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Ron Paul supporters, who are you guys?

A similar thread was originally started by MashTheGas but I guess it was lost with the server crash. It lasted a few weeks with a few hundred responses.

Who are you guys?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
What’s your political history?
What brought you to Ron Paul?

Answer as much or as little as you want. It's great to see what an eclectic group supports Ron Paul.

    note: original thread, found nov 8 2009 ~

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Is the census back in town?

Did the census takers get laid off, and now are back in town?
Makes me think of that infamous line in that 1983 classic movie "Silkwood" where the Native American was telling his coworkers a joke about how the village Chief named newborns...
the punchline of the joke...
"Tell me, Two Dog F-ing, Why do you want to know"?

How old are you? 60 Where are

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Grew up in northern Indiana. Currently live in Sweden. Last US residence in Texas.

What do you do?
Lots of stuff. Most of my career day-job stuff has been in software. I'm an entrepreneur and have built one of the world's first real, working standard websocket servers, along with a revolutionary framework for distributed applications. In my spare time, I've been a policy analyst and writer for more than two decades. Now, I just contribute commentary to The Libertarian Examiner. BTW: I even have a personal life, but I won't go into that.

What’s your political history?
Deep question. I suppose I was a young Republican (not meaning that I belonged to a group by that name, just that I leaned heavily Republican when I was young). As a result of my policy analysis work, I found out that the Republican Party had metaphorically gone south.

What brought you to Ron Paul?
I first heard of Ron Paul, and heard him on the radio a few times, when I lived in Texas, near his district. I was amazed at the enthusiasm people in Texas had for him, way back then, and certainly not just the college crowd. I've written that I'm sure that his home district is where Paulbot Zero lives. I'm sorry to say (sorry that this is true) that I didn't consider his run for president much before this year. But after considering the others in the Republican field carefully this time around, he was the only guy left. Then I started considering him more carefully ... and well, you know. Now I'm a Paulbot too. The Constitution. It's a good thing.

Correlation does not prove causality!


Hi folks I am the gal who chaired Paul's campaign in Johnson County Iowa. With the help of many volunteers and donations we were able to put up 2 billboards and open a grassroots office. It was pivotal for Ron Paul's campaign and the delegates. I am asking for your help again. I have been so inspired by the fight for liberty I am taking on a very tough race for the state senate. I need funds. Here's what I need them for.... I need money for signs-$1000/brochures-$1000 to start-/t-shirts-$500-$1000 to start/stickers $200 (used for parades), gun show entry fees-2 left before vote at $45 each, barn sized signs at least 20 of them at $65 each. Mailers-for every 2000 people cost is approx. $1000 -there are 60,000 people in the district-this covers printing/paper/design/and postage. As you can tell I need quite a bit. You can help by donating. There are several ways to get to me. The best way to keep track of the countdown is by going to this chip in that I just created.... http://shannonforsenate.chipin.com/shannon-for-senate-campaign I need all the help I can get right now. So much is required right up front and the bulk or the organizations out there won't help till the last 60 days. These materials can't wait till then if I want anyone to know who I am and what I stand for. It's imperative to get the word out NOW. Please help! Thank you,

LIKE me on FB www.facebook.com/IowaSenator

How old are you? 44 Where are

How old are you? 44
Where are you from? Mid-Atlantic
What do you do? business owner
What’s your political history? 1st Democrat, then Republican, NOW Constitutional Conservative
What brought you to Ron Paul? Gov't fiscal policy

Voter fraud

We are the fraud police


Please post on main daily Paul to remind us of the truth

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

delay sorry I posted multiple

ignore repeat

I keep seeing this. Decided long ago that somethings rotten

here. Wouldn't you like to know? Why don't you watch you tubes? It's obvious Ron Paul supporters are everyone at every age and especially young people, veterens, those who love America and understand history. Duhh.

I keep seeing this. Decided long ago that somethings rotten

here. Wouldn't you like to know? Why don't you watch you tubes? It's obvious Ron Paul supporters are everyone at every age and especially young people, veterens, those who love America and understand history. Duhh.


Do a search on Jaymac. This person should be kicked-off of here. He is so far out-side that he can not be seen. Please Daily Paul take Jaymac and banned him/her from your site.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.


this is either Homeland Security, FBI, or some other governmental agency here to gather profiles on all of us....
Just because it is posted on here. Doesn't mean it is one of us...
Beware... this post keeps popping up every now and then to catch newbeeeeee's...

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Do you really think that

by NOT volunteering your age and location that you remain safe?!? Fact is, if they want to compile a file on you, they can and will. They can probably come on this site and get names and addresses for every single one of us with no cooperation from the site hosts.

Fear is not Liberty.


I am from Houston Texas otherwise known as Space City.
I do not keep track of age as though I were a mere tick in time.
Instead I view myself as an astronaut in constant motion traveling about and exploring the universe.
With that I will profess that I am nearing completion of my 45th orbit around the sun.
I once gave up on my dreams but now I have reclaimed them and I intend to be a certified culinarian by years end. That should be just after Ron Paul’s victory.
I was Libertarian before being Tea Party was cool.
I was one of nearly a half million freedom loving individuals that voted for Ron Paul in 1988.
I was one of the many who unwaveringly wrote Ron Paul’s name in, in 2008.
I will be amongst the throng of voters who put Ron Paul into the White House in 2012.
Glad to be here.

