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Ron Paul supporters, who are you guys?

A similar thread was originally started by MashTheGas but I guess it was lost with the server crash. It lasted a few weeks with a few hundred responses.

Who are you guys?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
What’s your political history?
What brought you to Ron Paul?

Answer as much or as little as you want. It's great to see what an eclectic group supports Ron Paul.

    note: original thread, found nov 8 2009 ~

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Quick Summary

I am 23 years old, live in Seattle, WA, and I am unemployed (but will hopefully have a job soon in the Pike Place Market!)

I am a Libertarian. My political history is essentially non-existant, however, last election I leaned toward Obama... but was not registered to vote at the time. No candidate has ever stirred any passion in me to want to vote. My mom got me interested in Ron Paul near the beginning of the month and I've been brushing up on my politics considerably over the course of the month! Definitely hoping Ron Paul makes it to the convention! He's swayed me into registering to vote within a week of discovering him! I've transformed my facebook into a temporary tool to inform my family and friends of the media blackout mainly... cluing them in that they are being lied to! :) So far, I haven't gotten any negative response or any lost friends, so I think I am doing my job well!

Glad to have found DP and will continue to support the cause in various ways! :D

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

What Brought Me to Ron Paul.

1) Ludwig von Mises logical demonstration that free-market economy (without government involvement in anything accept protecting individual liberties, properties & contracts) is good for everybody, including the POOR in the long run. Under free market, it will be simply more jobs and less poor and new technologies (that benefit all) will be invented and implemented much faster.

2) Ayn Rand's idea that individual liberty that comes from natural law is not only an axiom of Libertarianism (as Rothbard claimed), but derives from objective reason. Later some Austrians indirectly confirmed that Rand was right by using "Argumentation" approach to natural law.

3) Even though, Libertarian movement cannot win hearts & minds of the majority for a long time to ensure a stable free society without first replacing the collective MORALITY of both religious people and atheist progressives, Ron Paul attraction is that he understands that liberty includes the provision to allow a person to be left alone. Ron Paul is the only politician who understands the constitution, free-market economics, monetary policy and some of Ayn Rand ideas of personal liberty that Libertarians copied from her in 50's and 60's.

I'm 28 from Virginia and I am

I'm 28 from Virginia and I am a DoD Contractor. Never been involved in politics until after I left the United States Navy, because of the rules about political activism etc. I was turned on to Ron Paul from my younger brother who is in Kentucky. He liked Rand Paul and Ron Paul and decided to show me some videos from Youtube. Needless to say I was sold. His views mirrored a fair deal of my own and his message seemed to stay consistent for years.

I'm 28.I'm from Detroit.

I'm 28.

I'm from Detroit.

I'm a graduate student studying Physical Chemistry in Los Angeles.

Political history? Voted for Bush in 2004. Yup... I bought into his whole "bringing peace to the middle east" bullshit. I wasn't "awake" back then until I started watching documentaries about 9/11. Then naturally I began listening to Alex Jones and watching all of his videos. But I think it was Zeitgeist that actually got me researching about the FED and I think that's how I found out about Ron Paul. I honestly don't even remember exactly how I found out about him, but it was in 2007 for sure.

Oh, and obviously voted for Paul in 2008.

I'm 22 years old and from a

I'm 22 years old and from a town a little north of Austin, Texas. Been a big Ron Paul supporter since early 2007... Right now, I'm doing a postgraduate degree in geomatics engineering. Financial and foreign policy issues brought me to Ron Paul.

Welcome! I'm from Austin

Where do you live? I used to live in Leander and Liberty Hill. Now I live in North Austin.

One more important question...

what are you doing to promote the cause of Liberty?

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Becoming more familiar with eachother

will make us stronger in the end I guess! :P

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

Same answer as the last 3 times you asked this...

We're delegates and we won't tell you who we are... We're secretly undercover Paul agents pretending to be Romney backers! When we get on the floor, we're not going to vote on the first round. We won't take your Goldman Sachs money to change our votes. Try it, it will backfire on you. We are principled. We are taking over the GOP. The great thing about delegate strategy... (unfortunately for the old established power network)... good people are being permanently inserted into the political process: for good. In increasing amounts, new patriots will run for office. New party leaders will take over as fast as King County WA did. Liberty spreads like brushfires. Sleep well, the party is over. To add insult to injury: To change agents and social engineers: just think, 45 years of trying to dumb down and brainwash entire generations though Rand/UNESCO... effectively being reversed across the world! All by one humble man and his REVOLution! With any luck you won't have another computer crash.

