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Ron Paul supporters, who are you guys?

A similar thread was originally started by MashTheGas but I guess it was lost with the server crash. It lasted a few weeks with a few hundred responses.

Who are you guys?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
What’s your political history?
What brought you to Ron Paul?

Answer as much or as little as you want. It's great to see what an eclectic group supports Ron Paul.

    note: original thread, found nov 8 2009 ~

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Who I am

How old are you?

I'm 25

Where are you from?

Charlotte, North Carolina

What do you do?

I'm a student of nutritional science at a local university. I also work at one of the local YMCA's here in town and wait tables a couple of days a week.

What's your political history?

I started researching the ideas of Libertarianism right before I found out about Dr. Paul which was early this year. I was non political before then. I was very apathetic to the whole process before this time.

What brought you to Ron Paul?

I had just started delving into the corruption of our current government and had become a little hopeless after researching the history of government corruption and things of the like. I remember, after a few weeks of studying how hopeless the situation seemed to be, one of my friends mentioning Dr. Paul. I remember thinking "yeah right, just another dirty politician who's probably full of corruption." How wrong was I!?! I dug and dug as hard as I could to find some kind of corruption with Dr. Paul, thinking that ALL politicians were corrupt. I was suprised and delighted after much research that Dr. Paul is the real deal.

I'm a great fan of Jefferson and Franklin and had always asked myself: where are those men of quality today? I found the answer in Dr. Paul. When researching into the corruption of our government, I felt like all hope was lost, until I found Dr. Paul. Now I know that this is probably our only chance to restore any kind of respectability and reason to our government. The great nation of America has fallen victim to the will of a few, to the elite. That was never supposed to happen and I feel that Dr. Paul is the last resort for Americans to truly live out the ORIGINAL American dream, not the distorted dream of making more money so that you can pay more taxes to the elite.

P.S. I hope to see some of you in SC today for the rallies, I plan to be at all of them.


Who are you?

I just read were the Government wanted to know what books people read so they could keep a file on them.

Makes me wonder who are you?

I just put on my tin foil hat!


It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

It does make you wonder...

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

Yes it does!

Who are you? And why do you want to know who we are?

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

I know. OP - identify yourself please. Don't leave anything out.

Wisconsin would like to know.
*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *


33 years old.
Biologist working HIV vaccine
I was lucky enough to tell the Reno Gazette the rest. see link below.


let's see........

Embarrass, MN--Northern part of the state where it gets really cold (national lower states record -64)
QRC (Qualified Rehab Counselor)
Very liberal (rebellion against Rep. parents) Got older, married, had kids and changed to the Rep. party. I believed the lies of the early 90's (Newt and co) as well as George W. Now I'm a fiscally conservative Rep.
My husband had seen Dr. Paul in the DVD From Freedom to Fascism and showed Dr. Paul's comments to me. I though that he really made sense and the more I have learned about him and his positions, the more I have supported and respected him. I'm afraid of the life my kids will have and the burdens they will have to bear if Dr. Paul/we are not able to take our country back.

Be interested in your opinion Kimber

on the War on Drugs and RP's positions since you are in the trenches as a Rehab Counselor. Please share - JP

I'm also asking because I live in a 'very liberal' part of the country and I have no ammunition to objections from social workers beyond facts and philosophy.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

here goes...

Columbus Ohio
Former Professional Singer now working for my family business
Former member of the "apathy" party
Fate brought me to Ron Paul

-See you in NH 1/3 - 1/7...

"Make fun buddy..." - Ron Paul

We are...

I am...

30 years old...female...
St. Louis, MO
I am a radio talk show host in a small town south of st. louis. i am a "rush baby" and recovering neo-con. Voted for W twice. I know...i apologize.
My brother has been talking about Ron Paul for years. I saw him for the first time in the debate at the Reagan Library back in May...have been an RP addict ever since.
Dr. Paul has opened my eyes. I feel like I've woken up from some mind-numbing sleep!

Charlotte in Houston me too,

Charlotte in Houston

me too, except my sleep feels like it was drug induced. (no, I have never taken drugs-but, I'm just sayin')

27/M/Texas/Type Designer/Republican

Since that first Fox Debate I've been hooked.

Hello From The Gulf Coast

How old are you?
I'm 40 and my husband is 35
Where are you from?
Silverhill, Al. but...I'm originally from Calif. Moved in the 90s when the illegal immigrants started outnumbering the citizens. I didn't want my children to grow up in a "third world country"
What do you do?
What’s your political history?
I voted for Dr. Paul in 1988 because I hated the establishment which I thought George Sr. and every other candidate pledged allegiance. I guess I'm a Libericanish??
What brought you to Ron Paul?
We need him more than ever!