"I sleep well." Ron Paul

How old are you? 33 Where are

How old are you? 33
Where are you from? Houston, TX, born and raised
What do you do? Restaurant Manager for a living, cars and welding for fun.
What’s your political history? Libertarian before I knew what Libertarianism was.
What brought you to Ron Paul? A complete disdain for our one party system. A friend showed me some videos back in 2008 and I was hooked.

An immigrant

A little over 10 years ago I came to the US. I'm originally from Western Europe. I was looking for a good place to develop my professional career in the Computer field and there were more US companies doing interesting work. I wasn't fleeing from oppression or poverty or anything like that, just looking for where I could find better opportunities to do good work.

I consider myself of "liberal" tendencies (liberal as 19th century classical liberalism, NOT social liberalism).

I learned about Ron Paul back in 2008 from the investment newsletters published by Agora financial.

In my home country we would go through cycles of "socialists" (social democrats) spending their way into bankrupting the country, counterbalanced by "conservatives" that would get the economy back on track. Then people would get complacent and vote the big spenders back in. My feeling in the US has been that for Democrat or Republican governments, there was little difference regarding the direction of the government spending their way into deeper debt. When I read about Ron Paul I was pleasantly surprised by his trying to turn around the US economy and proposing "uncommon" common sense policies. In my home country I was strongly anti-socialist and always looking forward to the periods when the economy got back on track. I hope Ron Paul can provide similar guidance into better days for the US. As a resident non-citizen I can not cast a ballot for anyone but I wish you the best of luck and maybe I can help in something.

Young Student

20 years old. Basically moved from Ottawa Canada to Atlanta Georgia than moved to Raleigh NC. I prefer to have the goverment out of my life as much as possible and Ron Paul offers that opportunity cause he sticks to the constitution that is no followed anymore and i don't think some ignorant ivy league puppet should tell me how to live my life. Its also why i am an Atheist not cause i completely doubt existence of god but because i don't want to submit to an order that doesn't have proof of existence.Its clear the lesser of the evils is the conservative or republican party vs the liberal ndp or democrat party. but evil is still evil. family is mostly liberal and Democrat but i am not. I am studying Management Information Systems aka IT CS and Business in one degree gets me a ton of jobs i can apply for vs many other degrees. I am a well informed person and i know places to go and things to buy and get to get through one potential hell of a future.

Who are you guys? Longtime

Who are you guys?
Longtime supporter, not much of a online guy. Felt it was probably time to get an official acct and stop lurking.

How old are you? 38
Where are you from? Grew up in St. Louis, live in KC
What do you do? Workforce Management
What’s your political history? anti-establishment, then libertarian leaning.
What brought you to Ron Paul? Heard of him after Sept. 11th while living in Austin, Tx, have been a supporter ever since.

Mid-MO attorney

Hi all. It's a pleasure to be here. My name is Nate and I practice elder law and estate planning in Missouri. I am a veteran of Bosnia and Iraq as a 13F. I am 36 and the father of three wonderful little girls. I just came into the fold this campaign as I was always moved by Ron Paul's emphasis on the Constitution but his foreign policy...I know, I know. I am a reformed neocon and I have done a complete 180. Now Dr. Paul's foreign policy is one of the main reasons that I support him and I am doing my best to reach out to others that repeat the same old "But his foreign policy..." I have attended two of his speeches here in MO and I attended my county caucus and even became a delegate to the district convention! Of course, there is no going back for me now. I cannot imagine supporting any candidate, regardless of party affiliation, that doesn't substantially agree with Dr. Paul's message of liberty. It is definitely maddening to see how he is treated by the GOP, but immensely fulfilling as well as I have finally found my place and my political voice through Dr. Paul. I will continue to fight for his ideals, regardless of the outcome of this election.

“Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people a

We Are The Rainbow Warriors

We Are The Warriors Of The Rainbow ♥


Wisdom Strategies

Introductions are in Order

My name Is Richard Robert Yates (my friends really do call me rickybob or just bob) I am 36, born in Florida and raised in the New York/New Jersey area. I own my own retail business selling leather goods (mostly to bikers) at events around the country.

I was interested in politics as a hobby as a kid and leaned mostly to the left.(No one is perfect right?) I had seen a few Republicans debates in 08 and was somewhat interested in the doc, but I did vote for Obama. I was very wrong and have sense changed my evil ways.

I really think it was Peter Schiff that turned me on to Dr. Paul, sound money, personal liberty, and responsibility. The switch has been turned on and (I have sense broken it) now it can never be unturned.

Thank you all so much for your efforts


“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.” Ronald Reagan

60 Longview, WA Retired

Longview, WA
Retired Engineer: Electrical/Electronics/Software

Age 29 Australia Musician

Age 29
Musician (singer)/tour organizer - also been a chef, carpenter/builder, salesman, IT (various) and a hard worker in all trades. Highly skilled and consider education ongoing throughout life.
Free thinker politically, I don't wish to align but you could call me a libertarian.
I was brought to Ron Paul through a celebrity. I didn't know who he was but he said a lot of the things I already knew about for years and I was surprised when I found out he exsisted.