If you ARE undercover,

why to blow up your strategy and tactics while basking in the thought that you are protecting names?

Get down to the ground from that cloud. Predicting future is a very arrogant thing to do especially after seeing how Rothbard stole Ayn Rand ideas without giving her credit as well as recent break down of the Tea Party. Do not oversell, your boasting comes from inner insecurity. If the FED & CIA can generate trillions on demand, a private bank with digits in its computer (Goldman Sachs or not) cannot buy the government.

My Life & Times

Thanks for the site.

I'm a fifty-something New Yorker currently residing in a liberal stronghold called the Hudson Valley.

My political views became established in my twenties as of a trip to East Germany, i.e., prior to THE WALL coming down. Eye-opening.

I came to define those views as "libertarian" when, living on the West Side in the city, I became a volunteer for the campaign of the libertarian-conservative running against Bella Abzug. Good thing we all had a sense of humor. With no funds to correct a printing error, we handed out bumper stickers that read, "HARVEY MICHELMAN FOR GONCRESS." Libertarians have come a long way since the mid-70's!

Those guys turned me on to Ayn Rand. And the rest is history - with one caveat. I have as much trust in big corporations as big government. The founders never intended for corporations to wield the influence they do. Unfortunately, some misanthrope SCOTUS judge, in writing the majority opinion in Santa Clara County v. The Southern Pacific Railroad, set the precedent by which corporations came to enjoy "human rights." But that's a different story.

Last time around, when Ron Paul did not get the nomination, I looked for the Libertarian line and cast my vote for someone whose name I never heard of. I will not again vote Republican unless and until the candidate is of Ron Paul's ilk.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


Just thought I'd say hello and send a thank you to the good folks who put this site together. I'm coming up on 39 (hope you don't blame me for our ills, :)) Anyway, I've been involved with liberty and Ron Paul since about 1988 when, as a young teenager, I heard his message. The ups and the downs, the highs and the lows can't begin to tell my story. Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself. May peace and blessings fill your life,

The Still-Wondering guy from Chicago

Enjoy life and all wonders within. Wars on Drugs before declaration. Poor but freedom was near. Comedies of the man who used to toss joints to the crowd like it was legal. Let's play Paperball for Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydp2qMyVkbo

That's a deep question

Well to answer that I am a recently awakened citizen who has been cured of my apathy. 6 months ago I couldn't care less about politics. Now I absolutely enjoy researching the topics Dr. Paul mentions in his speeches and would not have correlated them before with anything political.

Sometimes I wonder, how could so many people still be voting for anyone besides Ron Paul? Then I remember not too long ago I hadn't even heard of him. Pretty much as soon as I started hearing what he had to say, I was a supporter and hooked on getting more information about the cause of liberty.

For all you Paulers, remain vigilant in reaching out to people- so many people need to hear about this movement and I believe so many more would absolutely change their mind if they heard the truth!



My name is Paul Wasicka

I'm from Louisville, Colorado

I'm a small business owner and poker player

I've always considered myself as Independent because I like & dislike different things about each party. I now consider myself a Libertarian.

I've never been heavily involved with politics, mostly because I'd never been drawn to a candidate. I voted Obama in 2008 because I thought he would be the peaceful candidate. I think Obama is very close to becoming a totalitarian dictator. I want Obama out of office, but I can't vote for Mitt Romney simply because he is the frontrunner. I have to vote with my conviction. Ron Paul's consistent message of liberty and foreign policy were all I needed to hear to not only earn my vote, but become an activist for the cause.

Who are you? We are principaled and can't be bribed.

Are you building some sort of list? Are you a troll? Who are Ron Paul supporters? Duhh. Kindly look at 1 of a million Ron Paul videos and it's plain to see: Everyone. Young, old, veterens, active military, black, white, asian Americans. Scholars, judges, honest public servants, students of history, liberals, conseratives, libratarians, independants, clergy. Our numbers are rapidly expanding and we are a force that you cannot stop. That's all you need to know, We have voted this post down several times. Do your own homework. We're not telling you whether or not we're delegates. Cause we will not be tempted by your Goldman Sachs taxpayer bilked money. We cannot be bribed or bought. We stand for liberty and justice for all.