I'm just an ordinary American with a hope

How old are you? 50

Where are you from? Born in SoCal, live in Lexington, KY

What do you do? Own a small business

What’s your political history? Very liberal when I was younger, was very alienated by the Republican Party because of the military interventionist policies, CIA shadow government meddling, big corporation / military industrial special interests, and the Christian Right intolerance. As I got older I started to see how liberal Big Government was not a solution to those problems, just a different set of problems. Became familiar with Goldwater conservatism, and learned more about Jeffersonian views of government. Became interested in libertarian philosophy, and found a lot there that I liked. As a result I began to see social dynamics and individual rights in a different context. The Democratic Party lost all appeal as the lesser of two evils a long time ago. I now realize that neither party gives more than lip service to the truth, and only pitches to different special interests. Individual liberty, the equal rule of law for everyone, and small government are the key to putting this country back. I admit that the forces opposing change are vast, but if this is the last shot I'm giving it everything I have. I'm currently a registered Republican, and not even a gun in my face will keep me from pulling the lever for Ron Paul.

What brought you to Ron Paul? I had a slight familiarity due to some friends, but the second debate got me going. Once I started to get up to speed on his positions I was amazed that there was one true, honest statesman left in the sea of filthy self-serving politicians. Ron Paul has lifted my cynicism, but I can't help feel that if my fellow countrymen cannot see this opportunity when it is laid before them then they truly don't deserve the Liberty that was once in their possession, and they will surely lose all that remains of it, and soon.

We all see now that the internet has been our salvation, and the only tool that has allowed us to learn, communicate and mobilize in sufficient numbers. The powers that be are only just now realizing the peril it presents to them, and the terrible miscalculation they made in underestimating its potential. By the 2012 elections it will not be outside of their controls any more. By then the economy will be in shambles, anyway, the social fabric will be unraveling, paving the way for a full-blown police state. This is a long shot, but the only shot.

If that sounds like conspiracy theory crackpot talk, I guess I'm guilty. I just wonder if any of the dissenting voices that preceded any of the fascist/totalitarian states of the 20th century were ridiculed as crackpots or morons before they were rounded up for speaking out.

If you want to know the worst that can possibly happen, study history.

I'm 27 years off age. I'm

I'm 27 years off age.
I'm from Beverwijk in the Netherlands near Amsterdam
I'm a history teacher.
I can't vote fore Ron Paul because i'm not American
I saw him for the first time on you-tube, the blowback debate, and I love him ever sinds.
I hope so much you guys will get him in the White House.
Good luck and do your best!!!!

hi, william

choosing a leader for our nation

Many people contend that Ron Paul, although an honest, plain-talking man, comes to the 2008 presidential campaign podium without a lot of achievement. While in office, he hasn’t steer-headed proposed legislation into law, or galvanized broad-based support for this national agenda or that, or even been on board with most post-911 bills and actions. For almost twenty years, he’s been a dedicated representative for his Texas District and has not a potpourri of achievements about which to boast on the presidential campaign trail. Is this exactly true? How could someone serve for so long, and have so little to show for it?

The following story took place centuries ago in the Far East.

The wise, old emperor was keenly aware that he was getting along in years, and he worried about finding a suitable replacement to lead the people. One day, he solicited the young people of his kingdom to gather, and he shocked them by telling them that he would be stepping down and that he would choose one of them to be his successor. “I am going to give each one of you a seed today, a very special seed. I want you to plant the seed, water it and come back here one year from today with what you have grown from the seed. I will then judge the plants that you bring, and the one I choose will be the next emperor!”

One young man named Ling, a son of a farmer, was there that day, and he was certain that he could cultivate that seed better than anyone else. He got a pot, filled it with rich soil and watered it carefully. Day after day, he checked the pot. Weeks passed by, then months, and still nothing had grown. Other youths from the kingdom began to talk about their plants and flowers and trees, but Ling said nothing. He was sure that he somehow had killed the seed.

After a year had passed, all the youths of the kingdom brought their plants to the emperor for inspection. Ling’s first inclination was not to attend, but he showed up that day, sick to his stomach. He was amazed at the plants that the others had brought. They were of all different varieties and all so beautiful. Some of the others made fun of Ling’s empty pot and others felt pity for him. Ling stood toward the back of the crowd.