How old are you? *I am a

How old are you?
*I am a woman of 'a certain age' that doesn't tell such trivial info;-) I have a few wrinkles...been there, and done some of that!
Where are you from?
*Bakersfield, CA. Farm land and oil country, a couple hours north of Los Angeles in the San Joaquin Valley.
What do you do?
*I am chiropractor.
What’s your political history?
* When I was younger I was liberal, as I've gotten older I've become more conservative. Really, I didn't get old, ENTITLEMENTS got old! Same as another commentator, I really have always been more of a libertarian, but whatchya gonna do?? So usually it's been more of a vote against, than a vote for a candidate. I have been a RP supporter since 2008.
What brought you to Ron Paul?
*The FED, the IRS, Arron Russo's "Freedom to Facism" (God rest his soul! I hope he's smiling now!) The realization our freedom is being stolen. Ron Paul 2012!

Patriotic Nam Widow

How old are you? 49
Where are you from? Oregon
What do you do? retired nurse due to injury
What’s your political history? was democrat
What brought you to Ron Paul? He is the only one that wants all the troops home, I'm a Vietnam vet widow so I have a soft spot for the soldiers.

'nam widow at 49?? holy

'nam widow at 49?? holy heck, you must've lost your high school sweetheart right after your honeymoon. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I'm 38 and my Dad was a pilot during 'nam... (he wasn't deployed there, but still...)

Enginerd I am

How old are you? 31
Where are you from? Atlanta
What do you do? Civil Engineer
What’s your political history? Libertarian
What brought you to Ron Paul? He is the only Libertarian and the dude talks a mean game.

I'm a grandma.

I'm "old enough to know better and young enough not to care" LOL! That little ditty should date me somewhat. Old enough to know better than to leave my conscience & sense behind when I vote, and young enough not to care if everyone immediately agrees with me or not.

My votes had always been cast more against one than for one. Dr Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate I have ever voted **FOR**. I wrote him in for 2008 and left the booth feeling good! His is the only campaign I have cared enough to pound pavement for, to attend meetings for, donate money and time to... It's amazing what a little truth does to a person's soul.

Christian, wife, mom, veteran- in that order.

1. 38

2. Grew up near L.A., college in O.C., now live in the I.E.

3. I homeschool my four kids (with one on the way) and instill in them a love for the Lord, a hard work ethic and a fierce appreciation of liberty.

4. Grew up in a Democrat, union-loving family, heard Larry Elder on the radio in college and realized I was mostly a libertarian. Got scared out of my wits by 9/11 into being a neo-con. Thought Palin/Tea Party was the answer to our problems in '08...(sorry 'bout that)...

.....the Great Awakening of 2012....

5. I guess starting in Dec '11 or Jan'12 I started seeing facebook posts by my cousin's son and an old college friend about Ron Paul. I started doing research and it didn't take long at all before I had swallowed the Red Pill, particularly after reading Yates' article, The Real Matrix. A lot of things fell into place that night and I immediately shared it with my husband and whoever else would listen.

Independent voter with mixed political background

I'll be 28 this year, and I've gone through a lot of changes since I was 20. I'm a resident of IL in the St. Louis area. Right now I'm unemployed and figuring out what type of business I want to start.

I didn't care about politics until I heard stuff about 9/11 investigations being covered up and was introduced to Alex Jones - and to Ron Paul through InfoWars. At that time I considered myself a Christian and cultural conservative.

As I learned more, I found the evidence for many things on Jones's site to be unfounded. I was learning a lot in college, and eventually decided to support the Green and Constitution parties.

Though I had wanted to be an evangelist or minister as a 'young adult', science and philosophy led to be becoming an atheist. At the same time, I had learned a lot about the corruption in corporations and public institutions, and began voting Democratic - I particularly liked Kucinich - and got re-introduced to some of Paul's ideas.

In the last few years I'd been so out of politics that I only knew what Obama (who I had voted for) was doing according to his public speeches. When I tuned in to the first Republican debates, I got more interested in Paul's policies. I learned about Obama's corruption, Paul's first-year office plans, and decided that I'd support Ron Paul for President in 2012.

I'm culturally liberal (equal consideration, equitable distribution), and fiscally and institutionally conservative (low and careful spending, limited government).

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

culturally liberal and

culturally liberal and fiscally conservative sounds libertarian, but what's that equal consideration, equitable distribution bit all about?

Equal vs Equitable

I make a distinction because there are so many people who think that fairness means either giving everyone the same opportunity (e.g. anarchists) or giving everyone the same result (e.g. communists).

The best kind of civil policy is a mix of both - it is designed to protect individuals from being locked out by the masses (equity), and to prevent the masses from being trampled on by powerful individuals (equality).

Equal means the same. Equitable means according to one's ability and work.

You can't have equitable results if the law says results must be equal. You can't have equal opportunity if the the law says that powerful people (or groups) determine the value of other people's abilities or work.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments