provision to allow a person to be left alone. Ron Paul is the only politician who understands the constitution, free-market economics, monetary policy and some of Ayn Rand ideas of personal liberty that Libertarians copied from her in 50's and 60's.

I'm 28 from Virginia and I am

I'm 28 from Virginia and I am a DoD Contractor. Never been involved in politics until after I left the United States Navy, because of the rules about political activism etc. I was turned on to Ron Paul from my younger brother who is in Kentucky. He liked Rand Paul and Ron Paul and decided to show me some videos from Youtube. Needless to say I was sold. His views mirrored a fair deal of my own and his message seemed to stay consistent for years.

I'm 28.I'm from Detroit.

I'm 28.

I'm from Detroit.

I'm a graduate student studying Physical Chemistry in Los Angeles.

Political history? Voted for Bush in 2004. Yup... I bought into his whole "bringing peace to the middle east" bullshit. I wasn't "awake" back then until I started watching documentaries about 9/11. Then naturally I began listening to Alex Jones and watching all of his videos. But I think it was Zeitgeist that actually got me researching about the FED and I think that's how I found out about Ron Paul. I honestly don't even remember exactly how I found out about him, but it was in 2007 for sure.

Oh, and obviously voted for Paul in 2008.

I'm 22 years old and from a

I'm 22 years old and from a town a little north of Austin, Texas. Been a big Ron Paul supporter since early 2007... Right now, I'm doing a postgraduate degree in geomatics engineering. Financial and foreign policy issues brought me to Ron Paul.

Welcome! I'm from Austin

Where do you live? I used to live in Leander and Liberty Hill. Now I live in North Austin.

One more important question...

what are you doing to promote the cause of Liberty?

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Becoming more familiar with eachother

will make us stronger in the end I guess! :P

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

Same answer as the last 3 times you asked this...

We're delegates and we won't tell you who we are... We're secretly undercover Paul agents pretending to be Romney backers! When we get on the floor, we're not going to vote on the first round. We won't take your Goldman Sachs money to change our votes. Try it, it will backfire on you. We are principled. We are taking over the GOP. The great thing about delegate strategy... (unfortunately for the old established power network)... good people are being permanently inserted into the political process: for good. In increasing amounts, new patriots will run for office. New party leaders will take over as fast as King County WA did. Liberty spreads like brushfires. Sleep well, the party is over. To add insult to injury: To change agents and social engineers: just think, 45 years of trying to dumb down and brainwash entire generations though Rand/UNESCO... effectively being reversed across the world! All by one humble man and his REVOLution! With any luck you won't have another computer crash.

If you ARE undercover,

why to blow up your strategy and tactics while basking in the thought that you are protecting names?

Get down to the ground from that cloud. Predicting future is a very arrogant thing to do especially after seeing how Rothbard stole Ayn Rand ideas without giving her credit as well as recent break down of the Tea Party. Do not oversell, your boasting comes from inner insecurity. If the FED & CIA can generate trillions on demand, a private bank with digits in its computer (Goldman Sachs or not) cannot buy the government.

My Life & Times

Thanks for the site.

I'm a fifty-something New Yorker currently residing in a liberal stronghold called the Hudson Valley.

My political views became established in my twenties as of a trip to East Germany, i.e., prior to THE WALL coming down. Eye-opening.

I came to define those views as "libertarian" when, living on the West Side in the city, I became a volunteer for the campaign of the libertarian-conservative running against Bella Abzug. Good thing we all had a sense of humor. With no funds to correct a printing error, we handed out bumper stickers that read, "HARVEY MICHELMAN FOR GONCRESS." Libertarians have come a long way since the mid-70's!

Those guys turned me on to Ayn Rand. And the rest is history - with one caveat. I have as much trust in big corporations as big government. The founders never intended for corporations to wield the influence they do. Unfortunately, some misanthrope SCOTUS judge, in writing the majority opinion in Santa Clara County v. The Southern Pacific Railroad, set the precedent by which corporations came to enjoy "human rights." But that's a different story.

Last time around, when Ron Paul did not get the nomination, I looked for the Libertarian line and cast my vote for someone whose name I never heard of. I will not again vote Republican unless and until the candidate is of Ron Paul's ilk.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


Just thought I'd say hello and send a thank you to the good folks who put this site together. I'm coming up on 39 (hope you don't blame me for our ills, :)) Anyway, I've been involved with liberty and Ron Paul since about 1988 when, as a young teenager, I heard his message. The ups and the downs, the highs and the lows can't begin to tell my story. Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself. May peace and blessings fill your life,

The Still-Wondering guy from Chicago

Enjoy life and all wonders within. Wars on Drugs before declaration. Poor but freedom was near. Comedies of the man who used to toss joints to the crowd like it was legal. Let's play Paperball for Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydp2qMyVkbo

That's a deep question

Well to answer that I am a recently awakened citizen who has been cured of my apathy. 6 months ago I couldn't care less about politics. Now I absolutely enjoy researching the topics Dr. Paul mentions in his speeches and would not have correlated them before with anything political.

Sometimes I wonder, how could so many people still be voting for anyone besides Ron Paul? Then I remember not too long ago I hadn't even heard of him. Pretty much as soon as I started hearing what he had to say, I was a supporter and hooked on getting more information about the cause of liberty.

For all you Paulers, remain vigilant in reaching out to people- so many people need to hear about this movement and I believe so many more would absolutely change their mind if they heard the truth!



My name is Paul Wasicka

I'm from Louisville, Colorado

I'm a small business owner and poker player

I've always considered myself as Independent because I like & dislike different things about each party. I now consider myself a Libertarian.

I've never been heavily involved with politics, mostly because I'd never been drawn to a candidate. I voted Obama in 2008 because I thought he would be the peaceful candidate. I think Obama is very close to becoming a totalitarian dictator. I want Obama out of office, but I can't vote for Mitt Romney simply because he is the frontrunner. I have to vote with my conviction. Ron Paul's consistent message of liberty and foreign policy were all I needed to hear to not only earn my vote, but become an activist for the cause.