The emperor looked over the vast array and seemed pleased. Then, he spotted Ling standing at the back of the room with his empty pot, and he ordered his guards to bring the young man to the front. Ling was led grudgingly, fearful that he may be punished for his utter failure. The emperor asked his name. “My name is Ling,” he replied. Now, all the youths were laughing and making fun. The emperor then announced to the crowd, “Behold your new emperor! His name is Ling!”
The emperor continued,

One year ago today, I gave everyone here a seed. I told you to take the seed, plant it, water it and bring it back to me today. But I gave you all boiled seeds which would not grow. The rest of you substituted your own seeds for the one I gave you, but Ling was the only one with the courage and honesty to bring me a pot with my seed in it. Therefore, he is the one who will be your new emperor.

Ron Paul, like Ling, is a great truth-teller. His voting record is one of the most consistent this writer has ever seen. No flip-flops are to be found. As well, he is a courageous and wise man, and a heck of an economist. Just ask the Wall Streeters. However, he bears to his fellow countrymen and countrywomen, an empty pot. He can’t claim to have brought you wars or higher taxes, which we now have. He never brought you an unbalanced budget, which is a perennial joke. He never voted himself a wage increase and, to this day, gives back part of his salary every year. He has always voted to preserve the Constitution, cut government spending, lower healthcare costs, end the war on drugs, secure our borders with immigration reform and protect our civil liberties. Sorrowfully, he was outvoted or shot down on all measures. The Constitution has been chiseled down, government spending is through the roof, healthcare costs are out of control, the war on drugs keeps getting less effective, immigration issues remain unresolved and our civil liberties have been crimped for our own safety. I’ll just throw in that Ron Paul opposes regulation of the internet, which has been a revolution in the exchange of ideas, this article being a case in point.

The eye-popping reality of the situation is this. No longer can it be said that Ron Paul is running for President. Amazingly enough, his candidacy has been hijacked, and it appears now that the people are running for President. . . through Ron Paul. That’s the true revolution about which your neighbors are speaking.

So, do you want the plants and flowers that your other government representatives have cultivated for you year after year, or do you want an open and honest effort at change, not for the powerful interests, but for you and for members of your family yet to arrive. If you want to see an unprecedented effort at change - starting with the only man on the campaign trail who is not afraid to tell you the truth - your action must start now. Get informed. Get motivated. Get talking to your neighbors. Then, get to the voting booths for the primaries, caucuses, and general election. We want our Republic back.

Hi, friend

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi



Chicago, Illinois

Senior Manager for Big 4 Accounting Firm

College Idealist turned Ditto-Head, now Pissed Off Independent

Ron Paul is the first candidate I've donated to. He's an honest statesman in a field of ethically and morally bankrupt politicians.

We need more like him in our government. I first learned of Ron on YouTube after watching the "Family Guy - Peanut Butter Jelly Time" video:


Parent Advocate & Market Researcher

Age: 50
From: NYC/NJ, Illinois (NU), and, now, Boston (MIT)

. . . 1: New product market research/strategy
. . . 2: Parent empowerment via supplementing child's education
. . . . . Board: http://p196.ezboard.com/bafterschoolers

Political History:
. . . Pre-1980: Liberal
. . . 1980-Pres: libertarian
. . . 1988: Massachusetts delegate to Libertarian Convention
. . . 1990: Largely burned out, although always voted Libertarian
. . . . . . . if they were on the ballot, and suggested to anyone who
. . . . . . . would listen that allowing freedom and "live and let live"
. . . . . . . might not be an entirely terrible way to go.

Coming to Liberty from the Left, I appreciate Paul's hard money, anti-fed message, but it does not excite me.

My driver is what freedom would mean for the underclass (e.g., State Against Blacks) and for parents (e.g., school choice).

I spend most of my time researching how to increase parents' control of their own children's education (e.g., vouchers).

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance

I'm a 43 year old

Commodity Futures Broker , 3 time kidney transplant patient and cancer survivor. I am a victim of the war on drugs in my fight for cancer here in texas and officially a "criminal". I'm a father of 2 teenage girls and my wife is a housewife.

I have been a fan of Dr. Paul since 1988. I live in the 14th disctrict and he is my congressman. I've voted Republican since 1984, exception 1988 for Dr. Paul, and after that Republican. Also, 2004 I voted libertarian because I couldn't vote for Bush after Iraq.

