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Ron Paul supporters, who are you guys?

A similar thread was originally started by MashTheGas but I guess it was lost with the server crash. It lasted a few weeks with a few hundred responses.

Who are you guys?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
What’s your political history?
What brought you to Ron Paul?

Answer as much or as little as you want. It's great to see what an eclectic group supports Ron Paul.

    note: original thread, found nov 8 2009 ~

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America NEEDS Ron Paul.....

Who are you guys? - James

How old are you? - 34 Years old

Where are you from? - Athens, TX

What do you do? - Internet Technical Support

What’s your political history? - N/A...The world we live in today has gotten me interested in politics, and helping fix the problems we see everyday.

What brought you to Ron Paul? - Word of mouth..the internet..and hope.


im here because i know whats going on. ive been a stockbroker for 20 years and have known about ron paul for 15 of those years. started buying gold for clients as well as silver and oil in 2002 we couldnt have done better. this countries economic system is built on a house of cards, no substance. the money peddlers on wall street where i work and never had it better at the expense of the working people of this country. when you make million you dont worry about inflation gas price foood prices it doesnt matter unless you have hyperinflation and destroy all the paper money. how can paper mon ey have any real value it doesnt. your dollars are worth no more than youer confidence to accept it as barter. this country doesnt have 10 years left maybe not even 5. we cannot consume what we cannot afford on borrowed money forever its just a matter of time. you can support ron and save this country or you will be homeless on the street in the years to come. i have never been so sure of the outcome. the federal reserve is not federal it a cartel of the riches people on earth who get sap sucker like ourselves to get up and work for them. they own everything. wake the ehll up before it to late. ron paul ron paul.

31, married, with a 2 year

31, married, with a 2 year old son. I own my own computer repair business, and my wife teaches 1st grade in a public school. We live in western Virginia near a couple cities of about 20,000 people each. I used to be a loyal neo-con supporter. 9/11 and the events that have happened since woke me up. I found Ron Paul on My Space, and I've been hooked ever since. Both my wife and I will be voting for Ron Paul in the Virginia primary. I'm also a committed Christian who doesn't believe that we should be policing the world or forcing our views on others. My family is still hooked on the neo-cons, but I'm working on them.

I am a liberty lover :-)

Who are you guys? I am an American who wants our country restored to its former glory, as imperfect as it was, it was 1,000% better than that into which it has been made.

How old are you? 44

Where are you from? The Bay Area, California - Yes! There are even some of us around the San Francisco area! :-)

What do you do? I work, reap the fruit of my labor, and try to keep entanglements with the Federal Government to a minimum!

What’s your political history? I have been registered independent since I registered as a teenager. Will be changing affiliation shortly! :-) But will most likely change back after any opportunity of voting for Ron Paul is gone.

What brought you to Ron Paul? hmmm I guess ultimately it is as the founding fathers believed they were brought to liberty from tyranny - I was brought to Ron Paul by Divine Providence.

I have know about him for years. When I learned that he would be running for President, I couldn't believe it! I thought all hope, other than some kind of miracle, was lost for this land. But, I do believe what the Bible says - If God's people will humble themselves and pray and forsake their wicked ways, then He will hear from heaven and will heal our land! And that starts right here, with me!

Ron Paul has been a great example of humility to follow. Have you noticed how he never attacks in a vicious way when he has sooooooo much ammunition with which to go for the jugular for a complete and total kill!? He is wise and resists the temptation, but does point out the opposition's folly. Following Ron's example will be a magnificent example to others that are looking on. And while we follow Ron's example, how about following his God too! He is a steadfast Christian.

Oakland, CA here

I want to help build up the liberty mindset here in the Bay. It is very liberal, we just need the Free Market aspect. Silicon Valley has really helped out, with Google and such, but we still have work to do, especially in Oakland. I'll do my best.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Who am I? A ron paul Supporter

59 year or recent widow, 4 children, 3 grandchildren,

Live in:
North Carolina


I found about Dr. Paul on the internet, researching the different candiates,
A life long Republican, even though do not always vote Republican. He is the only hope we have to save America, the first thing that attracted me to him was his anti-illegal immigration beliefs, and then the more I reasearched him the more I found he complimented my thoughts, Listening to him has been a refreshed course in USA history.