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this thread has been around since 07

it's the site's /guestbook. Lots of sites have things like this.

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Duane in Washington

42 years old
From Washington State, also many years lived in Alaska.
Web design and computer graphics.
Never before involved with politics, first year voting.

Found Paul by examining all the candidates. Paul is exactly right on all issues and I would argue anyone about it.

The mainstream media has an obvious bias agasint Paul, and the reasons for that are very dubious.

American needs real change. Obama/Romney/the media; all backed by bankers. Enough is enough, Wake up america, that glowing box in your living room is not good. Reality is, we are currently borrowing money to just pay the debt on the money we owe! Financial collapse, bankruptcy, etc....while sending our troops across the world for situations created by the media.

How old are you? 32yrs old

How old are you? 32yrs old

Where are you from? OHIO

What do you do? Self Employed Auto Dealer

What’s your political history? Conservitive

What brought you to Ron Paul? The Message, Sound Money & Revolution

To the questions....

How old are you?

Where are you from?

What do you do?

What’s your political history?
Lifelong Conservative

What brought you to Ron Paul?
Knowing in my heart that if we don't follow Ron Paul's principles, this country will continue to be driven over the cliff. Knowing this and feeling passionate about it, is why I would step forward to become a delegate (for the first in my life) and for Ron Paul.

I y'am what I y'am

30something political junkie.

Turned on to the good Dr. in 07, just after I took notice of the original TEA party rally. I swore off politics for a bit and started paying attention again in 09. In 10, after yet another year of snarling at liberals as a TEA party member, I saw "In Defense Of Liberty" and got my eyes opened.

I spent a year batting around these crazy ideas of "no unconstitutional wars" and other strange and new feelings about liberty. One day, I was on a political forum and it hit me... it makes sense. At that point, I shifted gears and became a hardcore Paul supporter.

How old are you? I am 56 and

How old are you?

I am 56 and lucky to still be alive with the poison food , water , air , vaccines and drugs that you the Federal Gov't don't really care about .

Where are you from?

I am a American , a Constitutionist American , plain and simple.

What do you do?

Presently , anything I can to elimanate the communists , socialists , globalists and anti-Americans from Washington DC and the Corporate World , one in the same .

What’s your political history?

I use to vote for the candidate by what they said and then suffered for what they did not do . I now know that it's what the candidate has done rather then what they will say .

What brought you to Ron Paul?

John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.

Just saw this...looks like my post is moot.


Not saying since I know that

Not saying since I know that the opposition uses these threads to gather info on who plans to be a delegate for Ron Paul in the conventions.

Loose lips sink ships. By putting all of our info in one place it just makes it easier for them to work against us.

Blessings )o(



I'm 53

From Philadelphia
Mechanical Engineer but I quit the corporate world and am self employed
Registered Republican at 18 years of age. From a family of staunch Republicans - one of 10 kids.
Stopped voting when Bush Sr got elected because I couldn't stand his policies.Never voted for a Bush or a democrat.
Found Ron Paul last election but didn't get involved until this year.

Updated - (why not?)

How old are you? - 53

Where are you from? - Arizona since the mid 1960's.

What do you do? - Whatever I please, as long as I don't hurt anyone.

What’s your political history? - Wore a McGovern button in high school and don't even remember why. Nothing else until 2004. LP until 12/2011 - went GOP for RP. PC now with name on ballot for State Committeeman with District Caucus tomorrow. Wish me luck.

What brought you to Ron Paul? - Michael Badnarik--->Dr. Mary Ruwart--->Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. This was a logical progression for me, and those who know the first two names. If you don't, PLEASE find out for yourself! If not for these two AMAZING people on this planet, I would not be right here right now this second fighting the good fight.

Every positive action makes the world just that much better.

Ed in Phoenix

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

Hey Jaymac

Stick it!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"


went down with the server crash....)))

(sorry, I had to do it))

Older Florida Coin dealer for



Coin dealer for 30 years


Self explanatory

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

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