The war on drugs is a huge issue with me and industrial hemp. Just like the Iraq War, Ron Paul is the only candidate who doesn't want to play god with our lives. Other than the war on drugs I'm a huge social conservative, pro-life and family values.

Perhaps the biggest reason I support Dr. PAul is his understanding of monetary policy and his adherance to the constitution.

zamboni's post

Did you happen to catch that RP bike riding guy when he passed thru your town down there? I saw an article on him somewhere. He was there around Thanksgiving time and RP actually rode a bike with him for 10 miles. I think he is still on the road biking to Washington DC.

Sorry to get off of the topic.

That's all true. He gave

That's all true. He gave little heads up notice, so very few people got to see him unfortunately, but he did get to ride with Ron Paul. He was blown away. We all adore Ron Paul and to meet him is awesome. That biker has a web site. www.ronpaulriders.com He is someplace in Alabama about now. Ron Paul lives in Lake Jackson which is 40 miles due south of Houston. Michael went through Austin, then Houston for Thanksgiving with a meetup here and then down to Lake Jackson. So neat that Ron Paul was in town when he was. Sorry I missed Michael though.

mad as hell....

I have enough with these neocon scum!

oh...and im a student....a philosophy major in indiana

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul

A South American Copper Baron

Not really.

I'm a 28 year old Plant Geneticist from Southern New Mexico (I can see land in Mexico and Texas if I stand on my roof)

I'm a Libertarian, well temporarily a Republican.

My wife and I also run a coffee roasting business, she has a coffee shop too.

Do you really need to ask why a young capitalist is a RP supporter? Nobody has more to gain from peace and free trade than my demographic; and as the screen name suggest I'm not in this for any alturistic BS, the Paul presidency is what is best for me and my family.

I am a 57 year old disabled veteran

living in Wetumpka, Al. I am college educated and a former helluvacopter pilot for the US Army.
But, as I said in the original post
WE ARE America!
WE ARE taking our country back!

Who am I?

I mis-posted the first time... lol

Who are you?
My name is Eric Allen. I am single...

How old are you?

Where are you from?
I grew up in NW Arkansas (dope spot), spent the last 5 1/2 years in Orlando, FL, where I attended Rollins College. I helped start the first MeetUp group in Orlando. I have since moved back to AR and am temporarily in Washington, DC at the Ron Paul HQ applying for a full-time spot, staying at a staffer's house, sleeping on his couch. I may, or may not, come on full-time.

What do you do?
I majored in History, so I guess you could say at heart I am an historian. I own a company with my business partner A.A. called Pimpin' Turtle Incorporated. We specialize in customized artistic hip-hop surfer clothing and operate an alternative news and media website called www.pimpinturtle.com. It is constantly flooded with all the newest Ron Paul news and has been ever since we heard about Ron Paul over 9 months ago.

What’s your political history?
Never voted before
Never registered to vote
Never contributed to a political campaign
My family supported Bush in the first election (so that means that I kind of had to too. I learned growing up that "You should support the same person that your family does because it will benefit you more then supporting someone they don't." We all know that is bullshit now though!)
When I found out about RP, I was so happy that I had always been a Republican.... I had just never known about what a republican was truly about...

What brought you to Ron Paul?
I kinda already explained this... but, in reality my business partner introduced me to RP... I watched the debate where he confronted Rudy and I was hooked... I have been a die-hard Ron Paul supporter ever since...

"I would gladly take a bullet for Ron Paul if he was in danger. Gladly. Would you?"

"I would gladly take a bullet for Ron Paul if he was in danger. Gladly. Would you?"

How old are you? 43Where

How old are you? 43
Where are you from? San Diego
What do you do? Artist
What’s your political history? Conservative Small Gov
What brought you to Ron Paul? Yahoo news on Nov 5 Moneybomb

Go Ron Paul
Go We The People

How old are you? 40 Where

How old are you? 40
Where are you from? Birmingham, AL
What do you do? QA Analyst
What’s your political history? Former liberal - I grew out of it though.
What brought you to Ron Paul? This big huge wave picked me up... :)

Ron Paul all the way

I am a married 31 year old stay at homeschooling mommy of 5.
Absolutely love Dr. Paul!!

Just happened to be flipping channels and NBC nightly news had maybe a 5 minute piece on Dr. Paul. Something to the likes of... who is this guy curing the apathy of America? I told my husband later that night about this Ron Paul guy that they were talking about on the news and the enthusiasm the people had. We checked him out and said that is OUR PRESIDENT.