Who am I?

How old are you? 26/single

Where are you from? Chicago

What do you do? attorney

What’s your political history? Have been Libertarian/Republican since highschool. During law school I really learned more about how our constitution has been effectively destroyed.

What brought you to Ron Paul? Finally there is someone who is truly for limited government

i'm a 26 year-old man,

i'm a 26 year-old man, married for 3 1/2 years, no kids.

live in orange county, CA.

i am a lawyer (civil litigation), although i suppose i am of a rare variety -- i work to live, and not the other way around.

since i was old enough to vote i have had a libertarian streak. until my early 20s i was an evangelical christian, so i was more conservative in my social views. i have since shed the christianity cocoon, so i have a much more "live and let live" attitude when it comes to matters of personal morality.

i have never voted for a major-party presidential candidate. i voted for nader (out of irony) in 2000, and for Badnarik (out of irony) in 2004.

I and my wife had never registered with a political party until this week, when we both registered republican so we can vote for paul in the california primary.

ron paul's message first brought me to ron paul, but the ron paul movement has kept me with him. what i love about paul is that he motivates we, the People, to take back our individual sovereignty. Because Paul is in this race for the right reasons, he allows the Revolution to be less about him and more about Us -- that speaks to the very core of this nation's founding principles.

one final point -- if i weren't for Paul, i would be for Kucinich.

Who are you??????????

I keep seeing this come up.
I am wondering who you are?
Why are you in need to know who we are?

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. _ . . _ _ . . . . _ _ . . . . . . . _ . . _ . .
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31, Bardstown, KY

Who are you?
My name is David. I've been married for the past six years, have three children with a fourth on the way. We homeschool and are traditional Catholics.

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Bardstown, KY

What do you do?
Factory Worker

What’s your political history?
Never voted before
Never registered to vote
Never contributed to a political campaign

I've known for quite some time the direction that we Americans were being herded in, as well as the final destination. Up until now, I simply did not see a political solution for our country's ills.

What brought you to Ron Paul?
I found out a little bit about Dr. Paul from many years ago, when he stepped up to the plate and helped to defeat an anti-homeschooling bill that was going through Congress. I found out he was thinking about running for president back in March or April, and since mid June I have been following his campaign with what my wife would characterize as "obsessive compulsion".

I have since registered to vote, contributed (several times) to his campaign, and have

David, another Trad Catholic here

Akron, OH 7 kids
Voted for Bush once and Browne (LP) once if I recall as a protest vote
Only enthusiastic about primaries with Buchanan and Keyes
Always a republican theoretically but not happy with choices
Life insurance guy, my job is history if the tax code gets axed but that's OK

22, Bakersfield, CA

I recently graduated with a degree in finance at CSUB. I moved to California from Texas in 2003, strongly oppossed to Bush. My family felt that Texas had become to repressive and that the police state was too large. I have since found out that Texas has the highest prison population per capita in the world!

Anyway, I am a design consultant for a solar electric installation company. I have never really been politically involved. I found republicans repulsive during Bush's solely wealthy tax cuts, war-mongering, and outragious spending. I did not like the fear mongering and the red, orange, yellow terror hype. At the same time, I did not support Democrats because of the plans for universal healthcare. Universal healthcare is absurd, as I have learned from my family who is involved in healthcare. Independents seemed far-fetched and never caught my attention.

So, I fit right in the libertarian party. I did not know about the freedom party until Ron Paul came around to my attention. All of the Democratic ideals I was attracted to are in the party. Yet, without the problems of the Democratic welfare state of dependence and traps. What is attractive is the social freedoms of the party. I believe that the drug war is an absolute failure and unfair to millions who have not harmed anyone but themselves. For the Republicans, I had always thought of them as anti-progressive and too overbearing in regards to morality (especially in Texas). But, I realize now that there is a faction of the Republican party that is limited government and true to the Constitution. So, the combination of the two mainstream parties with extreme views like de-criminalization of drugs and massive reduction in the size of government are very attractive to me. I feel that I am naturally libertarian, and that we are born with the ideals of peace and live and let live positions.

On a side note, last Friday I stopped to speak with some war protestors and talked for half an hour. Many people cheered and many cursed us. What made my month, or year was a car coming around the corner with two children barely sticking their heads out of the back window with peace signs up, yelling at the top of their lungs, "PEACE." It is in my opinion that it is natural to seek peace. The children are wise and innocent...

I was brought to Dr. Ron Paul while browsing through youtube videos. I came across the first debate. I was hooked from there. I could not believe I had never heard of the good doctor. His positions touch the heart of the innocence in us all, the desire for peace and hope for freedom. I cannot even imagine the world without the revolution! I have yearned for a revolution and wondered when the internet would empower it. Immediately, I searched for speaking events in California. Wallah! He was coming to Mountain View the next day, the day before my birthday! I drove north and discovered freedom...

A man I met informed me of dailypaul and lewrockwell websites in an email after we exchanged contacts. I began to network with like-minded freedom lovers. Now, I am part of a meetup and am doing my part to spread the revolution to others like me, others who want to be left alone and to be free.

I understand how the economy will prosper like never before once the government is out of the picture. Monopolies will lose their government empowerement and welfarism. I understand now that the sickness of our nation in terms of over spending is largely the consequence of the Federal Reserve's inflation. We are discouraged from saving. We are over-taxed and I understand now that we can provide for ourselves with that money much better than any beareacracy. I suspected that America was influential in the world but did not know that trade negotiations, sometimes sold as free trade agreements encourage an American empire that is forceful and unsustainable. Finally, I realize now that the solutions to the environmental problems we face are in reduction of the size of government. Government interference props up fossil fuel companies, the logging industry, and destructive industries in general. So many of our problems will be solved, as Dr. Paul teaches, by following the rule of law, the Constitution.

I am

I am a 44 yearold business owner. I was turned on to Ron Paul by my grandfather in 1988... I voted for Ron Paul as a 25 yearold when he ran as a libertarian candidate.. ever since then I donated to Ron's campaigns when he ran for congress in Texas. Ron Paul is the only candidate I have ever donated money to! I am simply tired of the hidden inflation tax that we all pay.. 99% of Americans don't even know about it and its sad! I'm tired of the DC (district of corruption) politics. I'm tired of the liars and thieves in DC. I am ashamed to say I voted for Bush 2 times.. always thinking its better to vote for the lesser of 2 evils.. but i learned voting for evil is STILL voting for evil! as we all have seen! I have gotten active in my meetup group, have been printing up Ron Pauls statement of faith and putting them on all car window shields at as many churches as I can! And am going to be a delegate to get this FINE MAN elected to be President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

I'm a REAL Republican, and Ron Paul supporter!

How old are you? - 29
Where are you from? - CA, but live in AZ. Don't like the commies in CA.
What do you do? - Programmer
What’s your political history? - Life long Republican - Old school Reagan style.
What brought you to Ron Paul? - Found out about him through a friend, and saw him in the debates. I'm tired of being lied to by the people I vote for. After voting for McCain for Senate and Bush for President (twice) it's safe to say you will not get my vote unless you back up what you say with actions. "A little less conversation a little more action." Ron Paul is the only candidate that does what he says. So now I will do what I say I will do, and I will vote for Ron Paul.

I recently turned 19 and I

I recently turned 19 and I live in Sacramento, CA. Ever since I started paying attention to government and politics all I've ever seen is corruption and lies, so I never really got into it. The minute I heard Ron Paul, I was amzed. The ONLY politician I've ever seen that talks about the Constitution and government corruption. His ideas made perfect sense and I think that's why most people love him.


21 year old male from San Antonio, I work at an HVAC supply shop. No history in politics but always very concerned about things. My stepfather had a Ron Paul bumber sticker and I have a lot of respect for his positions so I looked Dr. Paul up on wikipedia. I was sold on the fact that he was one of the very few republicans (or politicians, in general) who had the wisdom to vote against the iraq war in 2002. Since, I have come to agree with almost every single position he has. He has opened my eyes to a lot of things.

57, formerly from CA - now Australia

monitor my investments

After reading Ayn Rand's novels in 1966 my libertarian beliefs pretty much fell into place and thereafter I considered both major parties dangerous threats to liberty - indeed, I considered the US and the world a lost cause. I ignored politics and government as best I could (other than battling the draft in Vietnam war days) owned a little restaurant/nightclub until I heard of the Libertarian Party in 1977. I registered Libertarian and became active in the party's ballot access fight in 1979, helped establish the county party, was a Libertarian Party Congressional candidate in 1980. Ron was well known in libertarian circles even then even though he was a nominal Republican. Then, foolishly believing I could advance liberty as an attorney, I went to law school. I was still active in the Libertarian Party (though my beliefs had become free market anarchism influenced by Rothbard, later Hoppe and others. Now I devour LewRockwell.com info). I campaigned for Ron as a Libertarian in 1988 while practicing law. By 1989 I was very discouraged with prospects for freedom - the electoral system being rigged against 3rd parties and the corporate elite behind the Demo-Repub duopoly being in firm control with the aid of the MSM - I left the US and practiced law overseas, finally settled in Australia. Its not better politically but its government doesn't have he power to do as much evil as does the US government. I ignored US politics until I heard Ron was running as a Republican. While my ideal is a society based exclusively on private property rights Ron's limited government ideal is light years ahead of any other major party candidate. I donote regularly, write occasional pro-Ron Paul messages on the internet and am a member of Melbourne;s Ron Paul Meet-up group. My big concern now is the - liklihood - that the power elite will use computerized vote fraud to steal the election.



Long time admirer

From Lapeer County, Michigan
53 years young
Skilled tradesman for GM - 27 years
Never adhered to any party, always voted for the Constitution.
Have been following Ron Paul through patriotic publications, journalists, and Ron's writing since Reagan was in office. Often wished I could vote for him. Now I CAN !!

MI for Ron Paul - Jeffersonian Liberal - Statesman

How old are you? 46

Where are you from? Howell, MI

What do you do? Internet marketing firm owner

What’s your political history? Grew up in a automobile union Democratic
family in the Detroit 'burbs. My Dad used to say to justify his socialist vote, "What are the Republicans going to do for ya?". This kind of entitlement thinking is in the minds of many American voters unfortunately, especially up here. Then I found Rush Limbaugh, who helped to bring me over to the Republican side in the late 80s. Voted for GWB in 2000, so Kerry wouldn't get in. Like it really mattered. All Republicrats and I'll never waste my vote again on the lessor of two evils.

What brought you to Ron Paul?
Heard Ron Paul in the mid 90's on the Mark Scott Show, a libertarian, anti-state, pro-liberty radio show on the old WXYT in Detroit. Was also exposed to Lew Rockwell and his organization too. Mark used to say that RP was the only member of Congress that was worth a damn. So very true. RP was talking the talk and walking the walk back then. He hasn't strayed a bit from his principles. People, this man is is a true statesman!

"If the people ever allow the banks to issue their currency, the banks and corporations which will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." T. Jefferson

24, Muslim student in the

24, Muslim student in the University of Washington; going to work in an investment firm after graduation. Got introduced to Paul by watching his thoughts on the currency being backed by gold/silver commodities and the introduction of the concept of "competitive" currencies. What is really interesting is it was in 1983 when we was proposing this, and when I found out that he was running for Presidency, I immediately studied his positions on all matters other than economics and ever since then I'm an ardent fan of his.

Oh, and I've never voted due to the fallacy of the two-party system, but Ron Paul is perhaps one of the first candidates to shake me from my apathy.

Here I am!

I am 29 years old, from Mississippi by way of California (I miss that place), currently unemployed (refuse to share the sob story but willing to relocate for a decent job -hopefully in support of Ron Paul!), no political history to speak of as Ron Paul has recently cured my apathy.
Ron Paul has won me over completely for numerous reasons, like his consistent and persistent constitutional stance and his message of individual liberty and dependence from government.

"Vote for Paul if you want it all! Goodbye taxes! Goodbye big bro! Hello all my money! Oh! There you are freedom! What?! You have maryjane!?! Oh, wait, everything is fine now...the Doc saved America!"

65 year old from Maple Grove, MN

I'm a 65 year old from Maple Grove, MN. I retired from IBM ( fixing computers ) in 1993.

I've admired Ron Paul for at least 20 years. I voted for him in 1988 and voted Libertarian as much as possible in every election since. I've been waiting a long time for him to run for President again, so now is the time to get to work and make it happen. My wife ( 64 years old ) is also going to be voting for him.

I've been reading this site

I've been reading this site for a month or so now and just joined. I'm 34 from Texas but have lived in Alaska for 7 years. I found out about Ron Paul about 4 or 5 years ago on the Americans for a Free Republic web site. www.afr.org

I'm now an informed American.

How old are you? 23...24 in two days.
Where are you from? Central California
What do you do? Unemployed (on vacation) veteran. Just got my honorable discharge in August after four years of service. I'll be starting school in the spring.
What’s your political history? Not much interest until I found Ron Paul. Now I'm stoked about being a part of this revolution.
What brought you to Ron Paul? A link from survivalblog.com sent me to an article that mentioned Ron Paul. This was in December of last year (2006) I think. Ever since then I've been following the campaign and telling everyone I know about Ron Paul.

That's cool

I will also be 24 in two days. I am from Columbus, OH. I originally foung Ron Paul through Aaron Russo's film Freedom to Fascism which if you haven't watched you really should.

I can't wait to see the day of change when Dr. Paul is elected.

Let's keep the freedom train rolling.


How old are you? 33

Where are you from? Ashtabula, Ohio

What do you do? I am an MHW (mental health worker) at a local hospital.

What’s your political history? I've loved politics since I was a little kid. I liked Mondale/Ferraro in 1984 (remember, I was only 10). I liked Dukakis/Bentsen in 88. And I like Perot in 1992. I stayed away from politics until 2000, when I voted for Bush (sorry!). I voted for him again in 2004, but soon after realized what a mistake it was.

What brought you to Ron Paul? I watched Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism on Netflix. I really liked what Ron Paul had to say, and I couldn't believe there was actually a sitting Congressman who had the guts to tell the truth. That was in January, I believe. The next month, I heard that he was running, and 'supported' him in theory. I watched him in that debate where he and Rudy argued, and that sealed it. I knew this was the guy for the job. I then began donating at the end of the 3rd quarter, and I also participated in November 5th. I'll be doing the Tea Party as well. I've since turned my wife (she homeschools our children) and my brother, and I"m working on other family members and co-workers.

Ron Paul 2008!


Happy Libertarian

School Teacher

I am a 50 year old elementary school teacher from North Carolina. And I can assure you that most teachers are as tired of "No Child Left Behind" as the parents! I am registered Independent and have only voted 4 times in my life...once for Carter, once for Reagan, once for a Bush and once for Ross Perot. The internet has truly opened up the world of politics for me and provided a wealth of information on the candidates that one was never able to obtain before without painstaking research. In all honesty I found Ron Paul while checking out some of the so called "Conspiracy Theories" floating around. I was attempting to discredit a few. I clicked on a few links from Alex Jones website (~yes I was there~)...and discovered.... Ron Paul. Since my discovery of Ron Paul...I believe I have come as close to the current political truth as I will come in my lifetime. Regardless of each persons perception of the problems, or the direction from which it comes, I believe Ron Paul offers the best solutions through honesty, openness, freedom, communication, integrity and adherence to the greatest political document ever written...our Constitution.

29 year old from Little

29 year old from Little Rock, Arkansas. Freelance artist primarily for comic books. I voted for Bush twice, but come from a very libertarian leaning family and felt betrayed that he did nothing to fix social security. I found Ron through digg.com. I got hooked on the youtube videos for a week, then started giving him cash, telling friends, and putting up signage.

Ron Paul Supporter

I'm 52, live in Beloit, KS (small rural agri-business community in western Kansas) which is in the very conservative 1st District. Protestant background but don't attend church. Family owns 1200 acres of farmland and don't like government subsides. I have a BS in Environmental Science and MA in Geography (population demographics). My family was a die hard Republican as my Dad was campaign advisor to Bob Dole in the 50's. Switch to Independent after Nixon, switched back to Republican when I started looking into Dr Paul. I support Ron Paul because of his stance on abortion, gun control, the constitution, the Patriot Act, no National ID, wants the government off my back, reinvestigate 911, and believes in a free market economy. Freedom and liberty will have to be at the top of my list for reasons I will vote Ron Paul.

I'm not a kook or tin foil hat wearer.

I must say

This is one of my favorite topics. The mainstream media would have you believe we are all kooks and loons. We seem pretty darn reasonable to me...


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity